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ST ^-^ v^ 


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57 ^\> 

^ ^^ y .^.'' 


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?^ '^ ^" V^'^^.c^^^^ 

v'i^/'^ Green Years r/ 


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\A/Wg K Tf raL 

festwood Public Library 

668 High Street 
Westwood, MA 02090 






^*te vjwrfv«?b'?l 






For Reference 



A^o? to he taken from this room 


» x' 

What do uouK^^.- 

1 i 



Westwood High School 

200 Nahatan Street Westwood, MA 02090 



Green Years 2007 

I^^^^^^^^H The 2007 Green Years celebrates the collective 

experience of the Westwood High School student community by 

featuring individual expressions of its members. What do you 

ihink? How do you feel? Whof's on your mind? The Yearbook 

Staff has asked many questions of the students of WHS this 

year. In this book you will see handwritten answers to the 

questions - individual expressions. We hope you'll hear 

the voices of your peers and perhaps recognize your 

own within these pages. 

IB^KS^MBBBIS The Yearbook Staff has taken 

visual and conceptual inspiration from the "7" 

in 2007. In keeping with our goal to present 

individuals' thoughts and feelings, we have 

been guided by the question, "What's 

your angle?" and played at presenting 

your perspectives using the angle of 

the number "7". Enjoy! 

2 Express Yourself 

Express Yourself 3 



^9.1^^ C 



4 Contents 



Dedication of The Yearbook 


L Academics & Staff 


1 Senior Portraits 


1 Junior Portraits 


Sophomore Portraits 


Freshman Portraits 


School Government 




Visual & Performing Arts Events.... 


Honor Societies 




What's for Lunch? 


Did You Know? 


Senior Expressions 






Senior Cruise 






All Night Grod Party 


Senior Class Will 


Community Messages 



^1 ■ 

' * ^^1 








i i 





Contents 5 


Presented at Class Day by Maura McGinnis and Chris Ahern, 
on betialf of ttie Class of 2007: 

Each year the members of the graduating class identify one 
individual whose significant positive impact on the Class and 
school community is deserving of recognition. We choose to 
dedicate the Yearbook to someone who has shown great 
dedication to us. This year the collective voice of the Senior Class 
have declared one powerful syllable: MAO. 

Mr. Moo, like us, considers Westwood home. His Class Day was 
in this very gymnasium in 1987 - the year he graduated from 
WHS. After earning his bachelor's degree in engineering from 
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Mr. Mao worked in biomedical 
engineering, developing various devices, including technology 
to assist the flow of blood to the human heart. Six years later he 
decided that his heart wasn't in engineering. And, Lucky for us, he 
felt the pull to teach. Equipped with the experience of real world 
math and science application he warmed up his classroom skills 
at Arch Bishop Williams in Braintree. And then, he came HOME 
- to Westwood. 

Mr. Moo has been a respected and well-loved teacher at WHS for 
8 years. If the subject is Mao, here's what will be on the test: great 
teaching, high expectations, endless support, incredible school 
spirit, the best extra help, and, a whole lot of fun! 

Taking a class with Mao is memorable. His teaching style is unlike 
any other. Mao successfully integrates structure and fun in 
everything he does. His methods leave little room for failure. You 
have to work for Mao, but he makes it worth it. You don't want 
to "forget" to do your homework for Mao because you'll have 
to write out your excuse on the dreaded yellow note card that 
might get mailed home to your parents. And you should take 
your bathroom break before or after Mao's class. To ask to leave 

during class means carrying a not so subtle hall pass. (Has anyone 
here had to take the larger than life ruler? Or the ceramic form 
animals, which you are required to "trot" down the hallway). In 
case you forgot the handbook rule and left your cell phone on 
during class- watch out! Instead of taking a phone away, Mao will 
answer it and hove a conversation with whoever is on the other 
line. Or, if you're not so lucky, he'll simply change the language 
on the phone to Portuguese. Switching it back is now a skill that 
many of us hove acquired. 

Moo loves to playfully build the pressure for test and quiz days. He 
chooses his many themed neckties to sum up the mood for the 
day. For instance, he might wear his camping-theme tie because 
his student should be feeling "tents" (tense?) - get it? He's even 
been known to ploy "Eye of the Tiger" as we enter the classroom, 
yelling "YOU READY. GET PUMPED!" If you work hard with Mao, it 
pays off. You might receive on end-of-term trophy for "biggest 
comeback" or "100% homework. You'll definitely learn a lot. 

Here ore a few things that members of the Class of 2007 expressed 
about Mr. Moo: 

- "Mr. Moo is by far the best teacher I have ever had! 
He mode me understand and like moth." 

- "His classes are interesting." 

- "Mr. Moo is a great teacher. He challenges students of every 
level and cares about each student as a person." 

- "He does different things during the class to make it fun and to 
help you understand. He also gets to know each student and 
can relate to all of us because he went to Westwood High." 

- "He is a great teacher and offers extra help whenever 

- "Mr. Mao goes beyond just teaching in the classroom. He mokes 
sure his students ore on frock in their lives... He genuinely cares 
about the well being of his students." 

One idea that many of the members of the Class expressed is 
that Mr. Moo is the ultimate Westwood High Superfan. If there's a 
game, Mao is there. If there's a ploy, Mao's there. 

6 The Yearbook Dedication 


If there's a club event, Mao is ttiere. If there's a concert, Mao is there. In fact, if it 
involves Westwood students (and it's within driving distance), MAO IS THERE. We 
really don't know how he does it, but it seems like Mao is at every one of our events, 
even when they're going on at the same time. 

He applauds our talents and cheers for our efforts. He supports all our extracurricular 
pursuits. As one Class member said, "Mr. Moo is a diehard Westwood fan. Late at 
night, freezing cold, or pouring rain, Mao is still there with his camera. His dedication 
to the school and student body is incredible." 

Many hove questioned, "Does Moo really hove a home besides Westwood High?" 
"Does he keep a cot in the moth office?" - because he attends EVERYTHING. 

Mr. Mao is Westwood's unofficial photographer. This yearbook, which is dedicated 
to him, is packed full of pictures taken by the man himself. Thanks to Moo we hove 
an endless supply of high resolution, vivid images of our student life. Thanks to 
Moo the Robotics Team's grueling ring collection showdown in Boston this winter 
is documented. Thanks to Moo the fleeting and powerful moments in performing 
theater ore captured in time. Thanks to Mao our glory on the track, on the courts, 
and on the fields has been recorded in ways that our own memories cannot. And 
thanks to Mao the 2007 Yearbook will reflect the work, the successes, and most 
importantly, the relationships that have defined our four years at WHS. With his 
camera Mr. Mao gift-wraps our memories. 

One of my fellow homeroomies, Kelley Maher, once said, "High school would not 
have been the same without Mr. Mao. He provided motivation to get to school 
on time, because starting your day in homeroom with Mr. Mao is almost as good 
OS going to Dunkies before school." Mao cares for all of us, but 23 of us are, as our 
tee-shirts proudly declare, "Property of Mao". We are homeroom A225, and Mao 
has mode our early mornings more fun for four years by emphasizing the home in 
homeroom. We hove celebrated holidays together by decorating the room and 
having homeroom parties. We even sent out a New Year's card to all the other 
homerooms, as if we were a family. 

^ To the Class of 2007, Mr. Mao 

proven a complex formula . 
Great teaching. 
Multiplied by humor. 
Plus seemingly infinite extra help. 
Less one Achilles tendon. 
Plus photos to the nth degree. 
Minus a lot of our Dunkies cups. 
Equals one unforgettable man. 

Mr. Mao, Thank you for all you do to 
make Westwood High School a great 

1/ ' 





''Xi^ «■'{- . 'fSH^' 

"Mr. Mao Is a diehard Westwood 
fan. It could be freezing cold or 
pouring rain and Mao will still be 
ttiere witti tiis camera." 
Jessica Hogan 

"Mr. Mao Is charismatic, a great 
teacher, and knows how and 
when to joke around." 
Jack Cope-Flanagan 

"Mr. Mao mokes an effort to 
get to know all of the students 
at Westwood High School, 
whether he has had them in 
class or not." 
Leigh Corey 

"He attends all our events and 
demonstrates enthusiasm and 
David Anderson 

"Mr. Mao is the greatest 
teacher in the history of WHSi' 
Alii Shortt 

"He's always there with a smile 
and a camera." 
Jamie Anderson 

"Mr. Mao is a great teacher. 
He challenges students of ever/ 
level and cares about each 
student as a person." 
Katie Cooney 

"Mr. Mao has been the best 
math teacher and a great 
friend to the students at WHS. 
Jacici Shipp 

"Mr. Mao is the most 
approachable teacher at 
Westwood High School." 
Jessie Schroeder 

"Mr. Mao is Westwood High 
School. BOOM!!! End of story.' 
Matt Sadler 

The Yearbook Dedication 7 

S .^n. ,^,. WB 




8 Academics 




*«**^ -ever ytvti. 


15 (^r\fcrf( 


Academics 9 


6f hjjrnof. 


10 Academics 





Academics 1 1 


. . 1 p 



Dr. Terrence Ms. Karen 

Earls Brackman 

Mr. Wayne Ms. Jennifer Ms. Linda Ms. Stephanie 

Chatterton Felton Hanlon Kelsch 

Mr. Mark Ms. Haley 

McGunagle Sonneborn 

Ms. Amy 

Ms. Coitiin Ms. Angela 

Whelan Wilson 



12 Academics 



<,\yj^^ \ 

W\ 15 










♦ ^ 

Mr. David 

Ms. Emily 

Mr. Brendan Mr. Ethan 



Ms. Alison Ms. Mary 

Donahue Furber 

Mr. Jonas Mr, Brian 

Sherr Shuman j 






^^ .v^' 



^^^# ^t^^"- 




"*?Eni!^ -«^ ^"^-^ ^' 

Academics 13 




14 Academics 


> mmmm^^^ 


■' xrx'o "TtsV-B^ ,- 

S fo, 

^Iw^y^ e^c.-K^i ^^ ^^ ^^^ oJ^ci 1% 


(Vir. Oocheneaoisvenj exdtin3 

^C^KAy V^ H^^^ P(j^ ^ 



Academics 15 


you're^ c^«>ck> 

f o<'"Vr !\ /;^ "^^ ■ 


16 Academics 


^ :> 

'T-^. -..'•' 





jI \ 

Ms. Ellen Mr. Eugene 




Mr. Peter 


Mr. Mark 

Ms. Meghan Ms. Anne 
Walbran Zardlackas 

No Portrait available for: 
Mr. Syd Malaxos 


(Tlr. Wo\\V>oust "^"^ ^^ ^^''^ 
hyper act\v-e -Voucher X hcxv-e. 
Oyer WaA. 


^00^ ^-"^ 

Academics 17 


Ms. Lynne Ms. Maryanne Ms. Meredith Ms. Mary Mr. Charles 

Medsker Bowe Chamberland LeVangie Rae 






<ff «% 


Ms. Rebecca Ms. Condoce Ms. Karen Ms. Sarah 

Brody Gopin Poreda Quinn 

School Psycho/ogist Speech Potho/ogisf School Nurse Speech Polho/ogls/ 



it :y 


> ii 


.k >?.k 

: -.J^ 



f^r ^ ,- 







18 Academics 

Ms. Shari Ms. Peggy 

Nason Renfranz . 

Dr. Todd 

Ms. Cheri 

Mr. Paul 


Mr, A Ion 



^f- H'cM^^hoA j^odO' 

Academics 19 



K-12 Director 

Ms. Judith 

Ms. Sue Mr. Matt 




Ms. Elizabetti 

Ms. Renata 


• V<r**' 



^*ife "ii 





XVs to .^^.^^ Zo'AT: C^f "^" "'" 

gs/^ c-Vaus^s vo a. Gyral 

(Afs. P^^<a 



20 Academics 


Kv. "^^^"^ '' 



.^/^^o5r ^'^^ ^..^-^S^ 

■Cfi^y^ <^ 





Acodemics 21 


FRONT TO BACK (Left to Right): Liza Parks (Advisor), Ctiris Aliern, Nick Porto: Steve Cromack, Jotin Neville. Katherine Fnedmon, 
Kothryn Maciejko, Katie Cooney, Drew DiMarfino: Jillian O'Brien, Molly Tennitian, Alison Curtin, Audrey Cowley, Matt Sebet. 
Cora Sweeney. Jen Keefe: Ola Mockiewicz, Steve Gleoson. Leigh Corey, Brionno Kouri, Maura McGinnis, Liz Lyons: Danielle 
MacNevin, David Kusmin. Kathleen Holmes. Jenna Pirello, Rick Pond. 


lt/3 d CofYi^ifnitn'f' [ 

The 2007 Yearbook is the work of a dedi- 
cated class of second and third year 
graphic design students, it is the first WHS 
yearbook to be created by a class rather 
than a club. 

The staff began by developing common 
goals for the book and brainstorming 
ideas for its theme, look, and content. 
Guided by a shared vision, the staff de- 
signed the layout structure for sections 
and features, and created and imple- 
mented systems to collect content. The 
creative work was continuous - one idea 
fueled the next. Students built on their 
previous design knowledge and learned 
new skills and ways of thinking. By the end 
of first semester, 40 of the 240 pages had 
actual content and the staff began to^ 
gain momentum. f 

In addition to design work, the staff: man- 
aged mailings: made, distributed, and 
processed the "Senior Kits", marketed 
the book, and much more. Students 
steadily increased their hours working 
on the book and, by spring, there was a 
core crew of after school regulars. Staff 
members marveled at the amount of 
hard work and time it took to realize their 
goal of creating a visually cohesive, fresh, 
balanced, and fun reflection 
of WHS life. 25 of 26 staff 
members were seniors. 
But, when senior classes 
ended in May, the staff- 
ers continued their work, 
many until late June, earning 
the right to wear the ultimate 
symbol of yearbook dedico 
tion, the '07 Yearbook tattoo. 
Though the tattoos were tem- 
porary, the product of all the 
hard work will lost. 





22 WHS 


*■'■■• ij ,' ■ "^ '^"i 

^M »>^:i"%;':l !;;>,■■■', 


*S^ ft ^ W>rv\Ors 5/1/1. beco>AAft 


13 Q 




liS(€j€j^C^ev^itt^OM gCs^ 

Lir( seniors. T-f^ei 

Hilonui v^ -ffxe o/d^vdrs, 

cV^ .„ a°' e^S- \^ when /■ -^ "), 



James P. Arnpriester 

26 Senior Portraits 

David Arustamian 

Dedae G. Audi 

Kathryn S. Banis 


Mlj 3OQI i-S 

to hove a 

. v^tpe ^ cc oasidi a//i/i£/z 


Qcce.9«^ >f\-»^tn.^ Lyi^^^sy'L^ t~^/f ^ ix^ %« 

career in 
busi Pea's. 
I ujouid ziKe 

nu>yn<» pvoqrojrvi / 
OA w»tuc-hev«r 
tcTiooi > On cot 

io travel OfiQl 
live a fun 


'^, M +K .*J«'°'^ 

Maria C. Bevilacqua 

Megan Bradley 

Kelley Bonkowski 

Jessica L. Boylan 


'■■■ ^Kr 


Samantha Brackett 

Derek Brogna 

Kevin Brooks 

Annie L. Brown 

Senior Portraits 27 

(Wf'hj.y^ Cd^^l 


X t^LAVJ ov^ (:T<:iVv\t rt) ooLieseti^, 

Adriana Castillo 

Anne R. Cohen 

28 Senior Portraits 

m^m. ^ 


n >^ 



-, iii 

Andrew M. B 




^BL. ^^^\ 




^r is 

u ^^^^^1 

y mW. 


Amanda J. Cardinal 

Leigh Carey 

James M. Carney 

Audrey L. Cawley 

Alessandra Cecala 

Megan Y. Cheung 

Michelle B. Cohen 

Kathleen Cooney 

John D. Cope-Flanagan 

■ 'X''-'\r'u'' 'i-'i 

good n3\e mode/ fbr me ord^cioiS w&n °f -^ "^^ ^^"^ 



^Avxiji^v e«aA- 


Steven E. Cromack 

James E. Delisle 

Amanda Cronin 

Alison E. Curtin 

Adam DeParolesa 

Paige M. DiGiacomo 

Meghan E. Davey 

Richard DiMartino 

Senior Portraits 29 

'•''>> y^^'V^^ 


.v6 ^: ^^ 



Hn*" fvrUJre? 

Emma E. Doyle 


Kimberly E. Ethridge 

Michael S. Fisher 
30 Senior Portraits 

Hannah L. Driscoll 

Steven Z. Fanara 

T. Patrick Folan 

Janet Dunkelbarger 


^B ^fc^^ 




Stephanie M. Feinberg 

Joseph Elias 

Matt Ferrari 

Julia Folsom 

Manny Frangiadakis 

.rV-J. ^... 


abte ■*» /oQjj 



•fuK »r 

Katherine M. Friedman Samantha Friedman 

Ashley Gallagher 

James P. Gavin 

Andrew W. Gildea 

Alexander R, Gleason 

Ryan V. Gold 

Elizabeth J. Goodridge Malcolm L. Goodridge 

Brittany M. Galvin 

Steven T. 










Carmen M. Graves 

Senior Portraits 31 

^^ ^VsVC^-'-^c, 

Jenna M. Hunnewe 

32 Senior Portraits 

^^,fia»ci^ .,1*0 y^ ^^^ -Zt*^ 

Mr. feccyUr 
15 MM ^'^^ 

A^iU JSI^^vS^- 


Alii Lampie 

Caitlin J. Latter 

Robert E. Leahy 

Ashley A. Logan 

Senior Portraits 33 

^\f:r.^\^- -^ 

Twtf Sesr -rw3:io& Pigesor t3err06- fs SeA£to^ xc, 

Alexander D. London 

Drew Lowey 

Kendra Luongo 











Elizabeth Lyons 

Kelley A. Moher 

34 Senior Portraits 



cx<r^^^^^^ Oj^^hn cUdSnt^^^ 

Alison L. McManus 

Andrew Mellor 

Amol Mepani 

Kenneth Michaud 

Senior Portraits 35 

' ,.A>'i4Ct'«:^i 


Margaret E. Mulhern 

36 Senior Portraits 

Patricia C. Murplny 

Paul W. Murptiy 

Briana L. Musto 

Kevin O'Connor 

Thomas O'Connor 

Matthew O'Donnell 

Ryan K. O'Leary 

Senior Portraits 37 


\ »<•>« 

.^.A ^"^ 

^ ^^--^ '^■^H^ '^o^ ^ -^' ^,,^-^J^ 


V'v's finoiitj 'Prtril 

Athanasia P. Orphanos 

Crystal Y. Park 

Malcolm M. Pendergast 

Laurian R. Pope 
38 Senior Portraits 

Alexandra C. Portonovo 

Nicholas R. Porto 

Brent E. Peterson 

George T. Primpas 



\ roDbip 

/ .-me music, corriu. - . , 

Matthew A. Sadler 

Omid Salehi 

Frank D. Santo 

Lucius M. Sargent IV 

Senior Portraits 39 

fcl^, r 

,^ ^^'^'^ ^^-^tf^. 


I V . 

^0^^"./>- C^ 

. r^ttAiA ( 


.«. ru-A. 

Allison Shortt 
40 Senior Portraits 

Ramzi E. Shuhaibar 

Kyle S. Sloan-Rossiter 

Tyler Smith Flynn 

'xJiS^acd /las (^ aum. '^^■'^oo \5 

yvvflon ! 


pku-yS MUSiCTVU. t)*Sf tninq o-bo* efcinq a S<.nia- is fchodl SpiVi't oJe 
nrvi ^,r^o aot tvvJL r\CvA) f^eW cvnd gqj^i o-t tiML. ^c , ^e« TvnML (vi^ 

rlpr,-r7-,4^<k senior Pv^N i i^T^ ^SD <^ c^t e Sen! cr a«(xr auieSOif^- 

hl^ rcoO) perfect. 

Stephen D. Walsh 

Tonita Watson 

Duncan Wells 

Gregory D. Wells 

Senior Portraits 41 

ftf itM'l IS?o <l«y> c»* ©<■ ""^ l^^' *'"9 '^'^"^ teiV^Q senior is finfthinq 
' ^ J«r vj.rt /V6VSR .^^ *e ^hoDi ^in May 

-^ bo -Vo CoH-«»y2-, +Vi«w tv^av^l -tiifouovW fej^ope 

Jenny B. Whetstone 

Kimberly M. White 

Dan White-Lief 

Allison J. Wilhelm 









■^ "»N»» a» ^^ 

. ■ 








<^h ^ ouf 



Junior Portraits 47 





^Sr^^r^^!'^^ J^^^B 



W 1 *^ \A 


W ^ A F A' V^ " "" y^rf^BVJI^H 





56 Sophomore Portraits 

58 Sophomore Portraits 


60 Sophomore Portraits 

.■■ *M.ltrJl^VM»*.,M.A^At»kt*.iML'^c .... ,','r-^,^Ut,Ml' :' ■ . ' H-U WM>rjtTl JUT, L - l-.U LI 

62 Sophomore Portraits 

No Portrait Available for: 

Kevin Boettger 
Nicholas Citrone 
Brendan Crowe 
Jesica Lavimodiere 
Vincent Musto 
Christopher Rogers 





Freshman Portraits 67 

68 Freshman Portraits 

Freshman Portraits 69 



\ Ct 

nen Fr 


I \j 



1 i 


Ik^^^V^^ 1 



No Portrait Available for: 

Anthony Antonellis 
Michael Barrett 
Disha Shorma 
Rachoel Stonke 

Freshman Portraits 73 

.Jk 4 




When the school year began this fall 
Westwood High School hod beautiful 
new playing fields and a sparkling re- 
furbished gynnnasium. The long awaited 
completion of the school campus 
ushered a renaissance of wolverine 
spirit. Fan attendance at sports events 
surged, and the Westwood community 
shared the excitement of rooting for 
the "Home" team. Thanks to Student 
Council, the wolverine mascot mode 
its debut, and students from all grades 
formed the senior led rallying force 
know as the "Wolverine Den". 

74 WHS Spirit 

^ -< 


a wild animal's I 

ie "Wolverine Den" unified the sports 
fans of WHS into one glorious group of 
undefeotoble spirit. Decked-out in green 
and white sweat shirts, beads, foam 
fingers, wigs, and lots of body point, 
mennbers of The Den cheered on their 
wolverine teams. With its creative signs, 
chants, and rituals. The Den kept the 
crowd's energy high and inspired the 
Westwood athletes to many victories. 



Walyer'ne I'E 

WHS Spirit 75 

/^ o^ ^' 







■'09 / 

^^^^^- i 


Sports Fans 



On the newly inaugurated Flohive Field, juniors 
and seniors brought back the honnecoming 
tradition of the Girls' Football showdown. The 
senior girls' team, in pink, faced off the junior 
girls' team, in green. With coaching and play 
calls from members of the boys' varsity football 
squad, both teams moved the ball down the 
field to score. Though the green team pre- 
vailed (Hey, seniors, it's Westwood. Green is 
supposed to win.), both teams displayed great 
spirit, camaraderie, and impressive athleticism. 

WHS Spirit 77 

UMm^ \ 


Spring Fling week started off on Monday with Col- 
lege Day when the students and staff wore college 
apparel to reflect theirs dreams, their plans, or their 
olnna mater. On Tuesday night students laid their 
blankets on Flahive Field and snuggled up with 
their pals for a movie screening. Then on Thursday 
the PTO set up a sundae bar during lunch. All the 
students indulged in delicious ice cream with their 
favorite candy toppings. Finally Friday come and 
the week ended with a bong: the school dance! 
Everyone gathered in Cafe West and jammed to 
the tunes DJ Dougie Fresh picked out. 

78 Spring Fling 


jfUmM jfflgffl^F :^ce cream 5oc9cl\ S'pnn3 f lin^ i 

^' - ' 


Westwood High School is governed 
under the provisions of the WHS 
constitution. Modeled after the U.S. 
system of government, the WHS 
government is mode up of three 
branches: Legislative Council, Ju- 
dicial Council, and the Executive 
Branch. Under this system, students, 
faculty, and community members 
participate in the governance of 
the school. In addition, the Site 
Council serves as on advisory group 
to the Principal and the Student 
Council facilitates the school's so- 
cial activities and school spirit. 

Senior Class Officers 


(L-R): Lauren Naymie, Secretory, Kevin O'Connor, President, 
Drew Lowey, Vice President. Costa Belezos, Treosurer 

Site Council 

The Site Council's primary role is to discuss 
Westwood High School issues and to 
devise a school improvement plan. The 
council consists of an elected body of 
students, teachers, parents, and com- 
munity members who serve as an advi- 
sory group to the principal. Site Council 
meets once per month. 

2006-2007 Representatives: Alexandra Barttiolomev\(, Garima 
Giri, Johin McDonough, Elizabeth! Walsh 

Student Council 

The role of the Student Council is to fos- 
ter a great sense of school spirit within the 
WHS community. Under the leadership of 
President Kelley Maher, this school year 
was a great success. In the fall the coun- 
cil organized a junior versus senior Girls' 
Football Game. For the first time in years, 
the council planned a Pep Rally. In the 
spring the members organized a Spring 
Fling Week which included a college t- 
shirt day, a movie night on the turf field, 
and a Spring Fling Dance. The council 
also sponsored a Prom Raffle with a prize 
valuing over seven hundred dollars. 

■i I I M 

VIS'S Lj-'H_h^ , |g! i r ^3l^H 

FRONT ROW(L-R). Danielle Harris, Ashley Riordan, Catherine Heier, Nilo 
Fallah-Sohy, Danielle Damren, Sarah DeAngelis, Tim Lolly. BACK ROW: 
Pat Folon, Evan Rou, Tony Xio. Aryo Sharifzadeh, Taylor Peck, NOT 
SHOWN: Kelley Maher, Katie Carlin. Kerri Harrington, Callie Rose, Julian 
Nguyen, Julie Moloy, Eric Peterson, Koterina Dolavurok, Jill Greenberg. 
Matt Springer, Brian Joyce, Brionna Kouri, Sean Terry, Hayley Trovers, 
Jocqui Mora, Sam Mulligan, Casey Criss. Anno Kobon. DK Lav^ 

80 School Government 

Junior Class Officers 

Sophomore Class Officers 

Freshman Class Officers 




(L-R): David Baryudin, Secretary. Mark Chirokas, Vice Presi- 
''--' "-■-■-■- -'enf, Megan Lolly, Treasurer 

(L-R): Amy Bean, President. Danielle Damren, Secrefory, Aryc 
Sharifzadeh, Vice President. Ryan Walsh, Treasurer 

(L-R): Alisha Patel. Vice President. Natalie Shapeton, 7reo- 
surer, Beverly Cheng, Secretary, Erin Murray, President 

Legislative Council 

The Legislative Council consists of elected mem- 
bers of thie student body, faculty, and commu- 
nity. Ttie members meet twice a month to re- 
view and discuss drafts of proposals pertaining 
to important issues in both the constitution and 
student handbook. In May, the council passed 
a proposal extending junior privileges to both 
first and second semesters. The Student Advisory 
Board consists of the students from the council. 
This year the SAB organized a Social Awareness 
Month which included a play titled "Consent", a 
Diversity Day, a Skin Cancer Awareness Day, and 
on outstanding pre-prom presentation given by 
the Lester Family. 

FRONT (L-R): Veena Dronamraju, Laura Moloney, Amy Bean, Rebecca 
McClellon: MIDDLE: Patrick Maher, Mott McClellan, Amer Chahine, 
Amol Meponi, Jimmy Looney, Honnoh Pork, Erica Nangeroni, Erin Mur- 
ray: BACK: Don O'Connor, Kevin O'Connor, Katie Cooney: NOT PIC- 
TURED Nicole Campion, Omar Hodziposic, Andrew Boylon, Danny Troy, 
Belle Cushing, Elizabeth Arpino, Coro Sweeney, Audrey Vogel 

Judicial Council 

The Judicial Council consists of faculty 
and student members who review 
student appeals to disciplinary de- 
cisions. The council listens to the 
student's case, considers the circum- 
stances, and then makes a ruling. A 
two-thirds majority of the Council is 
necessary to overturn on administra- 
tive decision. 

2006-2007 Representatives: Nina Shapiro, Matthew 
Werth, Lexi Borzin, Mike Lynch, Jackie Shipp, Will Shorry, 
JT Kelly, Brendan Crowe, Chris Pflanz 

School Government 81 





Anime Club is the place to be for oil things Anime! Members 
meet Fridays to watch Anime shows, read manga, and play vid- 
eogames. All year, the members looked forward to Anime Bos- 
ton, the three-day convention at the Hynes Convention Center. 
Members wore Anime costumes and enjoyed playing games, 
watching events, and shopping. In May, the club celebrated 
the seniors' lost meeting with a festival of food, decorations, and 
gomes, such as the Anime Dating Gome and Anime Jeopardy. 


FRONT ROW (L-R): Too Guo, Ruth Angelici, Garima Gin, Kim Davie, Martha 
Geary, Marjorie Pan: SECOND ROW: Dan Meaglier, Racliel Watsl<y, Lizzy 
Watslcy, Allison Wilhelm, Rebecca Radford. Kinnberly Muellers: THIRD ROW: 
Peter Campion, Lisa Majid, Scott Delisle, Carrie Hyde, Marl< Prokes: BACK 
ROW: Kaytii Mociejko, Steve Fanaro 

82 Clubs 




FRONT ROW (L-R): Luke Senerchia. Mr. Mao, Ben Anderson: BACK ROW; 
Molly Tennihan, Lindsay Weitzmon, Nikki Beuscher, Mike Sharry, Christina 
Mealey, Alone Gallagher 

■*? j*'^ ..^Ar-* 



7°^- ^c^. 



Photo Club has focused this year on photographing ob- 
jects and ideas from different perspectives. Each weel< 
nnembers received a different topic to photograph, which 
allowed them to later compare the different approaches 
each member applied to the some subject. Everyone's 
abilities improved throughout the year as each gained 
more experience and taking pictures and applying new 




V "^Pw 

"^55 vv,+tT o^ 

The Juggling Club was founded this year by 
Joshua Chueng and Matthew Werth. The club 
met on Wednesdays after school in the street- 
side lobby and "wow"ed passerby with juggling 
and Chinese yo-yo tricks. Members, both experi- 
enced and beginner, developed their skills and 
had lots of fun. 


■" ^^°^ be. 

'3 S'^^e^ 

FRONT ROW (L-R): Joshua Cheung, Sami Hamdan: 
BACK ROW: Ryan McCarthy, Matt Werth, Sorino Huong 

Jazz Ensemble is open to oil interested students. This 
group is nnode up of students playing various instru- 
ments including saxophone, guitar, and drums. The 
group ploys a wide voriety of music, including: jazz, 
jazz-rock and other popular styles. This year, the group 
performed at Encounters with the Arts as well as the 
Pops Concert. 


84 Clubs 



Members describe Drama club as a great time. Tliey 
developed their skills througin improvisation excercis- 
es and crafted pieces which hod both silly and seri- 
ous content to perform for a range of audiences. At 
the beginning of the year the club poked fun at the 
college application process through a collectionof 
scenes. Later in the year they rehearsed and per- 
formed a show called, "Kids on the Block" using pup- 
pets to teach young kids about disabilites. 

FRONT ROW: Kasey Hailion, JJ. Kelley, Belle Gushing, Rebecca McClellan: 
SECOND ROW; Mary McDonnell, Hannah Cohn, Cion Smith, Brian Molloy, 
Matt Sadler, Stephen Wright 

WWYC Members love to sing! This year the group performed at 
multiple events including the "Singer's Showcase," on event for the 
general public which featured solosby many members. Throughout 
the year they sang a variety of choral music, with selections rang- 
ing from musical theater to classical and contemporary. Members 
studied the styling and other technical aspects of their pieces as 
well OS general music theory. Youth Chorale has allowed students 
at Westwood to pursue their love for music. 

. viTTJT-ociTV r.c 

FRONT ROW(L-R): Belle Gushing, Jillian London, Carrie Hyde, Rebecca 
McGlellan, Charlotte Chopin, Andrea Munor, Erica McLaughlin, Kara 
Wiggin, Corrinne Wells, Julia Nagle, Nicole Campion, Kosey Planetc: 
SECOND ROW: Brian Molloy, Mr. Trovers, Daniel Akikie, Alex London, 
Jake Kelley, Modeline Bugeou-Heartt, Kristen Emerson, Elizabeth Haffey, 
Liz Goodridge, Anna Whelon, Gara Henderson, Donielle Domren, Abby 
Soyeg, Erica Nongeroni, Hayley Trovers, Mary McDonnell 


Clubs 85 


The Westwood Dance Team was founded this yeor by Toni- 
ta Watson. With nine strong members, Dance Team began 
performing at Basketball games during the winter season. 
Tonita choreographed the dances and the group learned 
and practiced the dances every Tuesday and Thursday. It 
was a great first season and the team hopes there will be 
many more great ones to come. 

FRONT ROW (L-R): Meagan Ryan, Alisha Patel, Stephanie Sukennik, Neggin 
Rostamnezhad: BACK ROW; Alessandra Cecala. Adrienne Rose, Tonito 
Watson (Captain), Sarina Huang, Molly Foster, Theresa McWatters 

If you are interested in chess and or lollipops, chess club 
welcomes you. On Friday afternoons members meet to 
play and develop skills. Some members compete with 
players from other schools as port of the Westwood 
Chess Team. The best port about the club is that mem- 
bers can come in with no prior experience to try their 
hand at chess. 

FRONT ROW (L-R): Tony Xia, Sam Boosalis: BACK ROW: Cat McDonnell 
Andrew Woltf, Mr. Dillon 

86 Clubs 

IIWI ^W)! ilWII ^WlliiWII ilMll^lWI ^IWIilWII iKWlillWl ^l■llill■)l ilWIliltWI t l(«l^ 


FRONT ROW (L-R): Denisa Ikonomi, Amanda Ethridge, JT Kelley. 
Nadeem Istfon: SECOND ROW: Neggin Rostamnezhad, Steve Cromack. 
Greg Ucuz, Arya Zodeh, Laura Anderson, Gary Novoson, Arya Pal- 
akurthi; THIRD ROW: John Trokos, Nicole Campion. Anokee Meponi, 
John Massad: BACK ROW: Phil Azeredo, Tom Visconti, Alex Becker 

1 PffBff ' W^ 






students at Westwood High School tested their rea- 
soning and rhetoric sl<ills this year as members of the 
Mocl< Trials team. After studying and analyzing a 
mock criminal cose, students donned their lawyer 
personos to argue their cose against other schools in 
front of a real judge at the Stoughton Court House. 
Next year's team is looking forward to trying their 
hand in a civil trial. 



^^^\^ ^ 


The goals of the Debate Team ore to develop critical think- 
ing skills, effective communication skills and the ability to 
construct on argument. The debate team competed in 
various debates and debate formats including Lincoln- 
Douglas formatted debates and Massachusetts Forensic 
League interscholastic debates. 

(L-R): Taylor Peck, Kyle Tucke, Mr. Dolleman. Laura Anderson, Phill Walker 

III mail mill Hill mill III 


ill I III III 

Clubs 87 

: ^.vn o'.ictf^iitr'ffifi-infliti&Efti * 

■r7t7i'2^SSx.mnSiS3SiJh i 

Peer mediators are selected througti an ap- 
plication and interview process. The group in- 
cludes students from all grade levels. Students 
are trained in thie mediation process so that 
they are able to work with their peers in order 
to resolve conflict and solve disputes in a confi- 
dential manner. 

FRONT ROW (L-R): Ms. Brody, James Berluti. Jamie Anderson, Will Sharry. 
Barbara Beach, Jessica Johnson, Katerina Dalavurak. Ms. Chamberland: 
SECOND ROW: Jonah Ruddy, Ramzi Shuhaibar, Corey Dello Russo, Court- 
ney Grimes, Chenelle Christian, Jill Greenberg, Belle Gushing, Colleen 
Zapcic, Amy Reynolds, Jessica LeSage: BACK ROW: Austin Holl, Brian Oilman, 
Matthew Venti, Kristen Farrell, Mark Chirokas, Rebecca Shatter. Paul Hat- 
field, Nick Citrone, Pat O'Brien, Ryan Gold, Mr. Dexter 


The primary goal of Westwood Ambassadors is to sen/e as role 
models and to represent the high school community to 8th 
grader and new students. The Ambassadors have spent the 
year preparing current 8th graders (next year's freshmen) for 
the transition to high school. In February, Members visited the 
Thurston Middle School to help out with course selection and 
in June they gave the incoming 8th graders tours of the high 
school. New students at Westwood High School attended a 
pizza party welcoming them to the high school, which the Am- 
bassadors organize annually in the fall . 



The Math Team competed monthly in on afternoon 
league with other nearby schools. The team took a 
step forward this year by becoming a division two 
team after a great increase in membership.ln addi- 
tion to the monthly competitions, members met up 
several times during the year to sharpen their skills 
and to hang out with the team mates. Opportuni- 
ties existed for team members to compete in com- 
petitions for prize and scholarship money. Students 
competed both individually and in teams. 
Members; David Arustomion, Kris Brakke, Sarina 
Huang, Raeef Istfan, JT Kelley, Allison Lim, Ola Mock- 
iewicz, Suhas Rao, Tom Wienreich, Kisten Wissmar, 
Tom Visconti, Tony Xia, Krishna Yelleswaropu, Ravi 

Science Team has spent the year participating in all kinds of 
events on topics such as Astronomy, Molecular Biology, Fo- 
rensics, and Robotics. Apart from preparing for and attending 
meets, members went on a trip toBoston Universitiy's School 
of Medicine where they participated in a PCR lab at the City- 
Lab. Members used a saline solution to cultivate their own DNA 
which was later manipulated with techniques that are utilized 
daily in medicine for clinical diagnosis. 

LEFT to RIGHT, Suhas Rao, Ravi Yelleswaropu, John Cuzzo (seated], Krishno 
Yelleswaropu, Omar Hadzipasic, Rdeef Istfan. Nick Ventolo, Gorinna Girl, 
Tom Weinreich, Steve Fonoro, Kelsey Thornton, Ola Mackiewicz (Not 
pictured: David Anderson, Laura Anderson, Chris Aloisio, Kate Aloisio, Kris 
Brakke. Lizzie Watsky. Rachel Wotsky) 

JLJL JL JL A A A * * * ftftft****ftftftft*** 

Clubs 89 



':i Pi 



The Ping Pong Club is an informal after school activity group. 
Students and faculty get together to play ping pong. This year, the 
Ping Pong Club hosted the popular Ping Pong Invitational Tourna- 
ment. Last year's Title-holder, Mr. Chatterton was norrov^ly defeated 
by Mr. Houston in the Semi-finals but junior DK Law took the trophy 
'n the end. *a, ^^s ^ '■ ^ 

1 ©oi^f^ltateiM MMn 


The GSA is comprised of a group of students 
who suport equality and fairness for gay, lesbi- 
an, bisexual, and tronsgender teens. Members 
participated in the Day of Silence, an annual 
student-organized day of action to protest the 
bullying and harassment of homosexuals, bisex- 
uals, and tronsgenders. 

FRONT ROW (L-R): Lisa Majid, Ruth Angelici, Kim Davie, Morllia Geary: 
SECOND ROW: Rebecca Radford, Peter Campion, Tonita Watson: 
THIRD ROW: Bryan Peterson, Alessandra Cecalo, Juliana D'Aleo 



The Spanish Club meets monthly to celebrate aspects of 
Hispanic culture. Activities include field trips, service, 
research projects, and of course, fiestas. One of the high- 
lights of the year was exchanging traditional recipes with 
pen pals from Spain. 

FRONT ROW (L-R): Bridget Norris, Margaux Barzin : MIDDLE ROW; 
Samantha Mulligan, Kristen Wissmar, Catherine Heier, Rebecca Morgan: 
BACK ROW: Ms. Testa, Tom Visconti, Kevin Bean, Danielle Stein, Kathleen 

U)l ( 

'*:<HUi l»«wt r<.. 

iRr^fnidhi Qiiujid) 

The French Club explores aspects of Francophone cul- 
ture. Activities this year included resturant outings in 
which members spoke French, watching French films 
and listening to French music. 




(L-R): Catherine Heier, Cat McDonnell, Ola Mackiewicz, Kim Ethridge 


Clubs 91 


We the People is a newspa- 
per devoted to educating the 
Westwood High School commu- 
nity on issues related to govern- 
ment and citizenship. Students 
write articles and opinion pieces 
relatied to matters of local, na- 
tional, and international interest 
in order to keep the WHS com- 
munity informed and engaged 
in civic issues. 

FRONT ROW (L-R): Tom Visconti, Greg Goodfellow, Sammi Brackett, Sam Boosalis: 
BACK ROW: Dan O'Connor, Ryan O'Leary, Spike Sonto, Matthew Werth 

rr - 






d ^ 







The Westwood Wire is the 
newspaper of WHS. The Wire 
serves as the voice of the 
school community by publish- 
ing articles on a wide range of subjects, including 
news (from the school community to the broader 
world), sports updates, music and movie reviews, 
editorials, and student profiles. 


i'vAatt Sadler, Mr, McGunagle. Ms, Whelan, Ryan 






(L-R): CJ Kenney, Ryan Martinez, Tom Visconti, Kasey Planeta, Katie Gorman 
Kristen Wissmor, Brian Pender, Loyal Sayegin, Maggie Emerson 

Nb IF(§ii^ini 

No Parenthesis is Westwood High School's liter- 
ary and arts magazine. All WHS students are in- 
vited to submit poems, essays, short stories and 
visual art for publication. The No Parenthesis staff 
reviews and edits submissions and prepares the 
material for production. This year's edition was 
the first to feature color artwork reproductions. 
Thanks to the efforts of the staff the 2007 No Pa- 
renthesis sold out. 

^ - 

Amnesty international is a group of concerned students 
dedicated to freeing prisoners of conscience, gaining 
fair trials for political prisoners, and ending human rights 
violations and hunger world-wide. This year's activities, 
designed to increase awareness, included letter writing 
campaigns ond fundraisers. 


'Oiki Hi 

'3h Sck 



(L-R): Julia Kane, Nino Stiapiro, Adrione Nguyen, Walker Wells, Elizabeth 
Haffey, Anokee Mepani 

Clubs 93 

Ecolibrium is a community service club which 
worl<s to help the environment. Members 
brainstorm and implement idee to make the 
school's environment a healthier place. The 
club meet once a cycle during lunch to discuss 
ways to improve the environment. 

FRONT ROW (L-R): Sarah Muellers, Garima Girl, Maoorie Pan, Katerina 
Dalavurak, Joan O'Neill: BACK ROW: Martha Geary, Kim Muellers 


||B.1,,«. ..-,.....,.■ tl. ^ 



^o< r:^^ 





SADD, Students Against Destructive 
Decisions, has worked throughout 
the course of the year to inform its 
members and fellow students and 
advise them against destructive 
actions such as drunk driving. The 
club has successfully completed 
this through activities such as "Grim 
Reaper" day during which individu- 
al members were collected during 
classes, hod their faces painted, 
and remained silent for the rest of 
the day to represent people killed 
in drunk driving accidents. 

FRONT ROW (L-R): Julie Moloy, Abigail Holler, Nikki Beuscher, Liz Arpino, 
Cara Henderson: SECOND ROW: Lana Sharuk, Jen Keefe, Michelle 
Pruchnewski, Jessica Hogan, Kelley Maher, Erin Mulhern 



94 Clubs 

FRONT ROW (L-R): Cindy Szeto, Gina Pizzano, Rachel Yuen, Leah Fallon: 
SECOND ROW: Jeff Kelly, Arianna Senerchio, Annie Hoffenreffer, Katelin 
Vivina, Jovanni Martinez: THIRD ROW: Jacob Jameson, Roland Zhou, Carlo ■» 
Balbosa, Alison Bletz, Derek Benson, Mr T Liso Caldwell, Ricky Corchia, 
Amanda Fobio, Julia Kane, Matt Donlan , ^" 

Best Buddies is a national organization designed to 
entiance the lives of thiose with intellectual disabilites 
by providing opportunities to form one to one friend- 
ships. In the Westv/ood Chapter students are paired 
vyith a "buddy" from the TEC class and together they 
do crafts, watch movies, or just spend time together. 
One of the highlights of this year's Best Buddies was a 
group field trip to a Celtic's Gome. 

Clubs 95 



The Robotics Team competes in the US FIRST competition, o six-weel< 
period of designing and constructing 120+ pound robots, end- 
ing with a chance to compete against (and possibly knock over) 
other robots at a regional three-day long competition. This year, 
the team's robot competed in a game called "Rock and Roll" lift- 
ing inflatable pool tubes onto a ten foot toll "spider" with 24 arms. 
The dedicated team worked afterschool, on weekends, and into 

February vacation to meet the 
shipping deadline for the robot, 
affectionately named "Shaft". It 
featured on all-aluminum chas- 
sis, dual-motor, 4-shell cone, and 
a computer-controlled, doubly 
articulated, chain driven lifting 
arm. The team won almost half of 
their matches, scoring points on 
all levels of the rack. 


V03 ^ 






M i 

FRONT ROW (L-Rj: Roland Zhou, Mori Soyeg, Rebecca McClellan: MIDDLE ROW (L-R): Mr, 
Holthouse, Carrie Hyde. David Anderson, Alex Gunning, Kate Aloisio, Laura Anderson, 
Katelyn Raftery, Carmen Graves, Xander Ventola: BACK ROW (L-R): Scott Delisle, Kelsey 
Thornton, Steve Fanara, Matt McClellan, James Carney, Chris Aloisio, Chris Graves, Chris 

96 Clubs 


Members of the Academic Decathlon compete 
against teams from across the state, flashing their 
l<nowledge in everything from art and music to history 
and moth, wowing the judges with their oratory sl<ills 
in the speech and interview categories, and sweat- 
ing it out in front of their fans during the super quiz. 
This year, the Academic Decofhalon team won the 
State Championship for the small school division, and 
placed second in the the entire state, the best WHS 
Academic Decofhalon finish ever! 



^^j ^ - 


" / y,^ 

FRONT ROW |L-R); Mr. Dore. Paras Doshi, Matt O'Donnell, Matt McClellarn, Sutias Rao, 
Amol Mepani, Max Shapiro, Will Sharry, Afstieen Stiorifzadeti, Stuart Leibson: BACK ROW 
(L-R): Ctiris Aloisio, Omid Soletii, Duncan Wells, Kevin Bean 


Clubs 97 

FRONT ROW (L-R): Justin Lee, Adriane Nguyen, Penelope Pease, Allison Ristoino, 
Elizabeth Teebagy, Nodeem Istfon, Peter Campion, MIDDLE ROW(L-R): Chiose Kerzel, 
Wesley Adams, Peter Radonicti, Allison Lim, Mictielie Beatty, Mariel Moling, Kara Wig- 
gin, Kotelyn Roftery, Casey Smith, Abigail Holler, BACK ROW(L-R): Stuart Leibson, John 
Cuozzo, Matt Kress, Malachy Duffy, Christopher Sullivan-Trainor, Jimmy Looney, Mary 
Connors, Tommy Coyle, Stephen Weinreich, John Trakas, Kevin Boettger, Julia Kane, 
Matthew Venti 

FRONT ROW (L-R): Jacqueline Morra, Hoyley Trovers, Aryo Polokurthi, Luke Senerchia, 
Kathryn Maciejko, Kim Davie, Sarah Muellers: MIDDLE ROW: Brad Baldwin, Kathryn 
Aloisio, Anokhee Mepani, Cora Sweeney, Laurian Pope, Madeline Randolph. Martha 
Geary, Somi Hamdan, Krishna Yellesworopu: BACK ROW: Ravi Yelleswarapu, Kevin Liu. 
Jamie Doyle, Corrinne Wells, Michelle Whelan, Scott Delisle 

FRONT ROW (L-R): Hilary Sugg, Kristino Ortloff, Alena Chubet, Kristina Maimonis, Adriane 
Nguyen, Megan Cheung, Carmen Graves, Matthew Zola, Alex Moin, Jonathan Nei- 
mann: MIDDLE ROW: Kathleen Lolly, Kim Muellers, Suhas Rao. Alexander Scott. Matthew 
McClellon, Roeef Istfan, Oregon/ Wells, Romzi Shuhaibor, Joshua Cheung: BACK ROW: 
Ryan O'Leory, Melonie Hedal, Anno Whelan. Chris Aloisio. Tom Weinreich. Steven Fa- 
noro, Alex Teeboggy, Michael Morozov, David Anderson, Omar Hadzipasic 

Throughout the year, the music 
department presents concerts 
to showcase the hordwork and 
talent of students in music classes 
and extracurricular groups. The 
two major music events, the Win- 
ter Concert and the Pops Concert, 
feature the Wind Ensemble, Youth 
Chorale, Orchestra, Concert 
Band, and Combined Band. These 
student groups perform for their 
peers in school assemblies and for 
parents and community members 
in evening concerts. This year, 
the Youth Chorale integrated Irish 
step dancing and violin with their 
incredible singing to create a 
memorable performance. In the 
Pops Concert, members of the 
orchestra and the band com- 
bined to perform a piece from 
the Lord of the Rings as the first full 
orchestra since the string program 

Concerts 99 

In April the visual and performing arts de- 
partments hosted the annual Encounters "" 
with the Arts, on evening dedicated to the 
myriad artistic talents of Westwood High 
School students. The hallways and art studios *^^ 
were transformed into galleries showcasing 
ceramics, graphic design, sculpture, and 
studio works from students in all visual arts 
classes, from beginer to advanced. Some 
students demonstrated their processes 
(throwing cloy on the potter's wheel, acrylic 
painting, and printmoking) and others led in- 
teractive projects for attendees of all ages. 
Drama students performed student written , 
and directed short works in the little theater. 
Music filled the auditorium, the art studios, 
and the hall ways, as groups from the bond Jtt 
and orchestra classes, and extracurricular 
groups, including jazz band, jazz ensemble, 
and youth chorale performed a wide range 
of pieces from classical to contemporary. 
The event was a fun, high energy, celebra- 
tion of Westwood High School creativity and 
hard work. 


^ ^ 


100 Encounters with the Arts 




Creepy, eerie, beautiful, enigmatic, and 
captivating all describe ttne world created 
on stage in the fall as thie performing arts 
department presented Camino Real, by 
Tennessee Williams. Wtiether playing cards, 
'creaching', or fighting to find their way 
out of their personal nightmares, the cast 
members created powerful characters in 
this ensemble production. Supported by a 
magnificent set and outstanding costumes 
the cast and crew of 50 students presented 
a fascinating existential piece of theatre. 








CAST t CREW FRONT ROW (L-R): Elizabeth Haffey, Aaron Dedarion, Lauren Naymie, Allison 
vVilhelm Elizabeth Goodridge, Erica McLaughlin, <atie Harris, Michael Fisher, Margaret 
Emerson, Honno Cutler, Chelsey Ristaino, Alexandra Kay, Roisin O' Flaherty, Alyssa Decamp, 
Benjamin Randolph; 2ND ROW: Brett Adams, Mark Molloy, Kathryn Bonis, Matthew Sadler, 
Kasey Hallion, Belle Gushing, Joan O'Neill, Stephen Wright, Gory Dello Russo, Richard Dibene- 
detto, Meghan Flaherty, Cian Smith; 3RD ROW: Nicole Campion, Hannah Hammond, 
Mariondrea Munor, Mary McDonnell, Danielle Domren, Julia Nagle, Alexander London, 
Ryan Fitzgibbon, Christopher Costanzo, Matthew Keoveney, Kristina Ortloff, Jessica Geers: 
BACK ROW: Brian Molloy, Catherine Greenwood, Camille Rogers, Kathryn Martin, Jiliian 
London, Arianno DiBenedetto, Russell Gutterson, Alexander Gunning, Evan Rees, Hayley 
Trovers, Elizabeth Mason, Rebecca McClellan, Mark Prokes, Jake Kelley, Allison Ristaino 


\ - 


The Play 103 


"We Dance" and they certainly did! 
Ttiis year's musical Once on this Island 
transported us from the winter cold of New 
England to the French Antilles and the story 
of Ti Moune, a poor peasant girl who falls 
in love with a wealthy boy. In an evening 
(or matinee) when the music and danc- 
ing never stopped; audiences watched 
a brilliant production of movement, color, 
and music that told a heart-breaking story 
of hope. While the show featured so many 
individual students, this ensemble production 
was tied together by outstanding costumes 
and scenery. Those lucky enough to see this 
show came away touched by the talents 
of this company of actors, technicians, and 

The Musical 






' (:Al!lL.i 

Senior Cast and Crew Members: (FRONT ROW L-R) Katie Harris, Kasey Hollion, 
Allison Wilhelm, Liz Goodridge, Cat McDonnell. Erica McLaugtilin. (MIDDLE 
ROW) Mike Fistier, Matt Sadler. Brett Adams. Luke Senerctiia, Lauren Nay- 
mie, (BACK ROW) Alex London. Doug Stein, David Kusmin. Costa Belezos, 

Mork Molloy 

Underclassmen Cast Members: Daniel Akikie, 
Maggie Borzin, Madeline Bugeau-Heortt. 
Nicole Campion, Mia Cianciarulo, Hannahi 
Cohn, Sarati Cucctiioro, Belle Custiing, Dani- 
elle Domren, Aly DeCamp. Rich DiBenedetto. 
Jamie Doyle, Kristen Emerson, Megtion Fla- 
tierty, Jessica Geers, Elizobetti Hoffey, Honnati 
Hammond, Cara Henderson, Carrie Hyde, 
Alley Kay, Jake Kelley, JT Kelly, Aaron Kesler, 
Jillian London, Kristina Moimones. Charlotte 
Molin. Elizabeth Mason. Rebecca McClellan. 
Mary McDonnell, Brian Molloy, Andrea Munor, 
Julia Nagle, Roisin O'Floherty, Kristina Ortloff, 
Penny Pease. Amanda Poche. Evan Rees, 
Allison Ristaino, Chelsea Ristiano, Molly Shea, 
Danielle Stein. Hoyley Trovers. Anna Whelan, 
Kara Wiggin 

Underclassmen Crew Members: Production 
Stage Manager Corey Dello Russo. Stage 
Manoger Maggie Emerson. Assistant to the 
Director Stephen Wright, Lexi Borzin, Chris 
Costonzo, Hannah Cutler, Ari DeBenedetto. 
Aaron DerDerion, Alex Gunning, Russ Gut- 
terson, Kotheryn Martin. Ryan Martinez. Ryan 
McCarthy. Anokhee Mepani. Joan O'Neill, 
Eddie Perkins, Ben Randolph, Comille Rogers, 
Clan Smith, Kelsey Thorton 








The Musical 105 


'^ -^: 

106 Spotlights 

This year students in tlie Festival Theater 
class wrote and pertormed a collection 
of skits exploring social issues which ore 
relevant to teens. The "Drama of Social 
Issues" assembly received wide acclaim 
from the student body for its humor, in- 
sightful content, and well-crofted per- 

The advanced drama students also 
participated in the Emerson Drama Fes- 
tival at Emerson College in Boston. The 
oil-day competition is an opportunity 
for students to perform for a broad au- 
dience and see a wide range of pro- 
ductions by other high school groups. 
Westwood presented "The Complete 
Works of Shakespeare Abridged" and 
received lots of laughs and praise for 
' leir hilarious interpretation of the pop- 
ular piece. 

Spotlights 107 


National Honor Society 

KHS iSnH all 

National Honor Society is a notional organization which recognizes students for their 
scholarship, leadership, character, and service. At Westwood High School, stu- 
dents ore invited to apply if they have a weighted GPA of 5.0 or higher, and if 
they exhibit the four qualities listed above. At this year's induction ceremony 
"jf in May, seventy-eight new mennbers were inducted. Belle Gushing, Doniel 
J O'Connor, Thomas Weinrick, and Suhas Rao spoke about the four qualities 
^ that govern the society. 

NHS Members - Class of 2007 

Patrick Ahem, Christopher Ahem, Christopher Aloisio, 
David Anderson, Dedae Audi, Kothr/n Bonis, Thomas 
Bomico. Jessica Boylon, Somantha Braclcett, Megan 
Bradley, Leigh Corey, James Carney, Audrey Cawley, 
Megan Cheung, Michelle Cohen, Kathleen Cooney, 
Kimberly Davie, Alexandra DeBenedictis, Richard 
DiMartino, Janet Dunkelborger, Kimberly Ethridge, 
Steven Fonoro, Motthew Ferrari, Michael Fisher, T Patrick 
Foion, Julia Folsom, Carmen Graves, Kasey Hellion, Katie 
Harris, Danielle Harris, Jenna Hunnewell, Jenniter Keefe, 
Emily Kelly, Elizabeth Kenney, Brionno Kouri, David 
Kusmin, Allison Lampie, Ashley Logon, Drew Lowey, 
Kathryn Mociejko, Aleksandro Mackiewicz, Kelley Mo- 
her, Motthev^ McClellon, Brian McDonald, Catherine 
McDonnell, Amol Mepani, Jeffrey Moriarty, Hollie Musto, 
Louren Naymie, Kevin O'Connor, Ryan O'Leary, Brent 
Peterson, Lourion Pope, Michelle Pruchniewski, Carolyn 
Rose, Omid Solehi, Frank Santo. Luke Senerchia, Max 
Shapiro, Jocquelyn Shipp, Cora Sweeney, Audrey Vo- 
gel, Elizobeth Walsh, Duncan Wells, Gregory Wells, Don 
White-Liet, Andrew Wolff, Erica Zahka, Lauren Zitoli 
NHS Members - Class of 2008 

Elizabeth Arpino, David Baryudin, Alexis Borzin, Alexan- 
der Becker, Nicola Beuscher, Elizabeth Birle, Kris Brakke, 
Mark Chirokas, Alena Chubet, Anne Gushing, Hanno 
Cutler, Elizabeth Dahl, Katerino Dalovurak, Alysso De- 
Camp, Corey Dello Russo, Richard Dibenedetto, Paras 

108 National Honor Society 

Doshi, Veena Dronamraju, Margaret Emerson, Meghan 
Flaherty, Alexandra Frank. Jessica Geers, Jessica Gerson, 
Brent Giacchetto, Gorimo Gin, Gregory Goodfellow, 
Kotherine Gorman, Sean Gronfield, Jill Greenberg, Zach- 
ary Hanrohon, Catherine Heier, Roeef Istfan, Christopher 
Joseph, Alexandra Koy, Matthew Keoveney, Daniel 
Keches, Charlotte Kenney, Megan Lolly, Michael Lynch, 
Kristina Moimonis, Laura Moloney, Melissa Moncini, Ryan 
Martinez, Erin Mossimi, Holly Mothaisel, Kelly McCarthy, 
Christine McGroil, Michael Morozov, Kim Muellers. Adrione 
Nguyen, Daniel O'Connor. Joan O'Neill, Alexandra 
Ortloff. Kristina Ortloff. Shiwei Pan. James Pork. Rebecca 
Patrick, Brian Pender, Edmund Perkins, Kotherine Planeto. 
Matt Pruchniewski, Suhas Rao, Amy Reynolds, Sean Rose. 
Jonah Ruddy, Marianno Sayeg. Ariana Senerchia, Mat- 
thew Springer, Alexandra Teebagy, Elisho Walsh, Elizabeth 
Watsky, Rachel Watsky. Thomas Weinreich, Lindsay 
Weitzman, Anna Whelan, Stephen Wright, Roland Zhou 



4brvc<(3urv -^o co«ne. 


^r .!,.' 

9 ^. 

Each member of National Honor Society is expected to com- 
plete forty hours of community service. Some of the hours are 
completed as a group, and others are done individually. 
This year's NHS group events included the Red Cross Blood 
Drive, three bottle and can drives, and tours for incoming 
freshman. Members also help out at various other school i 

events throughout the year, like HuRRAR, an event that i^ 

recognizes honor roll students. i 





National Honor Society 109 

National ART Honor 


(L-R):Nick Ventola, Treasurer. Caitlin Latter, Vice President, 
Michelle Pruchiniewski, President, Holly tvlathaisel. Secretary 

FRONT ROW (L-R): Zacti Hanrohan, Julio Nogle, fvlorgery Pan, Gabriello /v\essina. Lindsay 
Weitzmon, Jill Lenzo, /y\ichelle Pructiniewski, Adrianna Orptianos, Holly tylothoisel: BACK 
ROW: Nick Ventola. Caitlin Latter, Carrie Hyde, Krishna Yellesworapu, Molly Bonis, Jennifer 
Franchi, Koterino Dolavurak, Celeno Homsy, Kotie Corlin, Jessico Johnson, Chanelle 
Baker, Barbara Beach, Jillian O'Brien (Not Pictured: Ola Mackiewicz, Molly Tennihon) 

The WHS Chapter of the National Art Honor Society was founded 
to recognize students' achievements in the arts, to promote art 
appreciation, and to improve the school's aesthetic. Students 
who demonstrate excellence in and commitment to art are 
invited by the Art faculty to join NAHS. 

This year NAHS members worked diligently over many months to 
create ceramic bowls for the 2nd annual Project Empty Bowls, a 
fundraiser for the Greater Boston Food Bank. Members helped 
with the entire process from setting up, to advertising, to auc- 
tioning of artworks. Attendees ate soup and were entertained 
throughout the night by the Jazz Band. 

1 1 National Art Honor Society 



The Boston Globe Scholastic Art Awards is a 
prestigious competition for high school visual 
art. Hundreds ot student works from schools in 
Massachusetts were judged. Seven Westwood 
Students' works were recognized, and works 
which recieved Gold and Silver Keys were dis- 
played at the Transportation Building in Boston. 

CLOCKWISE from TOP LEFT: Garima Giri, Silver Key for Mixed 

Media: Courtney Grimes, Silver Key for Ceramics: Lindsay 

Weitzmon, Gold Key for Ceramics: Jillian O'Brien, Silver Key for FRONT ROW (L-R): Jillion O'Brien, Lulce Senerchia, Kim Davie, 

Graphic Design: Jenna Pirello, Silver Key for Mixed Media Garima Giri, Lindsay Weitzmon, Jenna Pirello, Courtney Grimes 


Coming off a 14-2-2 2005 season and 
o narrow holf a game loss to Hopkin- 
ton for the league title, expectations 
were tiigh for this 2006 team that 
returned 11 of 12 players. The team 
lived up to all the expectations by 
winning the Tri-Valley League and go- 
ing undefeated at 18-0. Most matches 
weren't close until the end of the sea- 
son when the league title was already 
wrapped up and they were just trying 
to preserve the undefeated season. 
They won tight matches by 1 stroke 
over both Holliston and Hopkinton 
to finish with a perfect record. Then 
they went on to capture the MIAA 
South Sectional Championship. The 
season ended with a tough 1 stroke 
loss at the State Championship. The 
team also picked up some prestigious 
awards at the end of the year with 6 
league all-stars, coach Gillis named 
Coach of the Year, Matt Sebet 
named League MVP, and Sebet and 
Andrew Gildeo named All-Scholastics. 




WW vs Bellingha^^^*" 

W 12-0 

WW vs Dover-Sherborn 

W 12-0 

WW vs Medway 

W 11-1 

WW vs Hopkinton 


WW vs Holliston 


WW vs Norton 

W 1 1 .5-0.5 

WW vs Ashland 

W 10.5-1.5 

WW vs Medfield 


WW vs Medfield 

W 232-239 

WW vs Bellinghom 

W 235-297 

WW vs Dover-Sherborn 

W 224-232 

WW vs Medway 

W 252-282 

WW vs Hopkinton 

W 247-248 

WW vs Holliston 

W 224-225 

WW vs Norton 

W 257-288 

WW vs Millis 

W 12-0 

WW vs Ashland 

W 222-281 

WW vs Millis 

W 239-348 




e)l "hfiZbo^ I 

With a new varsity coach and only six returning players, the field 
hockey teann had a fresh start. Coach Wilson and Captains Kristin 
DeComp and Sam Friedman led the team to a fun and memo- 
rable seoson. The record does not reflect the valiant effort of the 
girls; however, substantial improvements were mode by the team. 

As the season progressed, the girls 
mastered many new skills and grew 
much closer to work well as a team. 
Triumphs over Ashland and Sharon 
reflected the hard work put in of 

From fun nights of pasta parties to 
positive attitudes on the playing field, 
the 2006 field hockey season was truly 



f V^H ^Hc 

^^^^^■F* ^^'* * ■ - ^V ^. 



^T^^^^^MTWF ^^1 





■u^A^Kt 1 

K»^ ^^H 


FRONT ROW (L-R); Aly- '^^ 'i!'. -i Koio Powers Devin Singleton MIDDLE 
ROW: Cora Henderson Alison Murphy, Kara Wiggin. Julie Moloy, Elizabeth 
Teebagy: BACK ROW: Ram Guinta, Kathleen Lolly, Kathryn Martin, Mia 
Augis, Kerri Harrington. Allie Wittich: Not Pictured: Lauren Kareh 

116 Fall Sports 

F@ir "uHd© [^©(g@rdl 

WW vs Sharon 

I l-l 

WW vs Cohasset 


WW vs Holliston 


WW vs Medway 
WW vs Medfield 


WW vs Hopkinton 
WW vs Dover-Sherborn 


L2-0 11 

WW vs Ashland 

W 1-0 ■ 

WW vs Bellingham 
WW vs Sharon 

L4-2 I 
W3-1 ■ 

WW vs Holliston 

L2-0 1 

WW vs Medway 
WW vs Medfield 

L5-0 ^ 

WW vs Hopkinton 
WW vs Cohasset 


WW vs Ashland 


WW vs Dover-Sherborn 


WW vs Bellingham 




FRONT ROW (L-R|: Megan Lolly, Nikki Cachelin, Sarmantha Cahoon, Danielle McCauley, Jess 
LeSage, Betsy Nolly, Betsy Groton: BACK ROW: Coacti Angela Wilson, Catherine Heier, Abbie 
Brown, Mory Connors, Sam Friedman, Kristin DeCamp, Katie Carlin, Lauren Hillberg: Not Pictured. 
Kelly Jackson 

Fall Sports 117 

s»> e 

V{4 (el AcJlVan taa €. ( 

This fall, the Westwood Wolverines played their first home football game in 
six years at the new Flohive Field. The Wolverines opened the season with 
a win against the Oliver Ames. Westwood lost their next contest to the Divi- 
sion II powerhouse Stoneham in their first home game. On the road again, 
the Wolverines beat Ashland and Millis, but lost to Norton on the last ploy 
of the gome. The night that the field was dedicated, the Wolverines came 
together and beat Bellingham in front of o record crowd of Westwood 
fans. Their winning streak continued against Dover-Sherborn and Medwoy. 
The Wolverines' postseason hopes were dashed in a loss to 
Medfield, and their fate was sealed in a loss to Hopkinton. 
In the last game of the season the Wolverines once again 
showed their great skills by beating Holliston, their Thanks- 
giving Day rival. While this season did not yield a league 
title, it showed improvement and promise for the Westwood 



E^^^ByNI^'R^ ' 







FRONT ROW (L-R): Christopher Rodenbush, Peter 
Duffy, Hadi Audi, Yuanwen Liang, Ryan McHoul, 
Thomas Ahearn, Diandre Nixon, John McDonald, 
Joseph Pellegrini, Curtis Baylor, Michael Molchon 
Perkins, Peter Radonich, Matthew Kenney, Kevin 
William Lasher, Brian McDonald, Victor Moccow, 
Cushman, Christopher Robertson. Wesley Adams 

Frongiadokis, Jordan MacPherson, Malachy 
William Contreras-Gonzalez, Paul Pender 
Mathew Venti. Corey Christian: BACK ROW: 
. James Baylor, Cameron Gulczynski, Brian 
Liu, George Georgoklis, Casey McLaughlin. 
Michael Barrett, Paul Hanley, Bradford 
, Michael Montrond, Patrick Bowler 

fm fflh© IS©©©irdl 

WW vs Oliver Ames 

W 14-6 

WW vsStoneham 


WW vs Ashland 


WW vs Millis 


WW vs Norton 


WW vs Bellinghom 

W 27-1 4 

WW vs Dover-Sherborn 

W 19-6 

WW vs Medway 

W 27-14 

WW vs Medfield 


WW vs Hopkinton 


WW vs Holliston 



FRONT ROW (L-R): Coach Hallion, Andrew Mellor, Nick Laham, Ryan Gold, Brian Kelly t evm O'Connor Brent Peterson, Kevin 
Morrison, Kevin Brooks, Tom O'Connor: 2nd ROW; Bryan Peterson, Paul Murphy, Brian McDonald, Costa Belezos, Manny Fran- 
■oiadakis, Pat O'Brien, Nick Sestito, Matt Shonohon, Matt Springer, John McDonough: 3rd ROW: Eddie Perkins. Brian Bart. Russ 
Trovers, Jay Whalen, Matt White, Jake Mahoney, Sean Grandfield, James Ahigian, Greg Niles, Connor Walsh, Ryan Bov/ler: 
4th ROW: Steve Calobrisi, Jon Neimonn, Roland Zhou, Ryan Walsh. Max Smith, Virag Patel, John Cushman, Brian O'Connor. 
Matt Harney. James Berluti: BACK ROW: Coach Pindell, John Cuozzo, Matt Burke. James Filbin. Ralph Bruno. Tyler Schock. 
Mike Foforo. Danny Troy, Coach Doilemon, Coach Mahegon 

Fall Sports 119 


Leigh Carey 

C@i§l(8lhi''g Awwdl 
Katie Cooney 

M@§t impir@¥@dl 
Molly Shea 

With a squad of thirty-three girls, the team was ready to dive right in. 
A record thirteeri new freshmen joined the team, balancing the loss 
of eight strong graduated members. Hopes of a new home pool 
were never realized; and thus the girls woke up in the wee hours of 
the morning to practice in the Dedham pool. The season started 
with five impressive wins, bringing the team to a midseason unde- 
feated record of 5-0. 

The most memorable meet was 
against Seekonk. The score was close 
throughout the entire meet, and 
although the girls did not win, they 
^ — ' — - — ^^^ fought through the very lost race. 

[ ^Hk At sectionals, three reloys competed 

I ^^hV and four girls swam individual events. 

^^^ ^ In an exciting 200 yard medley relay, 

the team of Cooney, Nanno, Zohko 
and Carey qualified for states. At 
states, Leigh Carey placed 10th in the 
500 yard freestyle, Erin Nonna placed 
3rd in the 100 yard breaststroke and 
the 200 medley relay team shaved 
off 3 seconds to place 1 2th. The final 
meets were a great way to top off a 
successful and memorable season. 


120 Fall Sports 

WW vs Stoughton 

W 96-87 

WW vs Brocton 

W 111-75 

WW vs Canton 

W 94-91 

WW vs New Bedford 

W 102-69 

WW vs Attleboro 

W 89-69 

WW vs Seekonk 

L 93-92 

WW vs Milford 

L 98-82 

WW vs Bishop Stang 

L 97-81 

WW vs Notre Dame 

L 105-75 

WW vs Bishop Feehom 

L 95-73 

WW vs Apponequet 

L 99-86 

WW vs Durfee 

L 99-86 

WW vs Ursuline 

L 99-84 




FRONT ROW (L-R): Olivia O'Leary, Maddie Ciaig t h:.len Emerson, Beverly Cheng, Sarah Cucchiorro, 
Kristen Kane: SECOND ROW: Sarah DeAngelis, Arya Palakurthi, Annie Qin, Penny Pease, Michelle 
Whelan, Kelly Donlon, Juliana Nguyen: THIRD ROW: Carrie Hyde, Amy Bean, Molly Shea, Brooke 
Whalen, Andrea Munar, Erin Nanna, Abigail Sayeg: FOURTH ROW: Coach Ashley Sparks, Jessica 
Kirkby, Kristin Farrell, Anna Whelan, Maura Curran, Libby Dahl: BACK ROW: Alessandra Cecala, 
Maggie Mulhern, Hannah Driscoll. Erica Zahka, Leigh Carey, Katie Cooney: NOT PICTURED: 
Coach Sparks 


Fall Sports 121 



Amelia Mandell 

Jacki Shipp 

Laura Teehan 

This fall season, the girls' cross-country team had its highest num- 
ber of participants in many years. Overall the girls' team pro- 
gressed very well, many girls realized personal bests. Having the 
new course at Lowell woods infused the team with new energy 
and become like part of the team. Amelia Mandell's and Jacki 
Shipp's different captain styles worked in balance together. The 
girls had a lot of fun together. Kelley Maher 
provided a highlight for practices with her 
leadership in the 1 2 minute 1 /2 mile worm 
ups. Given the large number of underclass- 
men on this year's team, the future looks 
good for Westwood cross country. 


FRONT ROW- Jillion O'Brien, Srhroe'iler Kim Davit 
Jacki Shipp: BACK ROW; Amelia Mandell Jessie Boylon 
Kelley Maher, Megan Bradley 


122 Fall Sports 



f IF©ir 

fflh© l^©e@irdl 

1 WWvs 



WW vs 


W 18-41 



L 50-1 5 



L 50-15 Jj 






W 15-50 


FRONT ROW (L-R): Steph Greeley, Meghan Lav^lor, Gabby Messina. Hilary Sugg, Madeline Bugeau-Heartt, Steph 
Sukennik. Jonelle Argiros, Kim Davie, Kasey Ploneto, Neggin Rostamnezhad. Christina Papianou: MIDDLE ROW: Kim 
Muellers, Julia Kane, Molly Foster. Cindy O'Brien, Jillian O'Brien, Laura Teehon, Cassie Devin. Laura Brooks, Jessie 
Schroeder. Jacki Shipp; BACK ROW: Jillian London, Eliza Walsh, Anokhee Mepani, Sandy Brooks, Jessie Boylan. Ame- 
lia Mandeli. Kelley Moher, Megon Bradley. Yujm Homill Jomie Doyle: NOT PICTURED: Dani Bradley, Coach Udall 

Fall Sports 123 

^^^m M t 







' ' r^ 




Je*^ K ^R^ 

p 'o'- '*■• 

B^y ^^^l^_Vil ^^^^Bfl^^^^H 

^ ^*^*aBl 




New Coach^ 
Neiu Course, 


24 Fall Sports 





This season was a big change for West- 
wood High School Boys' Cross Country 
team; a new coach after a 30+ year 
campaign from Richard Hargreaves. 
Neol White brought an entirely new 
philosophy to the sport. Along with a new 
coach, Westwood opened a brand new 
home course and hosted its first meets 
in years. With the great new changes, 
the team hod a very successful season 
with numerous standout performances 
and much improvement across the 
board. The team's success wasn't done 
justice by the slightly sub .500 record. 
Next year's team will suffer some losses 
to graduation, but with the increasing 
familiarity with the new coach Westwood 
should go on to become the cross coun- 
try powerhouse it once was. 

Jeff Moriarty 

Greg Wells 





WW vs Holliston ^^^ 

" L 43-20 

WW vs Norton 

W 15-49 

WW vs Medfield 

L 43-20 

WW vs Hopkinton 

L 41-20 

WW vs Dover-Sherbom 

L 35-24 

WW vs Ashland 

W 1 8-44 

WW vs Bellingham 

W 18-45 M 



FRONT ROW |L-R) Jonah Ruddy, Kris Brakke, Chris Pond, Michael Sharry, Kyle Tucke, Paras Doshi, 
Matthew Kress, Jeff Moriarty, Greg Wells: BACK ROW: Coach Neil White, Alex Ortlott, Andrew 
Boylan, Tom Weinreich, Duncan Wells, Eric Peterson, Max Shapiro, Amol Mepani: NOT PICTURED: 
Sean Broderick, Scott Delisle, Brendan Leahy, Sam Moling. Will Richardson, Mickey Swan 


Fall Sports 125 


Victoria Koutris 


Melinda Kareh 

There were large shoes to fill after losing nine seniors from Soccer 
'05. The team worked well together to rock up wins against Norton, 
Bellingham, and Millis. More than anything the girls grew closer as a 
group and had great times at pasta dinners, Panera, and Fire and 
Ice. There was some playful competition within the team; Chrissy and 

KST competed to see who could score 
more goals... for the other teams, and 
the seniors were victorious in a friendly, 
but grueling, scavenger hunt against 
the juniors. Overall, the season was filled 
with great memories both on ond off 
the field, and the team learned that it 
really doesn't matter whether you win or" 




(5» «- fl»ns ^i^» 


FRONT ROW (L-R): Erin Mulhem, Nicole Campion, Nino Shapiro, Abigail 
Holler, Erica Nangeroni BACK ROW (L-R): Claire Daniels. Alanna Gal- 
lagher, Kelly Rich, Mary Laughna, Amanda Haddad (Not Pictured: Anna 
Lentz, Corrinne Wells, Nina Zafor, Kelly Casey, Moddie Rau, Misho Beatty, 
Courtney McLaughlin) 


FRONT ROW (L-R): Madeline Martin, Erin Murray, Kotherine McDonuogh, 
Anno Ribas, Kathryn O'Brien, Adrionna DiBenedetto, Audra Cobey, Lauren 
Hall BACK ROW(L-R): Megan Isberg, Erin McMonus, Rachel Keating, Eliza- 
beth Hoffey, Anna Koban, Elizabeth Abraham, Moriah Arnold 

126 Fall Sports 




WW v5 Medfield 


WW vs Norton 


WW vs Hopkinton 


WW vs Dover-Sherborn 


WW vs Medwoy 


WW vs Bellinghom 


WW vs Holliston 


WW vs Millis 

1 i 

Ll-0 ~ 

WW vs Ashland 

WW vs Medfield 


WW vs Norton 


WW vs Hopkinton 


WW vs Dover-Sherborn 


WW vs Medwoy 


WW vs Bellinghom 


WW vs Holliston 

T 1-1 

WW vs Millis 


WW vs Ashlond 




FRONT ROW(L-R): Christine McGrail, Lanu ShoiuK Em, ;,Vi,,i[i;, _ r ;.' . jMiiell, Christina McCar- 
ron, Annie Brown, Victoria Koutris, Melinda Kareh BACK ROW |L-R) Katie bullivon-Trainor, Janice 
Michaud, Julie D'Aleo. Liz Lyons, Alex Frank, Sarah Matthews, Jill Greenberg. Cora Sweeney, 
Marianne Sayeg, Lindsay Weitzman; NOT PICTURED: Katherine Friedman, Laura Moloney 

Fall Sports 127 

i. m 

Ti."Hr. -»« . 

The 2006 soccer season was the best Westwood High School has 
seen for countless years. Along with a regular season record of 
12-2-4, the team captured second place in the Tri-Volley league, 
and hod one of the funniest teams around. In the back were 
the two keepers, Jed Delisle and Pat Ahearn. Together the two 

made up one of the strongest goal- 
tending tandems in the League. With 
superb goaltending, an unfofhom- 
abJe defense, a solid midfield, and a 
few goals, the team overcame almost 
every challenge presented, and had 
a remarkable run in the tournament 
which was cut short in an unchar- 
acteristically sloppy game against 



• >• 








128 Fall Sports 

FRONT ROW (L-R): Ryan Martinez, Michael Burton, David Baryudin, Tom Quinn 
Kyle Brew, Mike Follen, Brad Baldwin; MIDDLE ROW: Chns Pflanz, Ryan Maguire, 
Matt Zola, James Strong, Joe Hiltz-Mohier, Tom Coyle, John Sleight, Rich 
DiBenedefto: BACK ROW: Coach Michael Brenton, Christopher Sullivan- 
Trainor, Alexander Moin, John Demovellon, Ries McQuillan, Chris Graves, 
Russ Gutterson, Vincent Musto, James Park 

FRONT ROW (L-R] ' : - 'I Andrew Kusmin, Alan Boiyudin, Cooch 
Brenton: MIDDLE RC \-,\^\k Block, Nodeem istfon, James Looney 
Michael Musto, Mike Chirokas: BACK ROW: Paul Massed, Ries McQuillan, 
Matt Follen. Jomes Laughlin, Rob Ventura 



WW vs Medfield 


WW vs Norton 

T 1-1 

WW vs Hopkinton 

T 1-1 

WW vs Dover-Sherborn 


WW vs Medwoy 

W 1-0 

WW vs Bellingham 


WW vs Holliston 


WW vs Millis 


WW vs Ashland 


WW vs Medfield 


WW vs Norton 


WW vs Hopkinton 


WW vs Dover-Sherborn 

T 1-1 

WW vs Medv^/oy 

T 1-1 

WW vs Bellingham 


WW vs Holliston 

L 1-0 

WW vs Millis 


WW vs Ashland 



FRONT ROW (L-R): Jimmy Gavin, Will Sharry. Zack Hanrahan, Brian Joyce, Robby Laughlin, Jason 
Resho: MIDDLE ROW: Omor Hodziposic, Dovid Kusmin, Pat Ahern. Drew Lowey, Malcolm Goodridge, 
Jed Delisle, Andrew Wolff, Matt O'Donnell: BACK ROW: Coacfi Sanchiez, James Carney, Matt Ferrari, 
Drew DIMortino, Chins Atiern, Evan Rau, Potrick Matier 



Fall Sports 129 

For the first time in ttiree years, Westwood volleyball had a home 
gym! Westwood won its first game in an impressive win against 
Norton. Everyone from the 2006 volleyball team agreed that it 
was one of their best high-school experiences. The volleyball 

team was o family on and off the court. 
Humor mode playing some of the high- 
est ranked teams like Medfield (the TVL 
champions) less painful. Some traditions 
included: pasta dinners, "boom-chicka- 
boom", and "hey laddie's". Volleyball 
2006 was "lash"; from lash games to lash 
throws. "Setter's out! I got it!!!" - Jenna 
Pirello. A definite highpoint and accom- 
plishment of this season was beating 
Holliston, which was a 7-1 team (and, 
interestingly, hod a boy on the team). 
Volleyball 2006 was a season full of 
many hilarious memories. "I Like This". 




FRONT ROW (L-R); Jennifer Franchi, Amanda Sestito, Amanda Roche: 
BACK ROW: Melissa Hauginn, Elena Dimento. Angelica Belezos. Devon 
Zaza, Adrienne Nguyen: NOT PICTURED: Sarah Pellegrini, Kelly McCarthy, 
Connaught O'Brien, Krista McGinnis, Victoria Laham, Loyal Soyegh 

FRONT ROW (L-R): Olivia Powers, Coitlyn Nesbitt, Bridget Norris. Tracy 
Shapiro, Danielle Stein, Kothleen Harrington: BACK ROW: Catherine Loftus, 
Denisa Ikonomi, Samantha Sestito, Jill O'Brien, Madeline Randolph. Allison 
Ristaino, Samantha Mulligan. Shawno Caldwell 

130 Fall Sports 




— ■■-- 


^^J"V~4-t\A\ V Vl^^B 



H* "^ 




Pww vs Medfield 


WW vs Norton 


WW vs Hopkinton 


WW vs Foxborough 


WW vs Medwoy 


WW vs Bellinghom 


WW vs Norfolk Agricultural 


WW vs Holliston 


WW vs Millis 


WW vs Norfolk Agricultural 


WW vs Ashland 


WW vs Norton 


WW vs Hopkinton 


WW vs Foxborougti 


WW vs Medway 


WW vs Bellingtiam 


WW vs Medfield 


WW vs Holliston 


WW vs Millis 


WW vs Ashland 






-V - 













^f ^ 











FRONT ROW (L-R): Jenna Pirello, Maria Bevilacqua, Brianna koun, Emily Kell/, Coilin Reilly, 
Meghan Davey: BACK ROW: Julia Germano, Melissa Mancini. Paige Condon, Sophie Gehrke, 
Kristina Maimonis, Chelsey Ristaino 


Fall Sports 131 





Jennifer Lavoie 

Ashley Riorden 

ymiiyinig H©re 
Meaghan Winn 


This was a season of firsts for the W.H.S Cheerleaders with a new 
coach and newly completed football field. This was also the first 
year that WW had a mascot at the games and that the team 
performed at boys' basketball gomes. There were many highlights 
this year from the fun filled week over the summer at Holy Cross 
Cheer Camp, to the first Pep Rally in the new gym. A lot of people 
contributed time and effort to the success of the team and sea- 
son this year. The girls give a special thanks to the Wolverine Den 
for its awesome spirit. 

VARSITY Team - Fall Season 

^^ s^ \ ' ^ 

T T-. 

FRONT ROW (L-R): Laura Anderson, Danielle MacNevin. Erica Bowlby: MIDDLE ROW: Meaghan 
Winn, Erin King, Moriah Hurley, Kelsey Hession, Casey Smith. Natalie Shapeton, Jennifer Lavoie. 
Maddie Walsh, Katie Glover; BACK ROW; Coach Michelle, Brittany Musto. Colleen Loughter, 
Ashley Riordan, Jacqueline Cooke, Honnah Park, Caro Joseph, Natasha Cosale, Alessandra 

132 Fall-Winter Sports 

















VARSITY Team - Winter Season 

FRONT ROW (L-R): Meaghan Winn, Katie Glover, Natalie Shopeton, Moddie Walsh: BACK 
ROW: Coacti Mictielle, Alessandra Giugliono, Erica Bowlby, Laura Anderson, Honnati Park: NOT 
SHOWN: Danielle MacNevin 

^k ' " *^^^H 


Fall-Winter Sports 133 

Boys' _ 


^ ifF^, 

With many new nnembers this year, the boys' swim team grew in 
numbers and talent, but were still the smallest team in the league. 
The opening of the refurbished high school meant after school 
practices (rather than early morning practices in Dedhom like the 
girls' team). Averaging 3000 yards a day, the guys developed 
their strokes and improved with personal bests during the season. 
Though they didn't tolly any wins, the team hod a blast, and the 
returning members have their sights on next season. 

134 Winter Sports 

WW vs Brockton 

L 67-95 

WW vs Attleboro 

L 70-90 

WW vs Milford 

L 71-85 

WW vs Bishop Feehon 

L 74-95 

WW vs Bishop Stong 

L 70-82 

WW vs Apponequet 

L 78-98 

WW vs Seekonk 

L 80-89 

WW vs New Bedford 

L 76-99 




Jill Greenberg 

Ashley Logan 

ymifyinig U®m 
Cara Sweeney 


y, FLY ^1*^ 

The Lady Wolverines began the season with 
a dreonn of having the year 2007 on the un- 
defeated TVL banner. The dream became 
more and more achievable as the team 
began to roll over the entire TVL. Along 
the way, the girls formed strong bonds as 
they overcame obstacles with the help 
of their coach Riles. Semi-formal dinners 
and new rituals such as eating oatmeal 
squares before gomes and singing "Bollin"' 
in the locker room were perfect for bring- 
ing the team together. Various divisions 
of tops as well as the witty remarks of Riles 
always lightened the mood at practice. 
After months of hard work, the girls fufilled 
their dream of an undefeated TVL season. 
Although the season came to on abrupt 
and unexpected end in the state tourna- 
ment, the 2006-2007 season and the great 
memories it created will never be forgotten. 





FRONT ROW (L-R); Katie Sullivan-Trainer, Amondo Hoddod, Mary Laughna, 
Kelly Rich, Erica Nangeroni: BACK ROW: Coach Howard, Kerri Harrington, 
Abbie Brown, Julia Germano, Lana Sharuk, Kim Petit, Yujin Hamil, Katie 

FRONT ROW (L-R): Megan Isbetg, Katherine McDonough. Kaylo Frenches 
ci, Madeline Randolph, Jennie Power. Cote Nesbitt, All Lim, Jen Lovoie 
BACK ROW: Coach Sylvia, Mariah Arnold, Melissa Houghn, Olivia O'Leary, 
Katie O'Brien 

136 Winter Sports 





/? ^ Ashley Logan Cara Sweeney 
K^ Senior Senior 

WW vs Norton 

W 66-34 

WW vs Hopkinton 

W 44-27 

1 WW vs Dover-Sherborn 

W 65-37 

WW vs Medwoy 

W 54-33 

WW vs Bellinghom 

W 58-36 

WW vs Holliston 

W 57-34 

WW vs Millis 

W 84-39 

WW vs Ashland 

W 55-29 

WW vs Medfield 

W 62-34 

WW vs Medfield 

W 66-32 

WW vs Norton 

W 72-23 

WW vs Hopkinton 

W 49-40 

WW vs Dover-Sherborn 

W 56-43 

WW vs Medwoy 

W 62-43 

WW vs Bellinghom 

W 76-22 

WW vs Holliston 

W 53-36 

WW vs Millis 

W 83-49 

WW vs Ashland 

W 43-34 

WW vs Canton 

W 77-52 ■ 

WW vs Winthrop 

L 40-57 ■ 

WW vs Coyle Cassidy 

L 44-47 ■ 



-fe- A- 

FRONT ROW (L-R): Alex Fronk, Ashley Logan, Chrissy McCarron, Jill Greenberg, Annie Brown, Erin 
Massimi, Kelly Casey, Coach O'Brien; BACK ROW: Laura Moloney, Maria Bevilocquo, Kara Pow- 
ers, Cora Sweeney, Christine McGrail, Claire Moncini, Paige Congdon, Coach Riley 

Winter Sports 137 

/ n' 

^1 ^'^-' I 

2c : (t;.^^^, ^ 


Although the team didn't realize its ultimate 
goal of qualifying for the state tournament, it 
had a great season of impressive team and 
individual play. Just one year after losing a 
v^hopping 16 gomes, the 2007 team finished 
at .500 to show unquestionable progress. 
By the end of the season players felt they 
hod really come together as a team and 
learned a lot. 




FRONT ROW (L-R): Ian Wright, Coach Fialkov, John Sheehon, Taylor Peck, 
John Demovellon, Patrick Maher, Casey Criss; BACK ROW: Ries McQuillan, 
Brian McDonald, Brian O'Connor. Ryan Bowler, Jack Cushman, Brian 

FRONT ROW (L-R), Chiistoplier Rodenbush Petei Fiongioookis Michael 
Chiiokas, Matthew Powers, Maloctiy Duffy, Patrick Bowlei, Joseph 
Wisiolko, George Georgaklis, William Contreros-Gonzolez, Bradford Cush- 
man, Michael Montrond, Chandler Hall, Corey Christion, Victor Maccow, 
Christian Heoney-Secord, Coach Sherr 

138 Wiriter Sports 


WW vs Norton ^^H 

r W 56-49 m 

WW vs Hopkinton 

i 53-74 

WW vs Dover-Sherborn 

W 54-47 

WW vs Medway 

L 59-61 

WW vs Milton 

L 47-65 

L WW vs Reading Memorial 

L 47-67 

1 WW vs Bellinghom 

W 44-42 

■ WW vs Holliston 

L 46-56 

P WWvsMillis 

W 58-44 

WW vs Ashland 

W 53-48 

WW vs Medfield 

L 46-68 

WW vs Medfield 

L 48-66 

WW vs Norton 

L 45-49 

WW vs Hopkington 

L 43-72 m 

WW vs Dover-Stierborn 

W 61-51 ■ 

WW vs Medway 

L 45-65 

WW vs Bellinghom 

L 62-68 

WW vs Holliston 

W 61-50 

WW vs Millis 

W 63-46 

WW vs Ashland 

W 69-61 


mam> - t^ -■ 



lb A 

\ i 


^ jr^ 



K. M 

r> — rr 

FRONT ROW (L-R): Jonathan McGee, Vlad Galiouk, Frank Santo. Patrick O'Brien, Kevin 
O'Connor, Phillip Walker, Mark Chirokas: BACK ROW: Russell Trovers, Jason Resho, Ryan Fitzgib- 
bon, Ryan Bowler, Brian Benson, Jason Sementelli, Christopher Roach NOT PICTURED: Coach 

Mike Reidy 

Winter Sports 139 


M oVo Fo i 
Mike Follen 




Due to the lack of snow, the ski sea- 
son this year was compacted into 
just a few weeks, when usually it lasts 
several months. Although the team 
lost some great skiers to groduation 
lost year, the members learned that 
good things come in small packages 
with the addition of freshmen Chase 
Kerzel and Courtney McLaughlin. 
Even though the team often had to 
travel as for as Shrewsbury, they had 
a fun season and definitely mode 
the most out of what Mother Nature 
provided. The boys were especially 
successful with their qualification for 
the state championship as a team. 
Three girls, Courtney McLaughlin, Alii 
Lompi, and Coitlin Latter, also made 
it to states. Overall, the team hod a 
great season. Hopefully next year will 
bring more snow! 

140 Winter Sports 





^ ^ 


f( \\ AlliLampie Caitlin Latter Ramzi Shuhaibfl^^^ 
'^^ Senior Senior Senior 



FRONT ROW (L-R): Chase Kerzel, Mike Folfen. Ramzi ShuhaJbar: MIDDLE ROW. Andrew Ju, Sam Moling. Courtney 
McLaughlin. Coitlin Latter, Alii Lampie, Liz Walsh, Ali McManus, Audrey Cawtey: BACK ROW: Coach Grover, Teddy 
Groton, Pat Folan, Mike Ju, Brent Peterson. Pot Ahern. Sammi Brackeft. Greg Weils. Mike Fisher: NOT PICTURED: 
Chris Ahern. Brad Baldwin, Sean Brodehck, Jennifer Dello Ruso, Dylan Demora. Matt Follen. Brent Giacchetto, Matt 
Harney. Kelsey Hession, James Looney. Emmo Rhode, Will Richardson, Matt Sadler, Jeremy Stivaletto, Jake Tucke. 
Will Richardson. Al Wisiaiko, Kristen Wissmar 

Winter Sports 141 

; 1^^ 


• • 


^«3^- — 

Coach Neal White led the Wolverines to 
another successful season in his fourth 
year coaching the indoor track teonn. 
The Wolverine's 4-3 record didn't reflect 
the dominance of certain performers 
within the TVL. Jeff Moriorty had his second 
consecutive undefeated season, taking 
the TVL titles in the 600m and mile, and Tom 
O'Connor virtually follov^ed suit by being 
the man to beat in the 45 and 300m. The 
first big test of the Wolverine's was the the 
international Dorthmouth relay meet in early 
January. Moriarty took home the 800m title 
and O'Connor placed third in the 300m. 
The Sprint Medley Relay also had a strong 
showing placing 7th. On the state level, the 
Westwood 4x400m relay consisting of Tom 
O'Connor, Brian McDonald, Will Shorry and 
Jeff Moriarty took home the Class D title 
with ease. Other stand out performances 
included O'Connor's 4th place and Mori- 
orty's meet record breaking 1000m victory. 
From Class D's the Wolverines proceeded 
to the MA oil-state meet where Moriarty 
was victorious in the 1000m over the heav- 
ily favored cross-town rival, Xoverion's Mark 
Amiroult, running the 2nd fastest time in the 
nation. Tom O'Connor finished 12th against 
a unusually strong field in the 300m, and the 
4x400 team placed 7th. The Wolverine's 
record in the TVL may not hove been out- 
standing but on the state level this was an 
epically successful season 

142 Winter Sports 

WW vs Holliston' 
WW vs Millis 
WW vs Ashland 
WW vs Bellingham 
WW vs Hopkinton 
WW vs Medfield 
WW vs Norton 

L 38-48 
W 57-29 
W 59-27 
W 55-29 
W 51-35 
L 40-46 
W 60-26 








/? ^ Thomas O'Connor Brian McDonald 
^:^ Senior Senior j 

. ^.■»- 


FRONT ROW (L-R): Alex Ortloff, John McDonald, Alexander Mom, kns Brakke, Jonoh Ruddy, 
Thomas Coyle, John McDonald, Matthew Kress: MIDDLE ROW (L-R): Michael Burton, Michael 
Sharry, Matthew Kobon, Alex Kjellman, Kyle Tucke, Paul Pender,Yuanwen Liang, James Loughlin, 
Kevin Liu, Christopher Robertson, Kevin Luo: BACK ROW: Eric Peterson, Thomas Weinreich, John 
Sleight, Jimmy Filbin, Andrew Boylan, Stuart Leibson, Ryan Moguire, Zone Griffin, James Beriuti. 
James Ahigion, Kyle Sloan-Rossiter, Jeff Moriorty, Will Sharry, Tom O'Connor, Coach White, Brian 
McDonald, Coach Batemon Josh Mingels 
Not Pictured: Matt O'Donnell, Fadi Samaha Winter Soorts 143 

The girls' indoor track team had a lot of fun 
this season. They stayed in high spirits even 
though the majority of practices involved 
running outside in freezing cold and meets 
started early every Saturday morning. 
Whether the meets were at the Holliston 
or Hopkinton track or at the Reggie Lewis 
Center in Boston, the team always gave 
100%. Because the team was small, each 
girl had to participate in two or three events 
at each meet. Despite the strain, the girls' 
team was successful this season. Kathryn 
Martin won the Tri-Valley league in the mile 
and Victoria Koutris won the league in the 
45-meter dash. Also, the 4 x 400 meter relay 
team of Liz Lyons, Carlin Reilly, Sarah Mat- 
thews, and Mischo Beatty won the TVL and 
set a school record. Overall, the girls' indoor 
track team shared a lot of laughs and hod 
a lot of fun and did well on the frock. 

L [F©irii1hi© 



vs Holliston 

L 32-55 


vs Millis 

W 53-34 


vs Ashland 

W 66-16 


vs Bellinghom 

W 47-39 


vs Hopkintor 


L 28-58 



vs Medfield 

L 21-65 


vs Norton 


W 59-21 


FRONT ROW (L-R): Bnanna Kouri, Jillian O'Brien. Jacki Shipp, Carlin Reilly, Liz Lyons Jessie Schro- 
eder. Jessica Boylan, Amelia Mandell, Katherine Friedman: MIDDLE ROW(L-R): Sarah Muellers 
Alanna Gallagher, Gabbi Messina, Kathn/n Martin, Corrinne Wells, Liz Birle, Janelle Argiros, 
Meddle Martin, Misha Beatty: BACK ROW: Kim Muellers, All Schroeder, Sandy Brooks. Sarah 
Matthews, Laura Teehan, Abigail Holler, Julie Moloy, Erin Mulhern, Victoria Koutris, Coach Hava, 
Coach Udall 

Winter Sports 145 



5 •' 

S '^ 


M ,¥o ¥. 
Callie Rose 


Meghan Davey 

Umyiiiig lnl©re 
CJ Kenney 

There were many exciting moments tor the girls' hockey tejzffn this 
year. One unforgettable moment was at the end of the Sandwich 
game with .8 of a second remaining when Callie Rose, assisted 
by Lauren Hillberg, scored the winning goal. At the close of the 
regular season, the team was one point out of the tournament, 
but caught a big break. Latin Academy hod to forfit the gome 
WW had played against them, so WW was pushed into the tourno- 
I .^ I ment. The wolverines won the preliminary 

JbDlJ j game in the tournament, in overtime, 

■•■"■^J^Jffllj^J^JJJ! but unfortunately, lost the next round. 
T* ^^3Pv /^^^^^^ Nonetheless it was a great season and 
a super team. From pasta dinners to bus 
rides to the Cape, the girls always found 
ways to have fun. The end of the season 
marked the retirements from coaching for 
head coach Mike Beaumont and Manny 
Sargent. Both coaches were great assets 
to the girls' hockey program at Westwood 
High School, and will be missed in seasons 
to come. 


146 Winter Sports 


- -■*»= I 






^ Callie Rose (C) Hollie Musto (A) CJ Kenney (A) Joan O'Neill (A) 
V Senior Senior Junior Junior 


i WW vs Medfield 


WW vs Boston Latin 


WW vs Quincy 

W 7-0 

WW vs Morshfield 


WW vs Sandv\/ich 


WW vs Martha's Vineyard 

W 7-4 

WW vs Hinghiann 


WW vs Barnstable 

L 11-3 

WW vs Boston Latin 


WW vs Medfield 


WW vs Franl<lin 

L3-0 , 
L4-2 1 

; WW vs Duxbury 

WW vs Canton 


WW vs Marshfield 


i, WW vs Nauset 


f WW vs Falmouth 


WW vs Hingham 


WW vs Notick 

W 6-1 

WW vs Franklin 


WW vs Canton 


^^ 9-10-1 f 



FRONT ROW (L-R): Janice Micliaud, Erin Murroy, Joan O'Neill, Hollie Musto, Alii Shortt, Callie Rose. 
Beth O'Brien, CJ Kenney, Megtian Davie: BACK ROW: Coacti Mike. Coacti Lauren, Lauren Hall, 
Audra Cabey, Jocqui Morra, Rian Rossetti. Alison Murptiy, Ariana Senerchia, Coacti Sargent, 
Lauren Hillberg, Steptionie Solimine, Brenda McCabe, Maddie Rau, Mariah Hurley, Juliana 
D'Aleo, Coacti Beaumont 


Winter Sports 147 



Jimmy Gavin 


Matt Sebet 

IFIl(giy©f @i? flte Y©@iir 
Matt Pruchniewsl<i 

Coming off an 11-10 season and being hit hard by graduation, 
the 25 year streak of making states looked like it was in jepordy, 
but the boys' hockey team finished the season 14-6-3 and pushed 
the streak to 26 years. The team battled all year long and hod a 
chance, right down to the last game of the year, for the Tri-Valley 
League title, but ultimately finished 2nd. In the state tournament, 

Westwood beat Diman in OT and 
South Shore, then lost to the even- 
tual state champions, Scituate, in the 
south semifinals. The highlight of the 
season was the overtime win in the first 
round of the playoffs at home and the 
celebration in front of all the Wolverine 

^^ ^. 

- - * 








^^Hf v^^ 




i , <^'' 

FRONT ROW (L-R): Joseph Pellegrini. Rob Ventura, Mike Foxx, Mike Jacobs. 
Jordan MocPherson. Joel Priestley, Kyle Brew BACK ROW: Ryan Ructiie. 
Mikey Winer, Jon Mellor, Mott O'Donnell. Ryan Honlon. Dan Abbott, Matt 
Kenney, Matt Stianahon, Rob Foxx 

148 Winter Sports 

M», - 

For th© id 

Qm4 . 

WW vs cjohasset 

w /-/ 

WW vs Holliston 


WW vs Medway 

T 1-1 

WW vs Weston 


WW vs Blue Hills 


WW vs Southeastern 

W 4-1 

WW vs Medfield 


WW vs Hopkinton 


WW vs Dover-Sherborn 


WW vs Ashland 


WW vs Bellingham 


WW vs Holliston 


WW vs Medway 


WW vs Medfield 


WW vs Hopkinton 


WW vs Bourne 


WW vs Dover-Sherborn 


WW vs Ashland 


WW vs Bellingham 

W8-0 1 

WW vs Weston 

L2-1 J 

WW vs Diman 

W2-1 1 

WW vs South Shore 

W2-1 1 

WW vs Scituate 

L3-0 ^ 



FRONT ROW (L-R): -Joey Maher, Mike Musto, Brian Pender, Dan Keches, Drew DiMartino, Jamie 
Arnpriester, Captain Jimmy Gavin, Captain Matt Sebet, Steve Walsti, Bobby Leatiy: BACK ROW; 
Coacin Pecararo, Trainer Paul Lilla, Coacti Welby, Kyle Brew, Brendan Leatiy, Justin Kuctier, 
Steve Wrigtit, Matt Wtiite, Matt Pruchniewski, Andy Musto, Perry Treon, Freddy Tonsberg, Billy 
Sawyer, Steve McManus, Andrew Mellor, Coach McCusker, Coach McDonald 


Winter Sports 149 





I * 








1 ' 


« '^^1 












■ ■■■■■■■■■■>Ml 

as Si 






■■■■■■. > 



Jeff Moriarty 


Tom O'Connor 

Unsung Hero 

David Kusmin 

This spring, the boys' track and field team, 65 
members strong, inaugurated Westwood's 
new state-of-the-art track. It was clear the 
new facilities were an advantage to the 
boys, who end with a 7-1 record and placed 
2nd in the TVL. The team ranked 7th at the 
Division IV state meet. The unstoppable four- 
some (Brian McDonald, Jeff Moriarty, Tom 
O'Connor, and Kevin O'Connor) won the 
4x4 at the division IV state meet and ranked 
5th at All-States. Along with numerous team 
triumphs, members accomplished impres- 
sive feats individually. MVP Jeff Moriarty was 
a force to be reckoned with all season. Jeff 
ranked first for the 800 of closs-d. The only 
thing that held him bock from taking the title 
at All-States was traffic. The team's unsung 
hero, Tom O'Connor won 1 st in the 200 at 
the Division IV state meet and came in 5th 
of All-States. Overall it was a great season. 




WW vs Medfield 

WW vs Dover-Sherborn 

W 87-49 

WW vs Hopkinton 

W 76-60 

WW vs Norton 

W 80-58 

WW vs Medv^oy 

W 72-64 

WW vs Bellingham 

W 85-50 

WW vs Holliston 

W 82-54 

WW vs Millis 

W 106-30 


THE Team 

FRONT ROW (L-R): Chris Robertson, Peter Radonicti, Jotin McDonald, Rob Ventura, Yuanwen Liang, 
Jimmy Looney, Steptien Weinreicti, Kevin Liu, Alex Kjellman, Daniel Abbott, Michael Fotara, Ryan 
McGuire, Kyle Tucke, Brendan Leahy, Michael Burton, Alexander Moin, Tom Coyle: MIDDLE ROW: Chris 
Pond, Sean Broderick, Matt Zola, Ben Randolph, Ryan Martinez, John Cuozzo, Eric Peterson, Chris Pflanz, 
Stuort Leibson, Andrew Young, Ailton Carvalho, Jonah Ruddy, Alex Ortloft, Jacob Williams, James 
strong, Vincent Musto, Matt Kress, Omar Hadzipasic; BACK ROW; Coach Botemon, Pat Bowler, Kevin 
Brooks, Jamol Hill, Tom O'Connor, Steve Clerge, Rob Foxx , Ryan Bowler, Costo Belezos, Greg Wells, 
Brian Joyce, Pat Ahern, David Kusmin, Manny Frangiadakis, Brian Kelly, Drew Lowey, Josh Mingles, Brian 
McDonald, Kevin O'Connor, Jett Moriarty, Coach White. 

Spring Sports 151 







I -, 



*— - 

Aw ■ 


^^^^^^^Vtv t ~ ■ 


Victoria Koutris 


Corrinne Wells 

^^> 1 

Unsung Hero 

Lexi Barzin 

Thanhs HaNB^Uda\ I o 

An actual track? What's this I hear?! Yes, Westwood completed its 
first season in years with a brand new, state of the art, track and field! 
Hosting the TVL relay's at the beginning of the season and closing with 
the TVL championships, the Westwood girl's track team is proud to 
have a track again. Thanks to all of this year's spring athletes, it was a 
terrific season. The girls were not only successful, but hod a lot of fun! 

Collecting more points than ever before 
in the field events led them to many 
victories. Overall the girls progressed 
very well, making many personal best 
times on the track, throws on the field, 
and jumps into the pits. The seniors led 
the team scoring countless numbers of 
points. They will definately be missed 
next year. Coach Hova and Udoll will 
also be missed; thank you and good 

■ •.'•■y'^^.'-l 




1 WW vs Medfield 

P L 86-49 

WW vs Dover-Sherborn 

L 84-52 

WW vs Hopkinton 

L 104-33 

WW vs Norton 

W 79-57 

WW vs Medwoy 

L 88-43 

WW vs Bellingharr 


W 89-47 

WW vs Holliston 

L 94-43 

t WWvsMillis 

W 72-64 

WW vs Ashlond 




FRONT ROW (L-R): Anna Ribas, Kelly Casey. Holly Mathaisel. Andrionno Orphanos, Victoria Koutris, Jessie Schroeder, Corrinne Wells. Amelia 
Mandell. Jocki Shipp. Kotherine Friedman. Kelley Moher, Julia Germano. Nicole Campion. Amy Bean, Emma Krouse. Annie Qin, Lauren Drew. 
Roisin O'Flaherty: MIDDLE ROW: Liz Birle. Kelly Donion. Julia Kane. Neggin Rostomnezhad. Jacqueline Morro. Sarah Muellers. Audrey Cowley. 
Jessie Boyion. 

Madeline Bugeou-Heortt. Mayo Becharo. Alexandra Kay. Hannah Cutler. Maggie Emerson: BACK ROW: Coach Udoll. Coach Hava. Erin Mul- 
hern. Kim Petit. Abigail Holler. Laura Brooks. Theresa McWotters. Cynthia O'Brien, Laura Teehon. Molly Foster. Michelle Forrell, Ashley Riordon. 
Paige Moscow. Marsha Groves. Chonelle Baker. Sarah DeAngelis. Christina Meoiey. Cossey Devin. Sophia Kostoulas. Ali Schroeder. Megan 
Flaherty. Lexi Barzin. Christina Papianou. Jonelle Argiros. Jamie Doyle. Yujin Homil. Stephanie Greeley 

^^ ■oivnuiu 


Spring Sports 153 




Kim White 


Jessica Hogan 

Unsung Hero 

CJ Kenney 


FRONTROVv(l l-'l ' . .li.' 1 1 Luughter, Jacqueline Cooke Amuji i. la Sestito. 
Jill Lenzo, Ananna DiBenedetto. Katie O'Brien: BACK ROW: Ms. Cooper, Mr. 
Sherr, Ms. Felton, Sam Sestito. Angelica Belezos, Kafie Ward, Abby Sayeg, 
Emma Ward, Mariah Arnold. Rian Rossetti, Samantha Mulligan. Sarah 



Girls' Softball wasn't expecting to make it to 
toumey withi a mid-season 5-8 record. Howev- 
er, senior captains Kim White and Jess Hogan 
kept the team's spirit high. An intense game 
against Hopkinton went into extra innings. WW 
won in the 1 1th. The team kept the spirit olive 
by decorating the seniors' houses and even 
took on the job of giving the baseball team 
o "surprise" visit adding decor to the boys' 
houses. As the season moved forward, softboll 
continued to win and expectations soared 
when the team reached tournament! The 
gomes were tough but westwood remained 
strong; They went into extra innings with the de- 
fending champions from lost year, Norton, and 
beat them in the 9th. With a talented team 
and great coaches, the 2007 softboll team 
finished with on impressive record of 13-10. The 
team reached the quarter finals of the tourna- 
ment, going further thon softboll has gone in a 
long time. 

154 Spring Sports 



k*^ #- 








L, « 








■ WW vs Needham ^^^^ 


WW vs Dover-Sherbom 

W 11-2 

WW vs Medfield 


WW vs Norton 


WW vs Hopkinton 


WW vs Medway 


WW vs Bellinghom 


WW vs Millis 


WW vs Holliston 

L 11-8 

WW vs Ashland 

LI 6-0 

WW vs Medfield 

W 11-10 

WW vs Norton 


WW vs Hopkinton 

L5-3 i 

WW vs Dover-Sherbom 

W16-1 1 

WW vs Medway 

W9-8 1 

WW vs Holliston 


WW vs Millis 

W4-0 4 

WW vs Bellinghom 

W5-3 1 

WW vs Ashland 

L8-3 ' 

WW vs Foxborough 

W 11-6 

WW vs Hopkinton 


WW vs Norton 


WW vs Bishop Stang 



FRONT ROW (L'R): Kelly McCarthy, Christine McGrail, Jess Hogan, Kim White. Chelsey Ristaino, 
Staph Solimine; BACK ROW: CJ Kenney, Julie D'Aleo, Danielle McCauley, Jill Greenberg, Alyse 
Conlon, Lauren Hillberg. Catherine Loftus: NOT PICTURED: Mr. Dillon, Ms. Vogelgesang, Mr, 

Spring Sports 155 



Ryan Gold 

Nick Sestito 

This year's Baseball team had a very 
successful season. Though they started 
the season slowly with a 2-7 record at 
the half way point, they rallied and 
bounced back, winning 8 games in 
row to finish third in the league and to 
clinch a playoff spot. Members of the 
team marveled at the team's chem- 
istry and sense of spirit and thank their 
fans for their support and for contribut- 
ing to the excitement on the playing 



i J 



^^:' . i-k^ 'I^isS 

E ^llk ^likT > ^^^^M 



No Picture Available 

f \ 

Coach Tim Fox. Robert Bambini, Jason Brogno. Steven Calobnsi, Casey 
Criss, Brendan Crowe, Brian Oilman, Justin Kucher, Brian McDonald, Jona- 
ttion Mellor, Jonattian Neimann, Matt O'Donnell, Lul<e Reynolds, Matt 
Sawyer, Will Scannel, Max Smitti, Matt Venti, Ryan Walshi 


FRONT ROW |L R): Mictiael Chiirolcos, Brad Custiman, Matt Kenney, Jotin 
Donovan; BACK ROW: Peter Frongiadokis. Tommy Aheorn, Yuonwen 
Liang, Paul Pender. Jamie Baylor: (NOT SHOWN : Coach Mark McGona- 
gleCasey McLaughlin. Michael Foxx, Alex Kessler, Curtis Baylor, Malachy 
Duffy, Michael Jacobs. Ryan Mchoul, Michael Molchan. Joseph Wisiolko) 

1 56 Spring Sports 


p^ f^^s^ 

WW vs Medfield ^HH 


WW vs Norton ^MH 

'W 10-7 

WW vs Hopkinton 


WW vs Norwell 

W 6-4 

WW vs Weymouth 


WW vs Medv(/ay 


WW vs Bellingham 

LI 5-2 

WW vs Dover-Stierborn 


WW vs Millis 

L 10-5 

WW vs Holliston 


WW vs Astilond 


WW vs Medfield 


WW vs Norton 


WW vs Hopkinton 

W 12-1 

WW vs Dover-Sherborn 


WW vs Medway 


WW vs Bellingam 


WW vs Holliston 


WW vs Millis 


WW vs Ashiland 


WW vs Abingington 


^^^^^^* 10-11 


FRONT ROW (L-R): ZcuJ M>)i,hi;ian, Ryan Walsh, Jason Sementelli, John Sheehon: MIDDLE ROW: 
Andy Musto, Connor Walsh, Brian Morante, John McGee, Sean Grondtield; BACK ROW: Coach 
Hotter. Nick Sestito, Ryan Gold, Rob Phillips. Andrew Mellor, Pat O'Brien, Coach Whelan 

Spring Sports 157 



James Whalen 


Matt Whiite 

Unsung Heroes 

Michael Musto 


Jesse Wolf 

158 Spring Sports 

Another Wolverines Lacrosse season is in the 
books, and it ended like other seasons past. 
This year did not end as the team would 
have liked, but it was a step in the right 
direction. This year's team's attitude was dif- 
ferent than those in the past. The team was 
competitive until the end and did not give 
up. This year's team played very competi- 
tively against powerhouses Dover-Sherborn 
and Holliston. The Wolverines saw their 
share of adversity. They lost co-captain Kyle 
Sloan-Rossiter to an injury before the sea- 
son and co-captain Will Sharry to injury at 
the beginning of the season. The rest of the 
injury-riddled campaign saw the emergence 
of promising underclassmen and hope for 
the future. In its first year with coach Mike 
Berube, the Wolverines took a step in the 
right direction, and put the program in line 
to be successful in the future. 


FRONT ROW |L-R): Tom Visconti, Kyle Brew. Joel Priestley, Wesley Adorns, 
Freddy Tonsberg, Drew Mather, Joe Moher, Andrew Ju, Paul Mossad: 
TOP ROW: Coach Harrison, Chris Rodenbush, Jimmy Filbin, Michael Sherry. 
Matt Ferren. James Laughlin, Jeremy Stivoletto. Matt Pollen, Nick Citrone, 
Andrew Boylan, Ryan Hanlon, Danny Troy: NOT PICTURED: Cameron 
Harding, Joseph Pellegrini, Cian-Thomos Smith 


\ ^,r / « 

P WW vs Holliston HP 

LlO-6 ^ 

WW vs Natick 


WW vs Medway 


WW vs Medfield 


WW vs Brookline 

L 10-6 

WW vs Hopkinton 


WW vs Abington 

W 11-3 

WW vs Dover-Sherbom 


WW vs Brookline 

W 11-9 

WW vs Ashland 


WW vs Bellinghom 

W 15-2 

WW vs Holliston 


WW vs Medfield 

L 17-2 

WW vs Hopkinton 

L13-1 !' 

WW vs Norwell 

L 13-5 

WW vs Dover-Sherbom 

LI 3-2 

WW vs Ashland 


WW vs Medv^ay 

L 14-9 

WW vs Bellingham 

W 14-7 

WW vs Norwood 

L 10-6 


FRONT ROW (L-R): Mike Pollen, Dan Keches. Jesse Wolf. Tom Quinn, John Sleight. Joi^.oi . 
MocPherson: MIDDLE ROW: Paul Murphy. Pot Moher. Mike Musto. Jay Whclen. Matt Springer. 
Joke Mohoney. Matt White. Jake Liebrock. Robbie Loughlin; TOP ROW: Coach Harrison. Coach 
Berube. John McDonough. Matt Shanohon, Matt Ferrari. Ries McQuillan, Tom Barnico. Coach 
Pendergast, Coach Maione; NOT PICTURED: James Berluti, Brent Peterson, Luke Sargent, 

Spring Sports 159 








Liz Kenney 



Collie Rose 

Unsung Hero 

Corlin Reilly 



The lacrosse girls had much to prove this season after an upset- 
ting loss early in tournament lost season. They pushed themselves 
every practice and every game to make sure this season was not 
a repeat of last. They connected both on and off the field. Trips to 
Bubbling Brook and the Frank household helped create everlast- 
ing bonds. With food added as motivation, they strived for success. 

This became evident when they were 
crowned TVL champions and finished 
their regular season with the first seed 
in Dl south. After playing King Phillip 
they captured the title as South Sec- 
tional Champions for the fourth time in 
the past five years. Unfortunately, they 
came up short in the State Semi Finals 
by nine seconds but completed their 
phenomenal season with stellar per- 
sonal performances and team unity. 

ttt^ Mj 



I f rJT ROW (L-R): Sarah Cucchiara, Mia Augis, Anna Koban, Megan Is- 
L'_[ J, Amanda Haddad. Rachel Keating. Kotie Aries. Lauren Hall. Courtney 
McLaughlin, Katherine McDonough: BACK ROW (L-R]; Madeline Martin, 
Nina Shapiro, Kathleen Lolly, Kathryn Martin, Kerri Horrington, Julie Moloy, 
Anna Lentz, Casey Smith, Elizabeth Abraham, Lauren Kareh 

im^ .%&•'. 

WWvs Holliston 

W 19-6 

WW vs Medfield 


WW vs Norwell 

W 17-3 

WW vs Hopkinton 

W 18-10 

WW vs Dover-Sherborn 

W 18-14 

WW vs Framingham 

L 10-14 

WW vs Needham 

W 16-5 

WW vs Medway 

W 18-3 

WW vs Ashland 

W 14-1 

WW vs Winchester 


WW vs Norwell 

W 15-7 

WW vs Duxbury 

W 17-9 

WW vs Holliston 


WW vs Medway 

W 13-4 

WW vs King Philip 

W 14-6 

WW vs Medfield 

W 17-7 

WW vs Hopkinton 

W 19-6 

WW vs Dover-Sherborn 


WW vs Duxbury 

W 17-16 

WW vs Ashland 

W 14-3 

WW vs Norwood 

W 17-3 

WW vs Needham 

W 11-5 

WW vs King Philip 

W 18-2 

WW vs Framingham 







m ^^^-piiPB^** 




^ ^ Collie Rose Alex Frank 
^^ Senior Junior 

FRONT ROW (L-R): Carlin Reilly, Liz Kenney, Christina McCarron, Alex Frank, Collie Rose, Annie 
Brown, Liz Lyons. Melindo Koreh BACK ROW: Erica Nangeroni , Kelly Rich, Joan O'Neill, Erin Mas- 
simi, Megan Lolly, Abbie Brown, Sarah Matthews, Besty Nolly, Kelly Jackson, Mary Laughno, Jess 
Lesoge, Katie Sullivan-Trainer (Not Pictured: Aly DeComp) 

Spring Sports 161 

Boys' * 

Tennis I 





• 4 




^^. ^^^^^^^^^^^^1 


1^ m 



*' J^^^KmtttttCSSSBt 

After a disappointing first round loss in 
last year's tournament, thie tennis team 
come bock with renewed intensity and 
energy. Led by MVP DK Low and Unsung 
Hero George Primpas, ttie team hiod a 
1 6-2 regular season record. Also, the team 
had an incredible run with 14 straight 
victories. Even though the team lost in the 
quarterfinals to the number one seed, they 
had on epic battle in the first round of the 
playoffs. Down 2-0 in a best of five match, 
Westwood rallied to beat Pembroke 3-2. 
The always dependable doubles tandem 
of Amol Mepani and Duncan Wells, who 
went 15-0 for the season, clinched the de- 
ciding point with a noil biting 3 set victory. 
With freshman Christian Heoney-Secord 
leading the way at first singles, the future 
j; of Westwood tennis looks bright. 


FRONT ROW (L-R): Tony Xia. Alex Archambo. John Mossed, Molt <oban. 
Arya Zadeh, Matthew Keaveney, Chris Sullivan-Troinor, Brent Giocchetto. 
Cameron Johnston, Chose Kerzel, Nodeem Istfon, Afsheen Zodeh, Krishna 
Yelleswarapu, Coach Donovan 

-Vff;¥4:STl XUJa.u,iuiii>« . WW vs Dover-Sherborn 

WW vs Medfield 
WW vs Hopkinton 
WW vs Norton 
WW vs Medwoy 
WW vs Millis 
WW vs Ashland 
WW vs Holliston 

^ ^ WW vs Medfield 

^^\^^ "'^^^^g WW vs Norton 

^"^''^^ ^^"vl^^^Av WW vs Xoverion 

;.4B|Mv:;.'v:v: : wW vs Hopkinton 

;^2^v'' WW vs Medv^oy 

WW vs Holliston 
WW vs Millis 
WW vs Dover-Sherborn 

I : ", ".^ ':.;■: :H ww vs Ashiond 

WW vs Xaverian 
WW vs Pembroke 
WW vs Norwell 




^ ^S\ 





Allison Lim 

Leigh Carey 


Maura McGinnis 

Unsung Hero 

Belle Gushing 

Last year three of the seven starters graduated, so this year the 
team hod to do some line-up rebuilding. Maura McGinnis made the 
difficult transition from first doubles to first singles. At second singles 
there was the other McGinnis, Krista, who is a sophomore and new 
to the starting line up. At first, third singles was junior Kristino Ortloff, 
but half way through the season the line up still did not seem right. 

Kristina Ortloff and Rachoel Tuleja, who 
was at first doubles with junior Belle 
Gushing, switched positions. Kristina 
and Belle Gushing showed how great 
of a team they were as they had a 
close to perfect record. The dynamic 
duo at second doubles, with newcom- 
er Allison Lim and senior Leigh Garey 
ost only one match the whole season. 
Despite the overall team record, the 
ieason was still a lot of fun! 


164 Spring Sports 

FRONT ROW |L-R): Jeannie Cheng, Dani Bradley. Kara Wiggin, Hilary Sugg, 
Maggie Barzin, Jennifer Dello Russo: BACK ROW; Mrs. Ortloff, Nina Zafar. 
Molly Shea, Betsy Groton, Camille Rogers. Jennifer Lavoie, Alexandre 
Bartholomew, Jennie Power, Bridget Norris 



WW vs Cohasser* 



WW vs Ursuline 


WW vs Dover-Sherborn 


WW vs Medfield 

L 1-4 

WW vs Hopkinton 

L 1-4 

WW vs Norton 


WW vs Medwoy 

L 1-4 

WW vs Millis 


WW vs Ashland 


WW vs Holliston 


WW vs Medfield 


WW vs Norton 


WW vs Hopkinton 

L 2-3 

WW vs Medwoy 

L 2-3 

WW vs Holliston 

W4-1 1 

WW vs Millis 

W4-1 1 

WW vs Ursuline 

L2-3 1 

WW vs Cohosset 

L2-3 * 

WW vs Ashland 


WW vs Dover-Sherborn 

L2-3 ^m 


(L-R); Mr. Houston, Leigh Corey, Rochoel Tulejo. Maura McGinnis. Allison Lim. Kristina Ortloff, Belle 
Gushing, Kristo McGinnis, Sarah Ghen, Olivia O'Leary, Katie Gorman, and Becco Morgon 

Spririg Sports 165 





TWe ^Ctiftta^ ojr COdPe LAje>k If- ^cis «. ,^»^(/y 

rarr»r^i'^T<i«^» >at .^ a^ — ■ ■jT >i 

<Xr-€ n^Or pe<^feci»-iov^ ^ 

166 What's for Lunch? 



Do "Lucky" -Britney Spears 

& "Don't Stop Believing" -Journey 

Q, "I Will Always Love You" -Whitney l^ouston 



/ - TVve. VoncV) \adrrs 

Did You KNOW? 


Mr. Mao, Ms. Testa, and Ms. Vogelgesang 

are Westwood High School Alumni 


The students won the annual student-faculty 
Basketball game! 

DK Law won the 

annual Ping Pong 

Academic Decathilon 

won the state champs 

Jor small schools and 

^finished 2nd overall! 

I I 

|,, Golf, Girls' Basketball, & Girls' Lacrosse all 

won the TVL title! 

The toasted bagels witti cream ctieese^ 

are the most popular item to 
buy at the Whistle Stop! 

Kristin DeCamp wore the 
wolverine mascot costume! 



sweatpants are 

the hottest item to buy 
at Westwood Depoti 

3 pot!™ ■■ 

Manny Frangiadakis, 
Pat O'Brien, and Cariin Reilly 

won the 3 on 3 Basketball 


This is the first yearbook that has been made 
by a class (rather than a club)! 

168 Did You Know? 

The Fitness Center is open to the public! 


Dr. Earls and Mr. Ducheneau 

hove taught at Westwood High 
for 35 years! 

The worl< of 7 students was 

recognized by the Boston Globe 

Scholastic art Competition! 

Kristina Ortloft and Andrew Wolft 

won the Mixed Doubles 
Tennis Tournament! 

'riTer"are about 1 3,000 books 

^in the library! 

98% of seniors are going to 

Stephianie Feinberg, Garima Giri, & 

Sarina Huang read the morning 


Jeff Moriarty 

won the state 


"^ title for the 

^ 1000 meter! 

4x4 relay 
team set 
a school 


There ore 1 6 sets of twins at 
this school! 

Curtis & James Baylor; Matt & Anna Koban; 
Caitlin & Chris Pond: Afsheen & Arya Sharifzadeh 

Jess & David Gerson; Mariel & Wyn Mailing: 
Corey & Drew Mathier: Danielle & Tom McCauley 

Kristina & Alex Ortloff: Rachel & Lizzy Watsky; 
Chris & Pat Ahem: Michelle 8. Anne Cohen 

Katherine & Sam Friedman: Steve & Alex Gleason: 
Liz & Malcolm Goodridge: Mori & Melissa Mortelliti 

Did You Knovi^? 169 


Tqi Abukosis 

Whoop that trick. 





Mac's ^vv;c 

Brett Adams 

I liked high school. It was a lot of tun. 


Chris Ahem 

CONCERTS all around, sox gome 
with Amy, FLUSHED AWAY, ski 
teonn, dates to IHOP, 4 years of 
soccer FYR, weekend ski trips, 
BARELY escaping death at the 
falls in NH, poker nights sophomore 
year, MONSTER GOLF, mikowl's 
basement, trips into the city, MY 
bowling with audcaw, TOGA PAR- ^ 
TY, holiday dinner, school street 
playground Amy, 3 yrs of lax, rec 
summers, STAFF PARTY (Picture), 
Halloween with Amy, indoor soc- 
cer. Junior prom, mike's and cope 
that weekend - BEACH PARTY, 
Haunted House with Amy then ev- 
eryone else, HARD ROCK Dunk's 
18th ...keep on rockin' in the free 

Pat Ahem 



The Bowling Club, Boston trips, Sundays of Wachusett, Mike's Basement 
- Prom and more. Holiday Dinner, Toga Party, Nights at McDonald's, 
Dok and Mao, Insane Asylum Adventure, The Den, After-prom Cape 
trip, Manomet, Summer Seminor, Ski trips, Brutus and Teddy, Creamy 
Caesar, Hole Bonfire, Cold Stone Beginnings, New England Fair, 70 Flint 
Locke Ln, Ponky, VA Beach, School Street Playground, Soccer, Fronco- 
nia Falls, Rec Summers, Ski Team, 2004 Red Sox Playoffs, Crabby Potty, 
Track. Sox and Pots Parades, Toasted Raviolis, FC Greenstorm, Journey, 
Lynyrd Skynyrd, Bob Dylan, Rolling Stones, Third Eye Blind, Guns N' Ros- 
es, NH Day Trips, Toco Bell, Disney! ■^^■^^V"^ %"? 




^.w.,^ J),U Te^.nO V^ V7^ ^^' 

1 70 Senior Expressions 

Chris Aloisio 

I guess this is the place for words 
of wisdom, or reflections on our 
experiences at WHS. Unfortu- 
nately, it's 12;10 midnight, I'm 
frazzled, and my carefully word- 
ed words of wisdom were 30 
words over the limit. So, to cut to 
the chase; From the bottom of 
my heart, I must say, I've had a 
real blast at Westwood and I wish 
everyone the best of lucl< in find- 
ing happiness and people who 
will treat you as well as people 
from Westwood do. 


G'KiC'';.0iCiCl9C 1C'C 


David Anderson 






One of my best experiences in high school has been the Robotics 
Team. I want to thank all the students who are part of the team, 
and all the adults who help keep it running. I hope the team works 
harder than ever, to recruit new members and secure sponsorship, 
and I wish them luck in all their future competitions. Band was also a 
great experience, as a chance to hang out with friends and go on 
field trips, as well as playing bass clarinet. Finally, thank you to my 
classmates, friends and administrators for four great years. 





O "O I u I 1 H 'uCi( Oui W O '0 \ 00 C tJ 

Jamie Anderson 

Good times in band and at school plays. CMP parties, or sometimes 
referred to as CMAP parties with the girls. Sleeping through classes 
by putting my hair in front of my face (those were always the best 
classes). Handing in every single paper to The Chaffs late second 
term. Not doing major assignments. Random and unrelated field 
trips. Senior year was a blur, an incredibly fun blur. 



ir^?. yrt«r'^&'fr^-,\.'\M#^/%'4,SV/An4J' 


Jamie Ampriester 

The past four years have been the best years of my life so far. I just 
recently realized that all the people that said it will be over before 
I knew it were right. Playing hockey at WHS was tough but a great 
time and it was the best group of kids I've ever been on a team 
with. If I could do it all again I absolutely would. I'm always going 
to miss the "Den" and will always bleed green. 




C^r'l^'^-^m,v^^^V7^ l%h.r'x^i:<^X<'^^ 

1 ;) 


Sec ^oo ^Sa\o• 

Rutli Angelici 

My first year and a half at WHS 
was rough. But sophomore year 
I made some of the best friends 
I've ever had. AB06, HBY, Friday 
movie nights, Anime Club, Dir En 
Grey, Taste of Chaos and meeting 
30STM are just a few of my fondest 
memories (though, concert-wise, I 
think this coming summer may be 
the best). My favorite classes dur- 
ing these years have been math, 
history and art: the teachers only 
making them that much better. If 
it's possible, I'd like to be remem- 
bered as someone who tried to 
express herself in every way she 
could think of. 


pug '^>y\l_ 

David Arustamian 

Highschool and all the memories. "Hallway of Death" in the old 
school with BT. Second floor of the cafeteria. The Bathroom "Does 
it smell in there?" "Yes!". Barazza and Hayes. The leather jackets. 
Too many experiences to list. 

Senior Expressions 1 71 


)gr Wes^uiood HigK School % 

Dedae Audi 


"Maybe in the end it's about looking bacl<, smiling, and knowing 
you wouldn't have had it any other way" S&TC. I wouldn't change 
o thing. To the friends I've had along the way, love you. Dances, 
E-Block crew, H-Block crew, Panero trips with Auds,, Dunkies runs 
w/KP, SO's, Prom '06&'07, Seniors 07 "Best friends are people who 
make your problems: their problems., just so you don't hove to go 
through them alone. "-CH &KP Parking spot: $200 Spring Fling T-Shirt: 
$8 Friends who will always be there for you: priceless, love you girls. 
Mom, Dad, Hadi and Rami thanks for everything and always being 
there. Love You. 


^i ^^ M. ■*0-<'^ v^ lC<\t.'0 ^u^d LiVy ]l^'!i (o ^_^OCfiiot\d^ 





M ^ 

Katie Bonis 

— Running show since 04. SOPHOMORE YEAR: 12.30.04, the eight, 
night of winners, black D, "Why do you hate me?" Junior year: nin- 
^;^ jas, izpizz. Canton. Cruising in the durong. Classy vs. Trashy. My 18th. 
■+^ WAAWBD. Grey's nights. CF&P: tricia&carlin, "We still got it, never 
■•-> lost it and will always have it." My friends who became my sisters, 
"^ love you two. KF, CM, LL. "Goodbye to you, goodbye to every thing 
"J that I knew, you were the ones I loved, the one thing that I tried to 
■^ hold on to..." 

CK.,rw -Wj Cinii -t, 2C0T- »Lf.Ci*, LL 





Tom Bomico 

I'll never forget Ju's basement, da Beach, Howard's, Gildea's cape 
paradise, the DEN, KO's fire pit chats, the lacrosse team, roanoake, 
Christy's lot, getting nice, sinkin' solos, a HUGE thanks to the Line, 
OAR concerts, latin class, nice punt, wiffle ball, 3/3/06, jacki's, JJAM, 
and of course my best friends. Westwood High gave me great times 
and great friends. Thanks '07, it was quite the ride. 

Morytynn Bouzile 

I'm going to miss my Westwood friends. All the good times wilding 
out in the cafe or the library. Kelley, Alex, both Amandas, Ashley 
and of course Meghan thanks for being such wonderful friends. I 
Love you all! I will never forget the talent shows and the pep rally 
where Beontown's Finest stole the show! The teachers that have 
been there for me, never letting me give up. I will never forget 
Cassie and Courtney, thank you for always understanding me, love 
you girls. Westwood High is the best! 




>=sT>/)/^'B- ^^ ^ '^/i/U5^:^^^^ >r^ 

Costo Belezos 

WHS football # 28, BBC, PM, Getting big son, muscle 
lovin, macs attic, prom 07, nice shoes a-lamps, "li 
heart", CCC, mad biddies, keep it real on the flip side, 
brotha from anotho motha. 

milk, neighb 
sten to your 



C UvkC t 

172 Senior Expressions 

^^x^ij^c^ •^w-^ ^^?^^^' 


Maria Bevilacqua 

Looking back on my four years here, there are memories i've made 
that will be a part of me forever. Being a part of the Westwood girls 
Basketball dynasty and being on the new and improved Westwood 
girls Volleyball team will be something I will never forget. And to my 
friends, I would not have been able to do it alone, thanks for the 
great times! Finally, I want to thank my parents and my brothers 
for everything. You ore always supporting me and guiding me in 
the right direction, I couldn't have done it without you guys behind 

Kelley Bonkowski 


"Everything happens for a reason, if you get a chance, take it. 
if it changes your life, let it. nobody said that it would be easy, 
they just promised it would be worth it". ,.DK1 43,224 love you girls!! 
thank you for everything, i couldnt have done it without you.. 
mickeys,dunkies,ginos,.. weekends, cjs, nails, Gellah, CB, BGALV, 
k2a5m3,b4l,vm, princess crew,dunkies crew bear, rifka, prom week- 
end 06. .zoingg.. boston best bday ever thank you ly. .thank you mom 
and dad you have made me who i am today i love you. ..Molly and 
Danny you're next love you!! ZO IT UP SENIORS 07!! BYEE 

Jessie Boylan 

"Had we but world enough, and time..." To all my friends and 
teachers at WHS, THANK YOU!! Here's to the bowling club, tanning 
parties, track buddies, toga party, holiday dinner, dance parties, 
girls' nights, concerts, bonfire at Hale, NH and the Cape, beach 
trips. Route 9, car crash, Stoughton? Taco Bell, McDonalds, Boston, 
prom, fashion show, & all the good memories. "I'm not listening 
when you say goodbye." 

Sammi Brackett 

The experiences I have shared with 
my friends ore my most significant 
high school memories. Throughout 
my four years at Westwood High, I 
have experienced so many amaz- 
ing things. Ski Team is by far my fa- 
vorite sport: I love the hilarious and 
unforgettable times spent with my 
team mates, especially All and Liz. I 
will also never forget the memories 
of summer with my friends, includ- 
ing trips to Cape Cod with Audrey 
and Jessie, beach trips. Bubbling 
Brook, pool parties, trips to Boston, 
adventures to New Hampshire 
with Emma, and sports games. 

Megan Bradley 

Love the Seniors '07, JEMB, sum- 
mer '06, lymtylm, narfy, the cope 
"Schwartz yah makin' me feel 
bad", JULIE CREW '05-'06 and the 
occasional friday morning star- 
bucks trip, wolverine den, pow- 
der puff, XC, "oh is that not funny 
yet?", classy vs. trashy, lunar=life, 
best friend hangout days with MG, 
LYB, GRRR face, "I always knew 
looking back on the tears would 
make me lough but i never knew 
looking back on the laughs would 
make me cry..." 

Derek Brogna 

Good luck to all the people I am leaving behind... keep up the tra- 
ditions and the v. p. busy... it's been a great four years... I made the 
best of it while it lasted and had as much fun as I could... I have no 

Senior Expressions 173 



W£ '>T woo);> 



Kevin Brooks 

Westwood Wolverines football 2006. Tear it up. 15. Friday Night 
Ligtits. Ballin'. "Boolcs is able." Ttie Field. Wednesday Conversa- 
tions. Pajama Days. Summer passing league. Rule # 1: Get the boll 
to MOB. X dvi^ellers. Camp Kmo. The Vandy Boat Crew. Teago. 
The Den. Spring Track. Sox games. Bowling, fishing, and firepits. 
"What it do." The 95 Chrysler Cirrus. Slingtown. LOST. Seinfeld re- 
runs. 6 minutes.. .love you Jessie. 2 3 6 1 1 24 28 52 55 60 62 65 75 77 
79 80 88. Seniors 07 thanks for the memories. Good luck to the 2007 
football team. 


V^yoLV■E^X^\|E S 

"Dont cry because it's over, ,* / 

Annie Brown 

V^f ii 

"Being grown up isn't holt as fun as growing up, these are the best 
' • days of our lives." 'Lacrosse Soccer Basketball 1234* pasta dinners, 
TPcrew, loowhoo, ballin "143 4L", TVL champs, mAckin it, Laxcult, 
^ statechamps, England, laxroadtrips, outrageous lax runs, corball, 
wolverineden, a block, powderpuff, VTtrips, NH, cope, summer06, 
I, SJ//TK, bugaboo, sf-bestestolwoyss .. weekends of noth- 
ingness, L2, pcic, murphs with c6, Friends&Fomily - thanks for every- 
^ thing loveyouuil 

Smile because (t happened!" 



Andrew Burlce 


iie beach, Roanoke, prom '06 and 
Gilds', bucky, JTTGN, Bombo's house, 
Ju's house, 3/25/05 Jessica, mak- 
ing numerous trips to The Line on a 
doily basis, Pendergost's 3rd floor, 
the Den, king crab, paddy wagons, Bobbo's whip, hale cabin, 
boogietown, the loop, go-time and friends, Dennis Stephen Terry, 
pseudo-quasi, yung joe it's goin down, MLs, the skyline. 
Most j-gav 4 years and will never forget them. 

iiy, _ 

Leigh Corey 

"We might be laughing a bit too loud, but that never hurt no one." 
Swim team, morning practices, bus rides, carpools, soccer and foot- 
ball games, tennis team, summers on the Cape, sailing, sleepovers, 
freshman year, Shawmut, and all of the other memories along the 
way. Thanks to Mom, Dad, Mark, and my friends for four amazing 


Amanda Cardinal 

"Four years brought change. 
Friendship held us strong, in good 
times and bad. With them, we 
wanted to grow up so quickly. 
Now, they are the only ones with 
whom we will remain forever 
young" love you girls dk 143224 
k2a5m3 ss copyright crew gelloh 
dcdm2 (trippage black or white?) 
Jackie crackle jel mw best times 
best friends mickey/ginos nights 
andreas pool summer jam06 ve- 
gos Ireland nh 05 track frosh year 
ballin bowlin stoughton gallivans/ 
joes basement edp cjs erics sum- 
mers 04, 05, 06.. prom cape 06.. 
best sweet 16 11/26 thank you 
so much., princess crew love 
you girls. 12-24-06 i love you pou 
shea. 07 i love you stay sexy zos 

James Carney 

Football Games, Tcilgating, 
Hockey Games, Wiffleball, SMI, 
The Riser, Frisbee, 05-06 H Block 
Free, FC Nasty, The Big Green, 
Westwood Soccer (The Bench), A 
Ska Band, F.I.R.S.T., Fantasy Base- 
ball, Quebec Trip, The Distraction, 
Dropkick Murphys at Avalon, Oa- 
sis at the Tweeter Center, Reel Big 
Fish at Avalon, Bloc Party at The 
Orpheum, Cardboard Bridges, 
Proms, The Cape, Getting Lost 
On The Cope, Grilling, Swimming, 
Triple Lunch, Brett's House, Jake's 
House. Blue Orchid, Acopulco's. 

1 74 Senior Expressions 

Adriana Castillo 

SJ's class. OH's spirit fingers. Plunk AP Level3. Yasou do you know 
karpuzi? ALo, someday we'll jiggle. Fatte. Jween. Spencer. Jackie 
Crackle aka Grand Canyon. Good looking substitutes. Food runs. 
VM. Timb. White Dev. Iron Box. Princeton. Senor Doyle. Guidence. 
Disco Bowling. Tabloids. Tomichie. Becco W, Lounging, Sugarlips. 
Times. Prom weekend 1 43 wedges. SummerJom. Hey Danny wtiat's 
goin on. 6/24. Redwolf. Fights at Jingleball. Pickin up papis in the 
spiv. WW University'07. Dame lo que quiero. K2A5M3. What in 
my pink tee. Cheryl. OCBFA. So Serious. JT concert. See you next 


a'e.oCkU.'rtv ^<x\ ?,&(, cx)ei\o cla«-*i dl»cc. ev coocc* 

\ Alessandra Cecala 

TakeHeart, SwimTeam/DanceTeom 
frees, dr.phillis, geeks4life, nlghtsln- 
Natick, Forzaltalia! ReeceResidence, 
firepits, snowvideo, 3amdrives/stTims, 
flicker, spooncheese, TWLOHA 
TwoPointsForHonesty, local shows, 
adventures. ALC JF AL TW CD JK NP 
AC CL. TBS 5/5. LaFomilioChePrego 
lnsiemeRimaniAssieme2/2. Molax/to 
the right! A special thanks to Alistoir, 
Gino, Tristan, Aaron, Joe, Jesse, Alex, 
Tonita, Trish and those who were 
always there for me, stood by me 
and always put a smile on my face. 
I cannot thank you enough you all 
mean the world to me. 






^!i^ friends^ ^^^ ^^"^^"^ 

Audrey Cowley 

HilA A, 



Here's to the best times of my lite... 

The bowling club, holiday dinner, proms, toga party, track, Boston 
trips, nights at McDonald's, Insane Asylum adventure, scaring kids in 
my haunted house, countless dance parties, girls' nights. Hole bon- 
fire. Rolling Stones & Third Eye Blind concerts, NH weekends, summers 
at the Cope, Sunapee ski trip, soccer monoging, Bubbling Brook, 
"Fat Kids for Life", tanning parties. Toco Bell runs, sketchy Stoughton 
nights, being Pat's assignment notebook, Flushed Away, Disney! 
"...And as our lives change, from whatever, we will still be friends 
forever". I love you guys and will never forget you! 

C^J^-h \%jcUh-. £<yhJlfK 

Megon Cheung 

Double-teaming the lackey 4ever. Triple threat. Falling »-XC-> 
snow, rain, sleet, mud, freeeezing cold. Super Band. Rec swim. Bog- 
gle with Jon against Gary. License game with Jed, Tpat, & Matt. Su- 
per quartet. Insane manila folder bridge. Cardboard dream team 
bridge. Hex beams. Python. Poker panda domination. Engineering 
life. 2mile twins. Meek. Egg. Chunks. 







Anne Cohen 

I can't believe it's already 
over. These post four years 
hove been incredible. I 
hove hod some amazing 
teachers and classes that 
I hove learned so much 
from. My friends are the 
ones who made High 
School even better. It was 
so nice to know that my 
friends would always be 
there for me. High School 
has been on unbeliev- 
able experience and I 
know I will do just fine next 


■BovO 1*09 QX^ " Mm HlCyr^ W.ll ^ Oi " , Xnsh 7\ <3 , BOTN f/ 



Sc^eo/^ Oirf -fona^eK 





Michelle Cohen 

"In good times and bad times, I'll be on your side forever more. 
That's what friends are for..." Through all the years you guys have 
been such good friends. I will never forget the great times we've 
hod together. Next year is the start of a new phase of our lives and 
although we will not be together I am sure we will remain friends 
for a long time. I love you all you guys so much and I will miss you 
terribly next year. 

^ ^ipPY) >ipa^fV^ '.-j^QH r^-uxvt.|_| \^+jT)?^y^,^^3^w^-- 



Senior Expressions 175 

Katie Cooney 

"If you carry your childhood with you, you never become older." 
To my family- thank you. Leigh and Erica- I'll never forget Mr. Kop's 
Algebra/respiratory class and our little corner in the back of the 
library. You girls are amazing! Jed- I'll alvi/ays remember Senor 
Brillant's class, inside out and backwards, snow angels on Mount 
Sunapee, and much much more. I'll never forget Maggie's my S* 
#1, Amol's my physical trainer, and Cora's my summer sb buddy. 
I'll always remember late nights toilet papering, pasta dinners, and 
chauffeuring the ENTIRE swim team home from 50's. To my fabulous 
friends- 1 love you all. 


Jack Cope-Ranagan 


Steven Cromack 

Amanda Cronin 


Four years have come and gone. 
2,112 days have been spent to- 
gether since kindergarten, which 
works out to be only about seven 
percent of our lives. Now upon 
the threshold of our final weeks 
together, we are ready to depart 
and scatter to separate parts of 
the country. The good news, we 
will have our memories. The year- 
book you hold in your hands is a 
work of fiction but, it is the mem- 
ories that we each hove that 
are real. It is the times that you 
laughed the hardest or cried the 
longest that you will remember in 
i twenty years. What a roller coast- 
er ride it has been — great ore the 
ties that bind! ^-^ 

"Its not about who's been 
there the longest, its about 
who came and never left 
your side"dkl 43.224 ly girls<3 
lost without you.. Summer'05- 
k2a5m3. .weekends, driv- 

ing around, mickeys&ginos, 
sing a longs. 
dreas pool..prom'06 worst 
Iuck..q2 always. .monda 

thanks for everything*bffl<3.. 
you. .WHS Seniors'07"every 
new beginning comes from 
some other beginnings end"- 
never forget the good times. 


■o>-^ Ujestuio^v^V school ^ ^MmH^^"^^ 

'^ All Curtin 








"Time- Where did you go? Wait, 
don't go so fast." Everyone al- 
ways soys high school is the best 
years of your life, I never realized 
it until now, looking back at all the 
amazing memories. Jess, you've 
been my best friend from the very 
beginning and I don't plan on 
stopping here- love you. Abby, 
I couldn't have gotten through 
high school without you. And of 
course to all my friends, I love you 
all. The panera dates, the aimless 
drives, bowling, chillin, movies, Ro- 
chies, 395 Washington St., the cars, 
Milton, SanFran07 these memories 
will lost a life time. To the fom. Mom 
Dad Jimmy and Brian thank you for 
pushing me to be the best person I 
could be, love you all. 



•*i Class of 2007 


1 76 Senior Expressions 

Kim Davie 


other than papers, late nights, 
tests and homework, high 
school is really about friends. 
Class boundaries are finally 
broken, so you end up be- 
ing friends with seniors while 
you're a freshman, and you're 
friends with freshmen as a se- 
nior. I've always been there 
for my friends during the fun 
times, and the little silly things 
we did. (holy panda, pink 
string... I could go on forever,) 
and I'm there during the stress 
and strain of high school. On 
the other side, they have been 
there for me. It's sad to leave 
you, so give me a hug when I 



Alex DeBenedlctIs 

Don't be dismayed at goodbyes. A farewell is necessary before you 
can meet again. And meeting again, after moments or a lifetime, is 
certain for those who are friends. 

I would like to thank my family and friends for great memories over 
the past four years! I wish the class of 2007 the best of luck always. 

Kristin DeCamp 

"As we go on we remember all the 
times we had together." WWFH06. 
Wolverine Den. Oh the expecta- 
tions. Cleaning ladies. CancunOS. 
HJM. Every 2 
months KBL. Laxcult06. England06. 
KAK. Little brother. Christy's & Mc- 
Donalds 24. Football games. Fan 
bus. Powderpuff. DANCES! Julie 
crew. PM. prom06/07. We've got 
Wilson! Seniors 08 moke the best 
remember it for- 
"And as our lives change, come 
whatever, we will still be friends 
forever." Seniors 07, I love you all 
and I will treasure the memories 
we made forever. 


Dtl££-K / 

Jed Delisle 


f J of this year, you'll 
M^v? ever, 




To: Not getting anything done 
in frees, making other people 
not get anything done, meter 
sticks, gum machine, not today, 
did somebody say kruschev? 
edcablimno, the hallway, Yo 
giiiiii, shangdoo, duncans cot- 
tage, big brent and big dave, 
the cough, the orange fish- To a 
great 4 years of high school 
p.s. R.I. P. Senor C. Brizzy 


>/ Gerald "TbQFo'f»vEl 


'-^'vV f\e-xJe.t'<2^ov.5-j^' 

Re P"<~e^«:^\; -> =^v 


Adam DeParolesa 

I will miss visiting Mr, Homer and Ms. Gates 
every waking moment of the Day!!! Ma- 
rie in the cafe always having my break- 
fast waiting for me every morning and 
the hilarious Zaiina too. I will miss parties 
in the nurses office. I'll miss good times 
with my friends: BP, DM, RP, EU,MR, HH, 
SF, HD, ED, TO, TW. I will miss good times in 
teaming center i 




and Ms. Brack- 
man's study. I will miss all the good times in the 
old school and the different smells in each hall 
way. I vaW miss all my learning center teachers 
that have helped me along the way especial- 
ly: Mrs. Rosengarten( C-Rose), Mrs. Matteson. 
Ms. Ghio, Mr.Harrsion (M-Harr), Seamus and 
Ms. Gushing. For all the underclassmen: Have 
fun in High School, and I wish you all luck in 
your coming years of high school!!! TALK TO YA 




Paige DiGlacomo 

Pamphlet. Paigicol- "Everyone Sails Alone," Cope Cod. Mustos<3 
Poop Troop. "The Crew," England 06' Tree n Goat. SF. Jigga What? 
Shady Lone. Meditech. Car rides. Hull Trips. BathRoom Talks With 
KoTie! GOOFY N SILLY. Anxiety Attacks. Green Room. Junior Year 
School Nights. Pretty Much Living At Brianos. Dereks House. The Old 
school. First Day At The New School. Bowling Balls. Lifers. Life Savers. 
Katie n Briona Thanks For always Being There<3 FLEX!! Turkeys, Room 
244, Green Zone. Flexers- gunna miss you! "A young mans dreams 



P:)0^3CooY^cf A 

V'->-f"-r > r R 



c).l \ 



-•.!■. 4#<iiB;«l« 


p.?. »-vi. . 

Drew DiMartino 

I will always remember 
4am dangle session- 
freezing hockey pra: 
tices, countless montr>; 
als, the nobles securit., 
trucks, o packed Can- 
ton hockey rink, double 
sessions in August, ELA- 
DIO's stories, and # 1 1 
on the jersey. B block 
pooching, Gavin's 

basement, back of the 
hockey bus with Walshy 
Jamie Gov Sebet, and 
coach mac bombin, 
Mells goal celebration, darts with the hockey team, EPICSODES all 
over the place with Seebs, being 'the man' with Jamie, weekends 
Westwood style, all my friends, football gomes and the den, and 
the lovely Ms. S. 

Hannah Driscoll 

What I will miss about WHS is the swim team and my friends. To the 
divers, "pretty dives". To my friends, thanks for being there for me 
and I will miss you very much. Melinda! So many good times! Thanks 
for being there for me and helping me get through some hard 
times! Luv yo lil ones! I already miss you I 

Joe Bias 

I have many good memories about Westwood High School and my 
four years at Westwood High School. I moved from a different town, 
and at Westwood High School, I met most of my friends. I am going 
to miss hanging out with all of my friends. I wish a good luck to the 
Gloss of 2007. 

Emma Doyle 


-"«»;■<;«« ••>j^^; 



life speivt maK-fna mtetaitc ts «v>+ o«V/ Mort WoneroMe i teuHnore 


Janet Dunkelbarger 

I will always remember my West- 
wood High School years: bowling 
club nights ultimately making our 
core group for the next four years: 
singing the National Anthem; the 
Library with Miss S. and Duncan's 
negative energy; nights in Boston, 
weekends at New England Con- 
servatory, and times at S.Y.M.S., 
B.U.T.I., and Boston University: my 
track days and shin splints and later 
"gym work outs"; Candy Cones for 
Kids: my "Wedding Day": haunted 
houses: dance parties (seizuring): 
sketchy walks in the middle of the 
night; and driving with friends in 
the Walpole Moll parking lot. Last- 
ly. I will remember our last Harrah 
at Disney World. 


s-ty onol ^vairoeoain}.y yiaftiwt-tttffjVtm^ yf i 





Kim Ethridge 

WHS was a four year rollercooster ride with sneaking into science 
team freshman year, AP Chemistry, prom, girls nights, football 
games, late night movies, awkward moments, bowling, nights with 
"are you kidding me?", hours of NHS volunteering, never ending ses- 
sions with the infamous George, Westwood Superfans, college re- 
jections, and the senior countdown. High school is a stepping stone 
to the rest of our lives, but it is on experience that has given me 
memories that I will never forget. 

"Life is a series of collisions with the future; it is not the sum of what 
we have been, but what we yearn to be". Jose Ortega y Gasset 

Vv/GSVt^ Jfrx\ U\aV-» Sr\\rr\ 

1 78 Senior Expressions 




Steve Fanara 

I'll always remember: the old school, Friday night smash at my 
house, AB '06 & '07, the hock circle. Electric Lady, Taco Bell runs (w/ 
barfing S. hot sauce competitions). Science Team bus rides (I heart 
U police officer), Friday football @ Martha Jones, the bus rides home 
from school, poppin' out of nowhere in the hallways. Mad Maggie's 
w/ the guys, Rubik's Cube, bloody knuckles @ Science Team, Take 
Heart, Eaton's (as much as I hate it), awesome talks w/ Nick's 'rents, 
DDR @ Dream Machine w/ my apprentice, watchin' Disney movies 
w/ T, and anyone I've ever creeped out. 


^^^^^®i^M8^K? ^ji^ ^^.H>^ 'W.v^ \-^y^ '^coA^^. ©o.vfe«u ^)ACV4'vxx^i 

^^ MrsS 3o^j-"H, Prom , ShelW Island , Cono»rht, ^; 

S Stephanie Feinberg 

y* I can remember 

•i in the old school 

^ when my friends 

^ and I would 

y have lunch in the 

p courtyard, a time 

C when there was 

**V f^o smart board, 

"Vf and having the 

-:^ smell of mold on 

"O my clothes. I am 

/Y^ fortunate I got 
to see the new 

o school with the latest technology and brand new fields. Thank you 

^-v to teachers, family and friends for being so supportive of me. Espe- 
cially to my mom and dad who have been there for everything. 

-Q Even though next year I will be gone, always know that I would not 

r— , be the person I am today without you guys. 



Matt Ferrari 

Howard's Basement. Weston & Gilds' Cape House. Ju's Basement. 
Amazing lacrosse teams. Best worst soccer team. Doing homework. 
Sharry Rice. Shmoopy. Good friends and good times. 

Mike Fisher 


How time flies. Core 4 and more, NH, 3 & Bass, Movies, Red Sox, Ski- 
ing, TTTTI 1 1 iTTTTrack, going for drives, wiffleball. Pick-up football. 
Guitar Hero, Spain '06, Jake's, Motley CrOe + Aerosmith, Halloween 
Parties, Trips to UmAss. Thanks to my family, I'd be nothing without 
you, and to all the friends that I've ever had, and to the ones I'll 
keep forever. 


Pat Folan 

T Pat. ...Senior '07. ...Senior Member of the Student Council-bringin 
back the school spirit. ..Westwood Ski Team: good times. ..Scratch 
My Ichiro: best wiffleball team EVER. ..putting the endless amounts of 
homework aside, high school was truly memorable so I thank all of 
my friends and all of my teachers for making it that way. 

/• w -x-/ 



Julie Falsom 

These four years have been so amazing for me, I don't even know 
where to begin... AC, JD, GG, RW, LW- 1 love you guys! Sooo many 
awesome memories- Spain '06, bowling, Disney '04 with "the twin", 
latin, crazy times on the bus with G, Martha's Vineyard and Pru- 
dence Island, raging dance parties, good times in Amherst and, of 
course, girl scouts- Sunday nights with my girls, NYC, "coffee waf- 
fles" :D , the Bag-In, camping, Amish Paradise- "I love it!" thank all 
of you guys so much, you have made these years so much fun and 
so memorable for me! 

/ wAy.\v.\ v.\ '/.\' 

/ \ 

Senior Expressions 179 

Katherine Friedman 

"After all, seasons change. So do cities. People come into your 
life and people go. But it's comforting to know the ones you love 
ore always in your heart. And if you're very lucky, a plane ride 
owoy." To my friends love you all, mom and dad thanks for every- 
thing I love you so much. Thanksgiving and Christmas break, Can- 
ton, Late nights with Katie, water bottle games with Chrissy, Saint 
Patrick's Day, football games, themed parties, murphs, Brookline, 
SJ with Liz and Maura, to Carlin and Tricia- "I like your style", the 
"glamorous". Space Cadet, pasta dinners, to the soccer and track 
team-love you all. "Memory is a way of holding onto the things you 
love, the things you are, the things you never want to lose." 

V Mav^ I doD'i V^jvw tmre, the. time cpss, ^ ^ 


Sam Friedman 


&v^ If <3V)re ^O0S fa"St, JVJS+ \i\.z 1vm • • .^ 

Ashley Gallagher 

"Live your life so that if today was tomorrow, you'd have no regrets." 
dk4L 143.224 love you girls so much thank you for everything, the 
past 4 years have been amazing, I dont know what I would do with- 
out you. zoing, bear, rifka, weekends, summer '04'05'06, mv, nh, 
cancun, cars, cjs, ginos, cali nails, florida '07, st.pattys day, sudoku, 
q2, mickeys, bowling, hootie hoot, kyxy, legit. El 7. noru, mobile, BYE... 
alex biffles love you thank you for everthing, 6 years and counting... 
thanks mom, dad, Alanna, and Nicole love you. seniors '07<3 

• • 

• • • 

• • • 

« • 

• • • 
• • • 

Brittany Galvin 


"And if I had the chance to do it all again I wouldn't expect any- ^ 
thing less." SOPHOMORE YEAR. Night of Winner's. Twista Concert.V- 
6. Summer Jam '05. The infamous Canton. Seniors '07 chant. Classy • 
vs. Trashy. 90's night. Dance Parties/ intense jamming car rides. Ma- • 
rylou's trips. Prom/Prom Fashion Show. Football games <3 The Den. 
PowderPuff. Cape Road Trip. I love my girls with all my heart. ..CAN- • 
CUM '07. Thonks Mom and Dad for ever/thing I love you! ^ 

Jimmy Gavin 

Cafe West, Librar/, Ms. S, Hockey, Montreals, Shootouts, Sexton Ave 
Scudfest 07, Post game meetings, murphs, 50' s, toco bell, hunting. 
Bruins games. Soccer, the circle, football games, wolverine den, 
tailgating, the rhino, hangin with friends. Prom, The beach, Roa- 
noke, The nets, MHL, JTTGN, fishing, pullin j-gavs, Christies, mcdon- 
alds, bowling, howey's basement, Ju's, Sean's, Punta Cana, ASBC, 
baseball games, spring training, cape, seniors 2007. Had the time 
of my life. 

180 Senior Expressions 


Long live The DEN, WWDEN '07 - Undefeated. Ghost ride The Whip, 
late nights at McD's, Christey's parking lot, Cruisin' the strip, Man 
Town, The Blue Beast, Red Top Warrior, Franklin, Bump in The Trunk. 
Shooting duds with Gleos-Piece, table tennis. I had as much fun as I 
could in the time I had. ..all I can say is. ..FIRE IT UP BABY!!! 

Steve Gleason 

"It's hard to say what it is I see in you. Wonder if I'll always be with 
you..." Those memories will always stay with me. I'll always remem- 
ber my years at WHS. Shuman's "E" joke answers and humor. Fr 
year D-Block Intro to Art w/ Ms Kaiser - Roachie, 
Rataj, Zorther & Keene. "Gleas", "Gleas Piece", 
"Cheese", "Chez", "Chez Piece". "Chez, goom 
me" - Malcolm. The Wolverine Den - Undefeat- 
ed! Fire it up! Designing this Yearbook w/ Liza 
and the rest of the staff. I can't believe I'm leav- 
ing this place now, but as they say, "All good 
things must come to an end." 





Ryan Gold 

I will always remember Ms. S yelling at me. Mr. Cronin asking me if 
I am in my real free block. Greg Baldwin for being a beast. Joe for 
being the man, and the lunch lady's for being the most underrated 
people in all of the world. I won't forget Ms. Furber for being cool. 
I will miss asking Mr. Shuman what happens when you have a free 
block on a lunch block. I won't miss some teachers, but I will always 
miss being a Wolverine. Engage. 

Liz Goodridge 

FRIENDS!! C.M.*M.B.*L.L.*K.B.*C.M.*A. 

D.*K.F.*T.M.'K.H.»E.M.»K.H.'* "In this 

. life, we all know, friends may come 

^* and they may go. But through the 

years I know, we will stay."MeMoRiEs: 

dance parties, cope road trip, sum- 

I mer '06: maura's pool/house, camp 

I megan, hanging out at ice jack. John 

mayer. malaxos. D free junior year. 

shuman. wo-town. oofi. VE. wwyc. 

sophomore year: canton, twista, 

medfield, summer jam, miami with 

bonis, ocean city: lil' lizzo, ben who? 

jerry, ham sandwiches, maura's nerd 

rope, gypsy, dinner? powderpuff. 

thanksgiving break, pink ladies, triple 

lunch fire drills, the den. cancun '07. 

JENNA+MAURA my biffles. DADDY my biggest fan, i appreciate all 

your love and support, I love you poppa. MALCOLM love you twin, 

mom would be so proud of you. 

Malcolm Goodridge 

I will never forget NRs, the P.M., Camp Emanuel, Costa's Ronis, the 
real BL, The WOLVERINE DEN captain, WW Football, WW Soccer, 
Lodineze Sanchez, #8, sheehan practice with DLo, Fiolkov, Rob + 
Big, 3 time chest bump, frosh bball, the perfect bounce, Greek Life, 
Dom's memorable moments, gerk's mogley costume, RIP black du- 
rango, summer 06. ALMB words can't express what you mean to me 
Megan, and of course my brothers, Manny, Nick, Pot, Costa, and 
Whitey. Love you boys too much, best of 
luck to everyone in the future, let the Wol- 
verine DEN roar on. 


Carmen Graves 













^ High school has been a great experience I will always remember, 

_ along with all my amazing friends... Yooi, Zelda, Sonic and chaos, 

~- sims2 with Kaytii; pizza night and videogames with Kaytii, Alex, Max, 

Steve, David, Chris (<3): Jazz Bond: Great fun with robotics (Go Big 

Green!!): late nights, spider, buttons, uno's, chilli's. I wish everyone 

good luck in the future!! 


Senior Expressions 181 


Courtney Grimes 

During my WHS career I had the opportunity to 
meet an array of great individuals, who made 
these past four years most unforgettable, I owe a 
great deal of debt and gratitude to the teachers 
and the staff of West- 
wood, because their | 
teachings and sup- 
port helped to put me on the path of suc- 
cess. In addition, the Westwood commu- 
nity made it possible for me to participate 
in a variety of organizations and clubs 
such as: Peer Mediation, SADD, No Place 
for Hate, and NAHS. I would like to be re- 
membered as an outgoing, hard-worl<ing, 
and ambitious student who is going to ful- 
fill her dreams by studying pre-med. 

Kasey Hallion 

KH, KH, LN, and EM for life. Dunkie runs with KM. South Carolino 07. 
Jake's House. Ooti. PJ Game. Wo-Town. EXPLODE. Dinner Parties. 
Saturdays painting sets. Cost Parties. Secret Santas. McDonalds 
late nights. Stand by Me. Quoting Friends with MS in Drama Club. 
Chismea with Senora in F Block. That works. ...NOT. Late nights in 
Cape Cod. Acopolcos guy night. Getting dissed in E Block Drama, 
"Kasey with a 'K'....Loveyal" Pool Parties. Festi. Wolverine Den. Foot- 
ball gomes. Camp outs. .."I believe life is a gift, and I don't intend 
on wasting it." 



Danielle Harris 

"The people that are still with you at the end of the day... those are 
the ones worth keeping." To my friends: It's impossible to put into 
words what I feel for you. I've hod the best four years and there's 
not second I would change. I'd be nowhere without you: thank 
you for changing me for the better. Jess, DJAT (you're cute), Al, 
Soph, Anne, Tony, Cindy, Kendro, Norfy, I love you all. To Mom, Dad, 
Amanda, Jamie, and the rest of the greatest family ever: thank you 
for your unconditional support and care- love you. Stay classy '07. 

ijow. car^-k <br^«lc tjo*^ 

^%caf.^ ^^^iCx&L ^^^Wto? 

Katie Harris 



LN, KH, and EM "like a handprint on my heart." Hoodsies. 8 Shows. 
Congo! OOTI. Dancers. Festi. Jake's house. Trips to Boston. Wolver- 
ine Den. Brett's. Bugaboo. Dinner Parties. Karaoke Night. Halloween 
group costumes. Stand by Me. "Thanks for taking my hand" MS. 
Pool Parties. Wolthom and 3 MF. Greg! Myrtle Beach 07. Thanks to 
theatre, which has made me all that I am. To my friends, thanks for 
making these the best four years of my life, you guys are the great- 
est. To my family, I cannot thank you enough for supporting me in 
everything that I do. 




Kathleen Holmes I 

"I Will Always Remember.." PuntaCana07. 'HM.KH for life* Crazy DPs. j 

KennyChesney 068.07. Dblock free, late nights, mixers, mornings at s 

murphs. football games. Drives to the cape. North Beach, lifers .. 

w. everyone, blackouts, theme parties. FC champs. VT with my fav | 

neighbor. Mickie D's late night. Concert parking lots w.john. Dunkies 'l 

runs w/kh. <3Den "I just wanna dance". Christies parking lot. Mom, \ 
Dad, Tim, Mike thanks for always being there. "SENIORS07!"- thanks 
for the memories. "Life moves pretty fast, if you don't stop and look 

around once in awhile, you could miss it." I| 

*'i^:^'¥Cj^ •7fl*<5^^rvrr* c^f^r^ui^ l^^^cr\' j» 

182 Senior Expressions 


Andrew Howard 

■ Liz, 622, JC Pizza Hut, G-Child, Ce- 
dar Closet, Godfathers, T-Dawgs, 
Bottom House, BC OUTRIGHT, De- 
Vaa-Stoting, Sup Henne, RIP Jetto, 
K+A, Misko Poochinowski, Front Yard 
Football, PC, Heyo Anju, Ctiiggity/ 
Jiggity, Schimma Schimma Schim- 
mo Dam, Fort Went He, Catapult, TT, 
Stieeby + Pepper, PCDR, VT, Cape, 
Soul Survivor, Golf Team, Ponky, FYP, 
Jo Wad up Lax, Alarm Clock Ca- 
tostroptie. The Arsenal: Hank, DH, 
Trip Chame, Pseudomis Quadamis, 
Badabingbadoboom, Meotheod, 
Oneita, , T.S, Kregg, Da Bomb, Mon- 
ey, Gold, Shiggity, Sherlock Holmes, 
Rambo, Le Fleur, Do #1 Stunno, Cor- 
lito. El Diablo, Cyclops, Peace out 

Jenna Hunnewell 

"Some people come into our lives and quickly go. Some stay for 

a vvhile, leave footprints on our hearts, and we are never, ever the 


I'll always remember the good times. 2KCL+J always a blast. L.N., 

I'll miss our adventures. B.C. and CM., thanks for making these two 

years feel like I've known you my whole life. I'll miss you! 


Brian Joyce 

Soccer 03-07. JV best team ever. 
Varsity, D-lo, Molky, Crabby, Dimar, 
Wolff. Medway gomes. Broken 
arms. Hanover. Best record ever. 
Freshomn B-ball captain. J'v^ bench- 
warmer. Busrides to Mansfield. Man- 
ager B-ball 06-07. Okie, OB, Spike. 
Busrides with John and Ries. Super- 
fan, The Den, Hockey gomes, good 
times. Trrrrrrack. Peaking freshman 
year. Long jump, Luke, "we're jump- 
ing all the time." Freshman year at 
Ruchies. Ryan, Mac, Kmo. Junior 
year. Tois every weekend. Toco Bell, 
Best Buy. Summers with James. LSKS 
and North Conway. Bock in Westwood, Jokes house. Bobs, Brett, 
Sad-man, Ramzi, Greg, Gleose-Piece, Bills. Too many memories for 
only 100 words. WHS Class of 07. Never Forget. 





Melinda Kareh 

soccer, lax, parties in the volv -HoLe-cait- love ya no matter what! 
panero honnah- sistas <3 love you, jwhet- do you like my...? toco 
bell, suncentral, seriously i love you <33 Jamie- Frugols :-) joshie, so- 
phiao nice car, tricia- SM and lotion sessions<3, adrianna- careys 
forever! latinos sween- Spanish musico 


Jen Keefe 

"I can't remember all the times I've tried to tell myself to hold on to 
these moments as they pass..." Jjam + lovers. Howard's basement. 
Jocki's hot tub. Mcdonolds. Christy's. Dunkies Mishap. Weston. "The 
Beach". The Cape. NH take 2. Hmrm A235. The Den. PowderPuff. 
"The SUN." Los Cuatro. APC. Twin, t2. Jengo. EB, mood monitor. Sup 
Anju. Prom. PCDR '07. To the girls, o cheek rub. To the boys, a hug. 
Chelle, I'll be seeing you... Mom and Dad, thank you for everything, 
I love you! 







Brian Kelly 

Westwood Football #77, Friday Night Lights, the field, firepit, bowl- 
ing, madden, winning the superbowl. Brother, '88 Chevy, conte, 
preacher man, Willord circle, Morrison, SLINGTOWN, X dwell- 
ers, cape, blues, spring track, den, cobras, yellow 40 set hit, sled, 
GRID....2, 3, 6, 1 1, 15, 24, 28, 52, 55, 60, 61, 62, 75, 79, 80, 88.. ..56, 68, 



•mwm^ VESTWOOII _g'Ei.l'<U"»^ 



Senior Expressions 183 

-•" '■ ' • ""— 

Emily Kelly 

Volleyball 03-06, Sophie getting stuck in Coitlin's cor, Weston, Prom 
06, Wolverine Den, los cuotro, sunset at 8:20, "the SUN", scenes love, 
delicious treats, the tavs, silver pontioc, lost in Mottopan, Help! I'm in 
the closet, pcdr 07! Dad, Mom, and Annie- thanks tor supporting me 
through everything. "As we go on, we remember all the times we 
had together, and as our lives change, come whatever, we will still 
be friends forever" - to all my friends, thank you so much for every- 
thing, I'm gonna miss you so much next year so you better visit me! 

jQson Kelly 

Ever since I was a freshman just starting high school, I tried to ovoid 
being the center of attention. I kept to myself, but I also tried to be 
kind to those who were kind to me. I hope that I will be remembered 
as the quiet, but kind person in the class. Now, four years later, I'm 
heading off to college. Not much about me has changed, and I 
like it that way. 



Uz Kenney 

"To obtain a bird's eye is to turn a blizzard to a breeze." - Incubus 
Nice To Know You. 

Nate Kolodny 


Here ore a few words and phrases about High School: 
Before school, in school (Howie), after school and night time ac- 
tivities. Godfathers, Hank, R.I. P. Shiggity and so many others. Sum- 
mer 07 with the WW crew, VT, Nick's b-fast, WABing, Mac's 3rd floor, 
Kyle's Jetto, Franklin, KSR, AH, AG couldn't have done it better, G- 
Child, Na-te, Howard sisters, the 27 year old, table b-boll. "Hey Kyle, 
What's Up", So many hilarious times with the class of 2007, "folk to 
yo" WHS and welcome college. "Life may not be the party we 
hoped for, but while we're here we should dance." 

TMg pt^QffESsaiLlf-giietoAi 

Vcvery Story has (ui^n^, but \n Ufe...w|^^| 

Brianna Kouri ^ 

"They say you only live once, but when you live like us, once is 
enough." To my best friends, I love you. Thank you all for the love, 
the laughter, the tears, and the endless memories: freshman year, 
Weston, Proms, Cape, the Den, APC, McD's/Christy's, thursday 
night/icecream, powderpuff, Hockey/Football gomes, fire-pit, A235, 
Holthouse Pre-Colc + phone, Mobil trip, the autobus, "the SUN", 
rainbow cake, joyrides. Lash Vball 06, TRACK!! Loserbeech. Sunday 
am. space cadet, eq-ngss. Twin, T'. Lunar=Life. BKCB. "Though we'll 
go our separate ways, I won't forget, so don't forget the memories 
we've mode." Mom, Dad, Andrew, JJ - thank you for everything, I 
love you so much. 

e^cmoty M 



David Kusmin 

Our memories: Flushed Away, Bub- 
bling Brook Fridays. Memorial Day 
tournaments, Spain '05, Senior trip 
to Disney, Bowling Club, Guster 
concert, insane asylum adventure, 
dance parties, best soccer record 
in WHS history, "Dun Woo", "Jiggly 
Zo Creech", "Lout", Fronconio Falls, 
toga party, OOTI, "Paoassion" for 
soccer. Holiday dinner, Victoria's 
Secret, scaring kids at Audrey's 
haunted house, blowing speakers to 
Kelly Clorkson on way to Cope, Mc- 
Donald's and TB runs, gome nights, 
"Family Dinners", frolicking in the 
rain, Boston trips. .."Nothing makes 
the earth seem so spacious as to 
hove friends at a distance; " 

... EvaH M\r\.(!i is Just* a m) be^innln^.f ^^ 



1 84 Senior Expressions 




Alii Lampie 

"Here's to the nighits we felt 
alive, here's to the tears you 
knew you'd cry, here's to 
goodbye tomorrow's gonna 
come too soon..." jjam + lov- 
ers, chicken sangwich, ME '06. 
Thursday night shenanigans, 
misty, "whose stuff is this," 
"PLEASE STOP," Spanish; Brillant 
B block, SJ, Panera and Pepsi, 
Exit 22C, rainbow cake, PC '07, 
hmm interesting, first hamburg- 
er, "Do you know where Note 
.?," cheek rubs... "Friends are 
ie melons, it takes a while to 
find the best ones, but it's cer- 
•ainly worth the wait." Much 
love to all my friends and family, 
it's been a great four years. 

efhSsEcM f^msmm '07 

Caltlin Latter 

X-dances. Burger King Drive Thru. Cape Cod Summers. Stuck in the 
mud. Winchester. Football Gomes. Soccer: head masooges. Ski 
Team: 80s skis, shredding the gnar. Yoga with cheryl & the girls. Late 
night skateboarding. Lighting kitchen on fire. Dog walks at hale. Blue 
Hills. Rockin the Cadillac to Bloomies. Good old library. DunkiesS. 
free Starbucks. Martha Jones walk. Art close venting. Empty Bowls. 
DET. Basements. Clothes on the floor. Maid costume. Bertucci?s. 
Eliott?s house. Twin Post. To the right. Bike riding illegally. Kohls. Jack 
Johnson & MiMi. Tanning on the dock. The squirrel. Panera. Pine- 
apples from BJ's. Peace Out ohSev 

Bobby Leahy 

To all the great times had, and to the many more to come: the safe 
house, legends on Sexton Ave., 2kee, "That's so JGov", Wooshie, 
Danky Spruce, Murray X, Arty running show, summer nights at How- 
ie's, Roanoke was always there for us, Ju taking one for the team, 
no GHT, always going with the ITE, Golf team greatness, pseudo 
quasi lips, citrus and berry pouches, post hockey game meetings, 
freshman sensations, a Cookie?, got wingmon? 

X<^:tK*- ua^d-^i^ajulhruur .<.,fo*A^ (yiq ~ Tieo^a ^ 

Ashley Logan 

A2M2~Dltaps~TVLChamps2007 18-0~KBOMB...boy!- 


YEAR-I make it rain- I feel it in my fingers, I feel it in my toes....BALLIN 
jiggle.. I day AC~summer06~J. Juice-How Ahh you- CHRISSSY.. 
good times at the WHS 
haaal at me 

5f K1\C?^S 07 

Drew Lowey 

Freshman Year: Ms. Jennings, long 
hair, JV soccer, that's about it. 
Sophomore year: Stress fractures, 
Gary Burke, Water Drinkers, weight 
lifting (the beginning) 
Junior Year: Torn ACL, surgery, re- 
hab, lots of weight lifting, lab part- 
ner, being grounded. Jay Fialkov, 
prom, Mike Ju's house, Gildea's 
cape house 

Senior Year: Captain "good luck" 
Goodridge, Elodio, studs on D, 
bad at soccer: good at winning. 
Stud vs. Norton, 9 stitches & a 
concussion vs. Holliston, football 
games, the Den, strange west- 
wood slang, sneakers, EZ, track, 
parties, senioritis, best year ever. 
Good times, good times. 

Kendra Luongo 



DPS. junior english. this is awk- 
ward. summerOS. TUPO. Jacki's. 
coconut shrimp & mango 
chutney. summer06. Howard's 
basement, jetta. Nate's. YP2. 
coldstone. Mickey D's. "I know 
you're not at the Bishops." 
chicken sangwich. + lovers, 
"don't go upstairs." CCP. do it. 
cake face. newyears07.every2 
months kyd. oh life, shut up Jes- 
sie, what it do. kmch07. dhlp- 
jo. ppa. ashlo. boy. dinosaur. 
prom07. "I feel home when I 
see the faces that remember 
my own, I feel home when I'm 
chillin outside with the people I 
know. Wongo. Kyle. 




\\-..t'.z. ^i\:^\-. \)\ 


Senior Expressions 1 85 







^moc^ o 



Uz Lyons 

"The people that are still with you at the end ot the day, those 
are the ones worth keeping", friends, thanks tor the most amaz- 
ing four years; ponero, powder puff, canton, chrissy's, PM, turkey 
break, themedparties, D free, the quintessential gome, football 
games, brookline, triple lunch firedrill, ice jacks, doyle-oport, SJ, 
o'hora, grey's nights, mm-samesched, lax cult, state champs, soc- 
cer, frock, Reggie, hovo, 4x4, England 06, 
pasta dinners, bubbling brook. My family | 
thanks for your love and support xo. Two 
of the hardest things to say are hello and 
goodbye, lets not say goodbye. 




Kaytfi Maclejko 

Ah High SchoohFriday pizza and videogame night, 9th grade gym 
class, yooi boys, Sims 2, onime club, Anime Boston '06, "we're ter- 
rible at this", and most importantly my awesome boyfriend Max: I 
love you, even if you are a spazz and will be wicked emborossed 
when you find out that I actually included this. 

"I haven't been this scared in a long time 

And I'm so unprepared so here's your valentine 

Bouquet of clumsy words, a simple melody 

This world's on ugly place, but you're so beautiful to me" 

Ola Mackiewicz 


"History never seems like history 
when you are living through it." 

Much thanks to my family, I love you! and my friends. Hope the 
future will be filled with as much happiness for us as the past four 
years. As I start the next stage of my lite I will always remember 
everyone who helped me along the way. Neno with JB! The 
third roil! AP CHEM. moth and science team. 7am WA meet- 
ings... A225 property of moo. the bus stop with saroh. trench 
with camille. Farewell Westwood High School. 



I Till — \ TMBT ^^M III MW ~II1 il lA) 

Danielle MacNevIn 

High school has been like a messed 
up soap opera but no one was 
acting just growing together. I've 
changed as a person inside and out I 
and have to soy that high school " 
was definitely the best four years of 
my life. I will never forget my cheer- 
leaders that mode hell camp and 
practices fun. DJAT, onne, meolz, 
Jessie b, steven c, tony, joson, John 
and rick are definitely my friends 
for life. Bryan, I'm so glad I met you 
you're the best boyfriend I could 
ask for, love you. I will miss my stu- 
dio art loves, you know who you 
ore. Mom and Randy thank you for 
all your love and support. I'm going 
to miss you all next year but you 
always be in my heart. <3 





l/\.V<^V "><^Oi^ 

^'. '»'»>^ Xl 

»,r.k..c- -sen;nrs -oi ArV 

Karlie MacPherson 

"We're packing our suitcase for a place none of us has been. It's 
not an easy thing, when the only baggage we can bring, is all that 
we can't leave behind." Kayla - we get each other. I don't know 
where I'd be without you. mac J mc forever. All, Maggie, Kristin - I 
couldn't ask for more. You're my best friends. Alex -I never thought 
I would ever meet someone like you. No matter where life takes us, 
know that I'll love you always. Lastly, mom and dad, Jordan, Dona 
thank you for shaping me into the person I am today. 


Kelley Maher 

"Turns out not where, but who you're with that really matters." It's 
been on amazing four years: thanks to all my friends for the count- 
less good times and memories to cherish! I love you girls! "We were 
brave, we were crazy, we were mostly young." Mom, Dad, and 
Patrick- I love you so much, thanks for everything, especially your 
unending love and support. 



1 86 Senior Expressions 

Claire Mancinl 

Amelia Mandell 

I'll Always remember... Guster in Providence. AAR and JT with Dee. 
Take a lap, just take a lap! No change at all. Zhanks. Yanettttt. ASA. 
March. Fun Tom..Schteve?? Track and xc... "whatever" and hip 
circles. DMR, 4x4. Dartmouth Relays and The Van. Jacki, Jess, Frieds, 
best captains this team has seen. GM06. "So we're a little bit older 
now. We're a little bit tired, A little bit scared of looking down. We 
wipe our weary eyes, And step into the storm outside" (zox). JB AM 

3 Blind Mice, NH, candy lip, slot over LTB, Cape '06, it's my H20, 
can't get the earring in, mackin' it, sunshine, VIP's, red high heels, 
50's, "You comin' to the beach?", "Help! I'm in the closet", Joe's, 
Triple A, sweeny move!, trip, "And if you", alrogh. The Mrs, "No guys 
I'll go", Tri-Valley league champs, "You smell like onions", Kimbols, 
"Oh did you really", sanasa, joquan, "Mexico" '05, "Bock off!". 

yfW^ Seniors -^Of 

Jess Manning 

"Our four years have all become 
unraveled & so our high school 
story finally ends. But years from 
now, no matter where we've trav- 
eled, we'll all look back & think 
about our friends." My friends, you 
are my life, I have no idea where I 
would be without you guys I love 
you more than words can ever 
say! My family, I couldn't ask for 
a better one, love you. East Mil- 
ton my second home, manf- you 
mean the world to me, you're 
my best friend&my sister, ballin, 
bowling, tiggs && pooh, rochiez 
4L, Panero, goodtimesguysgood- 
times, summer '04, sanfron '07, 
jbangles&bjangles,facebook. Miss 
you daddy" 

flmd .priccitM..,^^j]jOPS '01"::, V^^-!!^^-'" i'?^ 

>. ■ 




Christina McCarron 

"I can't remember all the times I've tried to tell myself to hold on 
to these moments as they pass..." Friends- thanks for all the amaz- 
ing memories: Canton, dining room lifers, quintessential game, 
thanksgiving break, themed parties, JulieCrew, panero, murphs. 
Grey's nights, summer'06, aprill6, coffee dates w/schro, powder- 
puff, footballgames, katherine-water bottle, "soccer, basketball, la- 
crosse 1234* laxcult, 3A, En-gah-land'06, TPcrew, pastadinners, stat- 
echamps 'TVLchomps, Dltaps- TeamNotorious, "Ashley!", loo-who. 
To my family- thanks for everything, "...but at the end of the day you 
know where we come from and where we coll home..." 




(n'ou>i 9M *?VMf fiufUjOUl 

Matt McClellan 

"I don't want you to be the best in the world, I want you to be the 
best for the world." - Mr. Brillant sure had a way with words 
A225; Property of Mao. DOK's Best and the. ..Brightest! Never missing 
the motorcycle, Festivus for the restofus, Fieldtrip to Siberia, Riche- 
lieu, Woody and Shaft, being "fairly important," Cold Warrior: Worm 
Heart, scavenger hunting. Besting the Holy Trinity, sitting like Khofre, 
WHSWBAWBP, Scratch My Ichiro. 

"If you come to a fork in the road, take it! ...and don't look back, 
something might be gaining on you." 
- The great philosophers, Berra and 

BnAn^ ^Vo-^\Aii 

&r>>^ M^<><^^^ 


Brian McDonald 

Freshman year was not tun. Sophomore year was alright. Junior year 
was fun, Senior year was wicked awesome. 

Chronology: football starts, the old high school, Plunkett biology is 
awesome, freshman year happened, sophomore year started, foot- 
ball locker/weight room in the old woodshop. Matt O'Donnell and 
Josh Mingles recruit me for indoor track, end up doing outdoor too, 
sophomore year ends, stopped shaving, started lifting a lot, junior 
year started, played half a season of football, broke leg, ran track, 
prom was fun, Mike Ju's was fun, junior year ended: hod a huge 
beard the entire time, senior year started, real football locker rooms 
and home games, half and half hair cut, finally started shaving again, 
4x4 team is sick, got into college, stopped caring about school. 


sr^>^ 7??cM: 7r/5nPoQ2^ 

t^RXAA^ l^a^,DVil,^T,os.^\li.3to,x/n 

Senior Expressions 187 

1^ S'K'M*l-O-KrS*'0 7 ^ 




Cat McDonnell 

"The expected 's just the beginning, the unexpected is what chang- 
es our lives" - Grey's Anatomy. 
The past three years have been a 
great adventure; on adventure that 
i could hove never anticipated, and 
one that I will never forget. Hoodsies, 
2(kcl)+j, shmeez, tukes, my juniors - 
love you CR, JH, BO, JB, LG <3 Good 
times in fit club, ooti, chorale, soc- 
cer06, Jessie's locker, Brett's, Panero, 
Starbucks, Murph's, SO's, Bugaboo, 
Mao's hr, and bye-oh. 




3a 11 

John McDonough 

Wolverine Football. TKD. Lacrosse. Howard's Basement. Christy's/ 
Matt's Volvo. The Line. Latin. OAR 123. The Usual Stuff. Westwood.A 
donut without a hole, is a Danish". The good times, the bod times. 
Celtics gome. Woodland Ave. Getting sidetracked with Katie Corlin. 
"There's a force in the universe that makes things happen. And all 
you have to do is get in touch with it, stop thinking, let things hap- 
pen, and be the boll." 
That was so J-Gav. 

Maura McGinnis 



Friends-ily, biffles:JP&LG, 
Senior year, Summer '06, 
Tennis Team!!!-"camping 
trips," "Buh Bye," Identical 
senior year schedules-LL, 
The famous triple lunch fire 
drill(lg,ll,bg). Camp Megan!, 
The Mitsu, Canton, ShumeZ 
ClosseZ, Thanksgiving break 
'06, Theme Parties, Lazy 
nights: co-pilot, physical sci- 
ence w/ Jennings., Ocean 
City '06, Gypsy, "Dinner?", 
Pink Ladies, The 8, V6, 4 
years of Partridge Dr. morn- 
ing carpools, yeorbooking, 
D free. Ice Jack & Proshop. 
"Don't cry because it's 
over. Smile because it hap- 

Erica McLaughlin 

KH, LN, KH-love you : ) South Carolina 07. OOTI, WoTown, PJ gome- 
theater kid love. E block festi- love you all. "RIIICH". no food or drink 
in the auditorium, roadtrips in the lum <3 . being in all of matt's class- 
es, mao's homeroom. cruise06. dinner parties, halloween 06- the vil- 
lage people. Thanks to all my friends and family who made my high 
school experience so amazing, love you oil. 



ssr'^S' >Cr -^ -79*^ t-^ V^Op ^■^fi.yjtU 


. <^ 






Amol Mepani 

^ Q> 

Josh Mingels 


YoGiiiiii! What time is it? Dwyane Time! "Since You've Been Gone"/ 
"Behind These Hazel Eyes" Subway Trips for lunch. Doc Baker- "You 
are the best and the brightest" Shangdu. GUY. ...Don't Worry Bout 
It. Academic Decathlon 2nd place finish. Tennis Team -Walks to 
the bathroom with Ucuz... ."Thanks for breakfast!" Ms. S - "Deal or 
No Deal"... Getting Kicked out of the Library for attempting to be 
STOMP. Not doing any work during free blocks. ..Not letting anyone 
else do work during free blocks. 3-4 34 Paul Pierce. KareBeor... Lat- 
in. Always look for the motorcycle. Quebec... "is freaking cold". 
Scratch My Ichiro. Boys' State. 

Why just the other day I was walking down the hall, no longer blind- 
ed by the hideously bright colors used to paint the halls, and I real- 
ized, well, I realized nothing at all; sorry for that, I wanted people 
to think I had something to say. I went places, I did things, I knew 
people. This is a waste of space. I wandered around a while 
went to few classes, listened to some of molax's preposterous sto- 
ries. All in all it was mediocre at best. 


Senior Expressions 





A?, --©en 

£? & 

Cassie Moitt 

These past four years at Westwood High School have been quite 
an experience. There have been good times and bad times but as 
the end of the road approaches the good times are all that can 
be remembered. From our rebellious ways right up to our senioritis 
senior year. I also remember the many things i have accomplished 
along with my friends such as the introduction of Beantown's Finest 
at the talent show my sophomore year right up to Beantown's Fin- 
est blowing everyone away at Pep Rally my senior year. I hope to 
be remembered as a leader, a motivator, but most importantly, a 





Mark Molloy 

Adventures with Ucuz and Big Primp, Ballin at the Sheehan, Triple 
Stallin with Gilds and Woosh, Tin Toss, Fruit Smoothie, Lacrosse, 
Coach Smitty, Tailgating Football games, THE DEN, RIP the Tercel, 
Scenes, OOTI, Camio Real, MY HOUSE!!! 

Vlc'rc borf\'-r>;^ ^wo ^ Vi>^^^ <>ly«ML- en «^ ^V~ o'\ «. ho.'^'c^iie 

Jeff Moriarty 

Kevin Morrison 

High School in 100 words or less. ..31 Gay St. and its usual suspects, 
OAR rounds 1, 2 and 3, succeeding at track 4x8 4x4s, Ju parties, 
Howard's basement, Jacki's. If all else tailed Roanoke, the beach, 
McDonalds, Christy's, the wall. Friday night lights. "Nice punt..." "So 
sorry its over-there's so much more that I wanted and-there's so 
much more that I needed and-time keeps moving on and on and 
on-soon well all be gone" High school was so j-gav. Moriarty out. 

The Westwood high football home game under the lights, I want 
Westwood high school to remember me as a fun good kid that liked 
to have a good time. WHAT YOU KNOW KMO! 

Th/»i- SW'W Hifvili^ U)*Vii 

■Mer<i- v/tj/14^ 

Mori Mortelliti 

"its oil going by so fast I can't believe its almost over, oh this mo- 
ment, seemed like yesterday. We could not wait to be older, and 
we know that. But these are the times we'll remember as we move 
on to a world that's so unknown. These days are changing our lives 
tomorrow," Needham Nights, K2A5M3, DCDM2, "Black or White?" 
Highland Ave., KS, LBK, "Mexico", Ceram Projects. "It's at this time 
where your realize its not about having more friends, but having real 





Christina Mouhanna 




WHS is a school beyond comparison, 
the class of 2007 had the BEST school 
spirit from creating a Den Dynasty to 
our first home football game which will 
probablly be stamped in my mind as 
one of the best high school memories, 
i will always remember the amazing 
Cafe West food (i dont think any other 
school has such a selection!) and for 
sure i wont forget Mr.Shuman's funny 
but dry humor and Mao's decorations 
for absolutely every holiday, i am going 
to Roe's therapy sessions and definetly 
mall runs with Mealz, first time haircuts 
with Maggs (proudest moment of my 
life) and most of all Mr.Cronin's smile 
whenever he caught me skipping 
class. .oh ya and one more thing, the 
senior girls of 2007 are and always will 
be Powder Puff Chomps! <3 


"•jiimn'r ""FTT' 


< 1 ^>-^.><^^r>^<^<x 

Maggie Mulhem 

The last four years have been the best four years. My friends and the 
swim team you mean the world to me and I will miss you so much!! 
Friends: "when you say best friends means friends forever" Swim 
team: Win the under water relay next year, fake care of Gai, and 
enjoy having a pool! Being grown up isn't half as fun as growing up 
these are the best days of our lives. It's been a great four years and 
I will miss all the great memories! 

Pc^ ;^<,^c^u ?£K 1£^~^ 

Tricia Murphy 

since 04.makin moves. SOPHMORE YEAR. late nights.conton. night 
of winners. 12-30-04.junior year.PM. jammin in the durong.izpizz. 
opril vocation 06.bbq's @ corlins.prom.grad parties. summer 06. new 
crew. "she's my best friend, i would know". vS?. marcs, boston with 
thonaso. the expectations. the eight. woawbd. CF&P-kotie&corlin 
loveyoualways."hard to say it, time to soy it, goodbye", best four 
years of my life, friends <3seniors07 


Paul Murphy 

The most significant HS memory is when we were bock to back Su- 
per Bowl Champs. 



Briana Musto 

The Best part of my high school experience was that i got to go to 
2 high schools (old/new). I'll never forget all the memories from the 
old school because we took so much out of it that there was barely 
anything left. Moving into the new school was such on awesome 
experience. Our grade was unique because we had so much spirit 
and enjoyment out of life. I'll never forget World Civ. with Dillion, 
Holthouse's Geometry, Shuman's US History, Brackmon's African 
American Lit., all the time i spent with Liza throughout the years, and 
of course, the Flexers' 





^ rfV^ 

IJ^ DoM^ tto k»A . ' <.cy.ts ^t.\ 'f^ •tV>-5V(v^ *. \<.e, a. v-\OL<vd «_a 







Hollie Musto 

SENIORS'07. Hockey- Back of the bus crew. 5am practices. #14. 
soccer'03'04'05. Cleaning ladies, powderpuft. WolverineDen. Foot- 
ball gomes. SUPERFANS, Dance parties. Late night McDonald's. 
Prom'06'07. KH, KD, BK. L<3SERbeech. mattyD, B's Games. Can- 
cunOS. Panini's. LAXCULT06. Ing-gah-land06. Puntacana07. VER- 
MONT. WarpedtourOS. Country Fest 06&07. OAR. Wendy's, Mom, 
Dad, Andy, Mike, Hannah Thanks for i 

Lauren Naymie 


"V->pC^ o«j VJ■>rt^^ 


,r>ry, vN'XJ «;.,-^', 



Finish each day and be 
done with it. You have 
done what you could. 
Some blunders and absur- 
dities no doubt crept in: 
forget them as soon as you 
con. Tomorrow is a new 
day: begin it well and se- 
renely and with too high a 
spirit to be cumbered with 
your old nonsense." -Ralph 
Waldo Emerson, much 
love to all my friends, you 
ore my family, 
camino, oofi, and all oth- 
er shows = <3 adios high 
school, it's been real. 



1 90 Senior Expressions 


John Neville 

The James Bond PS2 matches, Friday Night Movies, RTFM, Python 
poker with animations, the rubber cement folder bridge... that 
failed, The 34 pound cardboard bridge that held 5 people, and 
the Boe-bot robot racers. 

Eric Nixon 

The time spent at Westwood high was delightful, although this was 
my first year and I didn't really get to meet that many people I had 
fun. The transformation from an urban background to a suburban 
school was completely different, but because of the charm that I 
possess, fitting in was a piece of cake. ..hahaha... well so long West- 
wood people. Thanks for the wonderful experience my next stop 

is Eastern Nazarene College where I am going to dream, plan, and 
achieve that dream...! love, Eric Nixon 

Beth O'Brien 

My days of Westwood High were 
filled with fun and laughter. I most 
enjoyed attending football gomes 
and being port of the hockey team. 
I will forever cherish all the wonder- 
ful memories I shore with the great 
friends I have made these past 
three years. 

Jillion O'Brien 

^^~ To my best friends, Danielle H., Tonita, Danielle M., Anne, my family, 
^S Cindy and all of her friends: You're the reason I con look back at 
S|J| high school and say, "those were the good days." You hove pro- 
CS< foundly impacted my life, and I would not be the same person I am 
JBt. today without you. Liza, you have showed me that with enough 
J^i strength, determination and desire, any of my dreams con come 
■^ true. If someone described me today to the person I was four years 
ago, I know I would not have believed it. Thank you everyone so 
much, you've completed my perfect high school experience! 



Patrick O'Brien 



Kevin O'Connor 

"Life moves pretty fast. If you 
don't stop and look around 
once in awhile, you could miss 
it."- Ferris Bueller. "Remember 
kid, there's heroes and there's 
legends. Heroes get remem- 
bered but legends never die, 
follow your heart kid, and you'll 
never go wrong."- The Sondlot. 
#1 , #2, #3, #6, #8, #10, #11, 
#15, #22, #23, #28, #52, #62 
,#75 ,#77, #88 M.OB. To the 
class of '08... Play every game 
like it's your last because as soon 
OS you know it, it will be. Thanks 
Mom, Dad, Chris, Sean, Derek 
and Kerri. I love you guys. 








"Okie" #88 Wolverines Football 
- Best Times. ..#2,3,6,1 1,15,28,55, 
60,62,75,77 TKD/Right Side, TEA- 
GO vs. Tripod, X Dwellers, "The 
Field," Throwing with Books, Fri- 
day Night Lights @ Flohive Field, 
■ Superbowl Champs '04, Belling- 
ham Gome, Turkey Day - West- 
wood 20, Holliston 6, Track 11/12, 
Westwood Hoops #!4 -Always o 
Wolverine. .."D Free" - sausage 
McWestwood's and Lost/24 bat- 
tles, New Hampshire - row boot, 
fishing, firepit, prom/Cape, KAK. 
To all my friends and teammates, 
'honk you for the great memories. 
Jocki thank you for your amazing 
support the post four years and 
for making high school what it 
was, I love you. 


Senior Expressions 191 

^ O C^\iwty -It 

i^^^0^^^^^ 'IaIL^^ 

Tom O'Connor 

Four years of high school and only one hundred words to do it jus- 
tice. Westwood Track. Football #24. Constant stops at McDonalds, 
Christys, and Ice Jocks. Absolutely no snow days. Random base- 
ments, driving for the sake of driving, summers on the Cape, Sox and 
Pats games. Thanks to Mom and Dad for being there all four years. 
I hope everyone con enjoy high school the way I did. "We're not 
here for a long time: we're here for a good time." 


Ryan O'Leary 

I would like to thank all the people 
who hove supported me through- 
out the years, especially my fam- 
ily, friends, and teachers. West- 
wood has been a great stepping 
stone for the future of our class. I 
am excited to move on to new 
things, yet I will always remember 
and be grateful to all the people 
in the community. I wish the class 
of 2007 the best of luck with their 

Stacey Orphanos 

Freshman year being "rebelious" 
with MR. Late nights. "Good 
day to you Sir". Plunketts AP level 
3 class, no other can compare. 
Track ALLSTARS '06 . never ran 
so hard. Riding in the Spiv jom- 
min' out to Dome lo que quiero. 
Adriona discovering her roots... 
"Ayyye mami you wanna get in 
my caar?".ohh don't forget fitting 
into the Greek culture "SkilaPout- 
onaMoriMaloka" Aud and Giota 
bringing out their inner Greek. 
"You know spanokopito?". Parties 
at Akis "nah noh kid chill"... Spiro? 
oh baby now thots a man. Driving 
in Boston thots easy. Just watch out 
for those oneway streets " reverse 
your butti". FarmGrill regulars. 


Mac Pendergost 





Brent Peterson 

I'd just like to thank all my friends for always having a good time, in 
and out of school. Westwood High School was awesome and I'm 
very glad I come here. Thanks to the football, hockey and lacrosse 
teams for a good three years of sports (only two for hockey), and 
also to all the people that ever went to one of those games as well 
OS the Wolverine Den, best fans in the TVL. 

Bryan Peterson 


I didn't always want lo be just a normal kid that goes to Westwood 
High School. I wanted to stand out and let people know my name. 
Throughout High School I joined the swim team and for my junior 
and senior year of High school I was captain of the swim team. 
During High school I mode many friends and am still wicked close 
with them. I was lucky to have a sensational girifriend Danielle who 
I love. Senior year I got a Mustang and crashed it a week later but 
got an even better one. So I believe I have accomplished my goal 
on letting people know who I am. 

('Joiii'/ni///r il't'ii/r/ -ifiil //ill '/til/ il'iii/i/ iiif'-r iiiiii: iv/iiit iirr l/iiy li- -,111/ /nil'. 

192 Senior E\pressi> 

Rob Phitnps 

I miss Sr. Brillant, the greatest teacher ever oh yea and the other me- 
diocre classes. The integrity policy yea ill sign that. The businesses I 
hope they carry on. Nothing better than blue orchid, toco bell, and 
pizza hut with the rituals. Chilidog Pizza, try it. The greatest gome 
that never tool< off, BFL, rack em up. Miss all u guys and the good 
times like the cape, 6 flags and hanging out. 

Jenna Pirello 

As we walk down this isle with four years roiled up in a scroll, you 
can't help but think "hey where did time go" 

Road trips, football games, canton, dibs, the Quintessential Game, 
Thanksgiving break, camp megan, new years '07, Brits cape house, 
prom, greys nights, summer '05 and'06, vball, Cancun<3, the Mc- 
Ginnis's house, dinner?, over quoting everything, ocean city, woah. 
Send it back! SENIORS '07. Thanks for everything Mom, Dad, Don 
and Nicki. To my girls- In case I didn't say it enough, I love you all and 
will miss you so much. No one will ever compare. 

Rick Pond 

And low and behold, he said "sponch". The thing about school that 
I will not miss is "Wolverine Wednesdays". My only memories of this 
place, that I actually want to keep that are good, 
are those of my friends. Over the years I have met new people and 
new friends who helped me become who I am today, and the time 
spent together will never be forgotten. I leave here saying one 
thing. ..pop-tarts for all!! 

Laurian Pope 

Dance Parties! AIM iate into the night: 10 questions; Pints of Cold 
Stone ice cream (ER); DDR dance offs; sleeping through classes: 
facebook messages: Baking cookies: Boston outings: emergency 
Starbucks: awkward turtle: Girls nights with Em (Chilies, late night 
movies, cookies etc.)... "Do not go where the path may lead: go 
instead where there is no path and leave a path." -Emerson. 

Alexandra Portanova 

"And it's better to be absolutley ridiculous than absolutely 
boring. .."D.K.4L 1 43.224 i love you girls i dont know where i would be 
today without you. princess crew.,.SHOOOOOTT!l!!! "dont go there., 
im not going there with you., dont go there.." S.S... Liz doyle4L Span- 
ish all 4 years... chorus 3 yrs.. .ceramics 1 ..mickeys/dunkies. cjs, base- 
ments, cars., summer '04'05'06.. mv., 4 years of "science" .. name 
game, sudoku, magazines always in class., st. patricks day '05... 1- 
10?? I LOVE NEW YORK '07.. zoiiing.. HIIIGHKICK!!!!.. BYE!!., marylynn 
and cassie you girls are crazy i love you, stay close,. HOOTIE HOOT., 
"thats hott... loves it" "haaackin..." 4 years wasn't enough this was 
the best time of my life, ashley you're my bestfriend love you thanks 
for always being their be nowhere without you ...bowliiiinggg... 
BAAALIIIINNN!! Griffin I love you so much, you changed my life "10 
years from now we'll still be on top, i thought i 
told you that we won't stop..." stay classy class of '07 bobyyyyyyll! 

Nick Porto 

Four years. Four long years. I really havnt changed that much ex- 
cept for my group of friends. I went from one solid group within this 
school to expanding to another town. My years here at westwood 
have been very boring and i plan on moving away and living a 
much better life. I have had many teachers, some repeats. I have 
had some really great teachers that know how to get through to 
the students and really have helped me get through the year, thank 
you. I'm sick of high school drama and leave you with this. The brain, 
hippies, this is sparta! Thank you and good night. 

Senior Expressions 193 

i.}■ly•''i'^i»m■^'i-^ 'nfjm'mi 

George Primpos 

I will always remember the hilarious 
times ot Westwood high school. 
The old school, gym with Mrs. Pe- 
ters, the grill. Den, catch phrases, 
call home from Ms. Roy, Latin Class, 
Jimmy (Latin), the Library, Duch- 
eneau Driving hours, Applebee's, 
driving runs (no idea where you're 
going), Mr. Brillont's class. Teachers, 
Marvin, and of course Mrs. S. High 
School has been the most inter- 
esting four years of my entire life. 
It has taught me the lessons in life 
and the idea ot pursuing your inner 
goals. "You build a successful life a 
day at a time." 

Michelle Pruchniewsid 


"I hope you never look back, but 
you never forget all the ones who 
love you in the place you left" 
My lovely ladies and my main men, 
it was fun: I love you all. 
Emmy: after ten years I don't think 
I have found anyone who could 
make me love life more than you 
have. Matt: you're my shmoop- 
ster, my personal comedian, my 
best friend: Tanki for always being 
therein. Jen: what can I say? My 
sister by choice forever-We aren't 
done yet, you haven't gotten rid 
of me. The Best Four Years of Your 
Life. ..they weren't kidding. 



Tricia Reece 

" How fortunate I am to know those who make saying goodbye so 
hard"<3 Jenny&Jessie. ShadyLone. Scituate.Lote nights. Summer'05. 
RedSox.DMB.Powisett. 11:11 Porch Sessions-J.W.8.J.P.*Shuman*the 
Mailbox. Swimming, the peaks. STOP SIGNIItrips to e.m*JLM*. Thanks 
Mom, Dad, Tom 8. *Kathryn* for your support these lost 4 years-l Love 
You Guys-"Cause these are the days worth living, these are the 
years we're given, and these are the moments these are the times, 
let's make the best out of our lives" ''Seniors '07" 

=^ ?^F^\\(^ f ."^ ■ f) ^ M: ^-^ " ^^^- - 

Emma Rhode 

Our last year at Westwood High School is over, and I will never for- 
get the memories. For Friends, the freshman bowling club (Michelle 
being awful at it, scoring an 18? Impressive!), ice jacks, singing at 
football gomes with jdunk, for breakfasts at Murphs, the Spain trip 
with stalkers and late night talks, for proms and lake houses with 
swimming in May...freeezing, and interesting times on the wooden 

porch thing. ..Dave and that 
kid Josh? having fun memo- 
ries with Aud, for pool parties 
at jboys and toga parties, for 
hockey boys (for better or for 
worse), dance parties, girls 
nights with Russian twins, for 
track and field, for friendships 
and for amazing people. For 
Westwood High School. 

5EM lORSCn^yXn ^hcend iVitrigU.T hap* ynu h«»d Ahc 4ini«<rfyor li(e^?*^6 

Carlin Reilly 

<3Seniors07. Still got it, never lost, we'll always have It. Running 
show since 04, SOPHOMORE YEAR, Twista, 12.30.04, makin moves, 
England06, lash vball, diehard trackies at Reggie, Hava, lax stot- 
echampsOS, proms, PM, chris.tys/mcd's, laxcult, eight, CANTON, 
dance parties,, summer06, newcrew, expectations, 
4x4domination, legendary springbreak06, football gomes, junior 
year, the den, foxs, marcs, night of 
"blackD", brutal practices, lotenights, lif- 
ers. rg-mybest, always CF&P. There are no 
words to describe the best four years of 
my life-love you. "As I'm leaving the ones 
I wont to take, my heart has started to 


2 * 

2 ^ou-a cnj. h««3 4o <joeKibi^,+«\n*«) ^one and co»»« *oo toon ,ne<j» a. •to*.**© 



Sophie Romonow 


"Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once 
in a while, you could miss it" -Ferris Bueller. junior year, ASSC, "vips 
only", michigan, trip, freshman volleyball, getting stuck in caitlin's 
cor, summer '06, new hampshire, kimballs, the canoe, dover peaks, 
the loop, the cape, sox games, Justin concert, the old school, joe's, 
ice jocks, the mrs, drawing, dinner dates, sleepovers, 50s, three blind 
mice, complaining about romonow, home videos (help, I'm in the 
closet!), walking like a newborn, finding presents in the back of my 
car, getting lost, stoneymeade, powderpuff... 

194 Senior Expressions 



Caine Rose 

"Be less quick to anger, show ap- 
preciation more, and love ttie 
people in our lives like we've 
never loved before." WWGH0607, 
bock of tine bus crew, loxcuit, 
state chompsOS, England06, 3A, 
L2, Bugaboo, Prom06, AMP&PB, 
car rides w/ MC, paste dinners, 
Focey, Los Cuatro, Powderpuff, 
pond hockey (Beth), SJ and Stats, 
Herff Jones/YB, Doaavid Ortiz, 
Murph's w/ Annie, tennis w/ CI, AF, 
MF, Rascal Flatts, Panic! concert, 
3/15/06, Thanks Mom, Dad, Linds, 
Kate, AN, Mike, Jack & Colin for all 
the love and support- I wouldn't 
be where I am today if it weren't 
for you all- 1 love you. 


^ s-tw ^il/i-' rHn'I'Ov'a-) -p ^fTO ow ■»so'iJir-<j^ ■y/ii'.O'^ t sp^^C^ \\xi Iosm iu KV 


Ryan Ruchle 

John, Bob, KMO, Mell, Jamie, Mike and BK. You guys ore my fam- 
ily. Girls, girls, girls. Video gomes and mostly Poker with Bob. Why 
go watch superman when I hove a real life one at home, my 
Dad. Mum and Warren I love you. I'm nothing without my family... 
Chineese food at the end of the night. I love you, but... Westwood 
is my family and I was waiting for Westwood college, p.s. I got your 
message Mr, H. - we all thought it was sooo funny. Life is a highway 
- I wont to ride it all night long! 

Matt Sadler 

WHS- hmmmmm... New School-Old School. Antigone, Anything 
Goes, Hamlet, Pojama Game, Metamorph, Wo Town, Comino, 
OOTI. Ski team, drama club, school paper, talent show. '99 Ford 
Escort (RIP). SNL quotes, movies, Mike's pastry's, dance parties. Core 
Four. Ping pong and pool. Departed. Seinfeld. Cafe West. Blue Or- 
chid. AC/DC, Guns N Roses, Free Follin' . Patriot Super Bowls, '04 Sox. 
Wiffleboll. 7 blocks, 180 days, 4 years, 1 wild ride. "And that's all I 
have to say about that." 

Omid Salehi 

Westwood: home for 8 and half years, never forgotten. Westwood 
High School: 4 years of friends, laughs, and memories: varsity ten- 
nis. Academic Decath #2, bollin' morrison, akon, halo 2 parties our 
group, Brent's pool, Duncan's cottage, NH/cope houses, Mike's 
basement, Kenny's, new year celebrations, poker with the guys, 
done woo, speak, brosef, guypiece, talk to ya, 24, shottys, d-wade, 
Tyrone. OD, OWL, BMac, Mike, Dune, Sam, Big Brent, Jed, Amol, 
Shang, Matt, TPot, Wolff, Ramzi, Uuuks: untouchable friends. My 
family: forever loved. Now whats that spell? WESTWOOD! '07 - al- 
ways remembered. 



Frank Santo 

It is difficult and strange 
to describe my years at 
Westwood High in 100 
words or less, so I guess 
I just list things: Sean's 
house every Friday 
and Saturday since 
6th grade, that fateful 
night in the Applebees 
parking lot,msr, the 
beach and Roanoke, 
in all their glory, driv- 
ing around all night in 
hope of things, c3po- 
ing, summer of the unfinished basement. Basketball, the tragic de- 
cline of Easy Steps, Football Games, my best friends, mike's. Prom. 
I am proud to say that I'm a product of my upbringing. "Time may 
change me, but I can't trace time". 

Luke Sargent 

ZG Dover P, The Third Floor, RIP PM5K, infinite loops, come back Joe, 
marry me Mitch Closser, upside down photo, DCPC ghosts. Buried 
Treasures, perks before Primos, Jarred?, sweotsuedo, FUB, Goochie, 
both proms, Espana 06-beat the system. Corolla, deathmatch, Fritz, 
Belly, the haunted woods, two home runs and two singles, Smitty, 
Mystic Roots, High School was Go-Time 24-7 but don't worry I'm still 
gonna be there. 



Senior Expressions 195 

.•/- .JU.'"^/!, - 

■IJ.W.' '^ 





|Uie cxW VaVLt di^rent p<«w'\ir\ \ife,v>vt w mawr where 

Jessie Schroeder 

tupo. +lovers. swimminwomen03. 
posse, lymtylm meggie. "I know 
you're not at the Bishops." cof- 
fee dates with Christina, "oh life." 
jacl<is. howards basement. micl<- 
eyds. prom06. kmch07. girl next 
door, nfurts with hen. trackies. 
k-i-n-d-e-r-g-a-r-t-e-n. xc. 4/16. 
konstontine. soco live at venture, 
d-blockfree 143. newhampshire. 
ice creann with frey. christys. ke- 
vOs fire pit. famous, nates, thurs- 
doy nights, wolverine den. "In 
the end my friend, we will all be 
together again"-OAR, love you 
guys. I need six minutes with you, 
love you kev. 

placcx tviow,l^l 5aff,xim qcHrv\a cqu Xn\^ nomel' 

Matt Sebet 

Golf 1234 TVL Champs 06, 
South Champs 06, hockey 
1234, diman, ot, 5 am No- 
bles Captains Practices, 
#14, Norfie DCPC ponky 
rink Blue Orchid Hollis- 
ton gomes epicsodes TT3 
Aruba, zona 07 Sox and 
B's games BC Cape gars. 
Great memories at WHS 
and always will be a Wol- 
verine. Kara, 1 love you. 


Luke Senerchia 

I'll always remember doing basically everything with D-Lowe, stogs 
with J-Gov, Mikes basement, always ending up at McDonalds, 
painting the old school with Will, The Den, the beach, the Volvo, 
breakdancing at dances. Photo Club and waiting forever for the 
new high school then realizing how awesome the old school was. 
Thanks Liza, for helping me with every artistic thing I've ever done. 
To my real friends: thanks for everything and I'll always hove your 
backs. Next year we finally get to start our lives but my homies 
helped make me who I am and I'll never forget you. 



Nick Sestito 

"My crew is taking over as soon as we hit the door". -NRs-, Tri-Pod 
MG CW MW. Summer '06, Prom '06. The Wolverine Den, Wolverine 
Football # 2, State Champs, Wolverine Baseball # 22 "They weaken 
the legs boys". Thanks king George, basketball, Christies. Dom. Man- 
ny + Malcolm = 1 70$ for a lunch card from Coll. B Block Poochin w/ 
Dimor. Homeroom w/ Mrs. Cowley. Reggie Bush, trips to the VFW. JD 
7/7/05 Thanks for everything, I love you. Manny, Malcolm, OB, Costa 
Good luck next year boys, I'll never forget the good times we hod. 


Matthew Shang 

As a member of the Westwood High School community, I remember 
the Wolverine Den. Although today's seniors were unable to enjoy 
the luxuries of a home field for their athletics in both sophomore 
and junior years, the upcoming of the Wolverine Den at the football 
gomes as well as other sports certainly mode it well worth the wait. I 
most remember the first home gome of the football season. Wheth- 
er it was the toilgating prior to the gome, grilling in the parking lot at 
the Senior Center, or the crazed Westwood fans covered in body 
paint, being a part of it was certainly an enjoyable experience. 

Max Shapiro 

As I end my senior year at Westwood High, I can only think bock on 
how much I have changed, from the me in elementary school as 
the goofy, shy kid who wore matching sweatsuits to school every 
day, to the goofy, shy (but hopefully better dressed) me of today. 
As I leave Westwood High, I will fondly remember the good friends 
I have hod. From our many nights playing nonstop videogames, 
to getting lost at midnight and ending up in Boston, it has certainly 
been on interesting couple of years. 

7>U -5U. 

196 Senior Expressions 


■ • 


.J^ Class of 2007 Zmi 

Will Sharry 

Ju's house, Howie's basement, the beach, Christy's, McDonalds, the 
third floor, Weston, PM5K goochie, the Den, Soccer '06, 4x4 team, 
thats so jgav, mad bitties, the explorers and corolla, Spain '06, prom 
weekend, Smitty, gettin big son, solo b-ball, homeroom, Kyle's, pok- 
er nights, Ms. Roy and latin class, Sharebear, Big Willie Style, Sharry 
Rice. Thanks to our class I had a lot of fun. Thanks to my friends I have 

some amazing mem- 
ories I never wont to 



1^ o 

*^ T o p o *-, 

i^^%i •< 


?ge^. LOT 




jQCki Shipp 

GND: "I Will Always Remember. 
I will never forget wiffleball at the 
Sheehan, xc and track, soccer 
'03 and '04, scituate, summer 
nights at Howie's, summer days 
by my pool, prom, hot tub parties, 
dance parties, O.A.R., playing in 
the rain, football games, Quebec 
'04, Super Bowl '04, morning car 
rides with the Partridge crew, the 
playground, cafe west's popcorn, 
sledding, and summer '05 & '06. 
Tupo, fatty, +lovers, KAM, DJ, KSR, 
Left Side, TAB: Thank you for the 
memories, I love you guys. Kevin: 
my McFlirty, my best friend, I love 
you, and you will always be in my 






,XJ(OS«^ ^7 


^ Fatty* ^'1u(ue ^'^" <y^'^^ *^' 



AKi Shorn 



The MRS. Three Blind 
Mice. newchy&clurr. 

"you guys comin' to the 
beach?" - Cape '06 best 
time ever, the demi. NH- 
canoe&kimbails. Spanky & 
Dutchess. The loop. Span- 
ish companero! timeaf- 
tertime. Ti Amo, thanks for 
everything. JT<3. Neighb 
lovin forever!! McFacey, 
love you! WWGH0607/ 
back of the bus <3. Sun- 
shine. Sox gomes. Mous- 
ey. The favs. Summer '06. ASSC/VIP lounge. Dinner dates. Getting 
locked in the zoo with gunit. UMichigan! Shumon's e block. "No 
guys. ..I'll go." MJJACKS. Claire Soph Ali Danielle Costa you're the 
best friends in the world love you guys always. Mom dad and nana 
thanks I love you so much, peace&love. 

Ramzi Shuhaibar 

When I look bock at my time at Westwood High, I just hope that I 
have left my mark on this wonderful place. Hopefully it is a mark like 
when you are using a permanent marker, maybe a sharpie, and 
you go to put the cap back on it, but you accidentally get some 
on your hands, and you try as hard as you con to get it off, but it's 
a permanent marker, so it doesn't come off that easily, so you are 
stuck with a mark on your hand that you never really wanted to be 
there, but it there, and you kind of get used to seeing it there, and 
then, finally, when the mark does come off, you think to yourself, "I 
wish that mark was back there, I really miss it". If I could leave that 
kind of mark on just one person at Westwood, I would be able to 
leave this place without any regret. Congrats seniors, we made it. 

^ ucjuui-^ wwi^V-,,""^"^ "^'^ ^'^^ PiJoort ^M|- ^^"3 ''^r> O'or i 

Kyle Sloan-Rossiter 

JC2, Godfathers, Sarah, Secret Spot, Pizza Hut, Cedar Closet, T- 
Dawgs, Bottom House, BC Outrite, JETTA, Frontyord Football, Schim- 
ma Schimma Schimma DAMN, Fort Went He, MLB, PCDR, VT, Cape, 
Golf Team, Ponky, Thurgood, Pepper, Sheeby, G-Child, K & A, 307, 
Soul Survivor, Alarm Clock Catastrophe, KBL- see u next 
The Arsenal: DH, Budzoe, Hank, Trip Chame, Sudamus Quadamus, 

Badabing Badaboom, Oneita, MT Pipes, TS, Sherlock, Kregg RIP: 

Shiggity, Rambo, #1 Stunna, money, rambo, da bomb, gold, carlito, 
el diablo 


Tyler Smith-Flynn 


jDonde esta Tyler? jEstoy aqui! I'll 
always remember the finer things 
at Westwood High School such as 
all the trouble with Frank-Herman 
Clarence Walter (and having AAA 
in my cell phone), math parties, 
green pants, tenor ALPHA-MALES! 
Junior year chorus in general. 
Summer, Tanglewood, People 
to People, and of course being 
stranded on Route 9 in the mon- 
soon. Well, it was fun. Good luck 
to everyone! Tyeeeeela! 



~yn ^ ;r>i7r^. 



iTTf f^ 

Senior Expressions 197 


Doug Stein 

High School. Wow in four years we've done a lot there's been ups 
and downs but the whole time it's been fun. Trips to Coldstone, 
Acupolcos, Kelly's, Needham, Medfield Flats, Jake's house, Gleos 
Piece's basement. My driveway, Friday Taco Bell, Dedham Movies, 
Rte 1 , Costco</SPAN> parl<ing lot, DICK'S SG, Primavero, Franklin ga- 
rage, and Pizza Hut. Things I've done Snow Football, Wiffle Ball, Got 
tailgating to be legal, getting Blue Orchid delivered all four years in 
both schools. Being suspended from the parking lot on my first week 
of school!, loving the NY Yankees, first student DJ and first dance in 
four years done by me and most of all just having fun with it. 


rJ'i/*-. ' 

T7«r^ *•.» ' 

40 \ 


J //•'• 

_/ -r 

Cora Sweeney 

"How lucky I am to hove something that makes saying goodbye 
this hard." High school is full of amazing memories; WW Soccer, WW 
Track & Field & 4x400, WW Bball, "We Fly High," Undefeated TVL 
Champs, WW BBall '07, putting a number on the banner, pasta din- 
ners, breakfast at Murphs, bball formal dinner, TP crew, summer sball 
w/ Katie, toga & dance parties, early mornings for ensemble, Span- 
ish music in Melinda's cor, endless chats with Lauren, cardboard 
cutouts with Audrey, triple lunches, "the lackey" with Megan, and 
countless more. Thanks to my family & friends for everything. The four 

years flew by, but the memories 

will lost lifetime. I 

Sean Terry 

The beach, Bucky, Roanoke, Ju's. Howard's, my house, Bobo's 
car, the Wall, Christy's, On The Run, cutting albums at Dank's, Risk, 
"Don't worry, I'll choke him out", football games, freshman year 
Brillont, fiasco at J-Gav's, the Bucky Boot, that kid that wrecked it, 
swimming in needham with Jeffrey, Varsity football, the summer at 
Howard's, Hale, the Cope, at Bobo's/Gildea's, The Allman Brothers 
in Connecticut, Petty at the Tweeter, Doyle, History with Shuman, 
Applebee's parking lot, Slurpie, "I like wallets". Prom '06 / '07. 


','^' ■•'Jrt*' ■18^•" 

I will always remember the good times, the bod times, the fun times, 
Spain '06, friends, tennis team, the wolverine football den, tailgat- 
ing, the teachers, the old school, the new school. Cafe West, the 
catch phrases, latin class, free blocks, Mrs. S, being a wolverine, plus 
much more. These four years have flown by and they have been 
amazing. However, Westwood High has prepared me for bigger 
and better things that only the future holds. "You can lose all your 
money, lose all your gold, you never loose your heart and no one 
can take your soul". 



'i:+'s fvor WHAT vou uow 
Enrik UkQ 

Audrey Vogel 



I hove accomplished many things in life but the most important 
thing i have accomplished in my High School career has been find- 
ing my identity. I have discovered who i am, what i like and what 
i do best. Life is not about what you know but instead its about 
what you can prove, I know many positive things about myself but 
what really matters is what i prove to others. Life is an open book, 
the journey never ends, the only difference in this book, is that you 
con moke your own story and your own 
ending. Stay strong and never give up, 
is the best advice i hove recieved and 
have giver*. 

\j y^'l' ^ "V 'f ^M "1^5 not thot 
I \i '^l^Hl \ ^^^^^^^^^B^^l listen to the 

rumors. It's 
I just that I'm 
too big to pay 
attention to 


Life is only as good as the memo- 
ries we make, fatty, km, kak, skro- 
die, dps, eq ngss, dh, cat mcfat, 
jennifuhh, jeca, da. I will never 
forget 4.16, boston nights, proms, 
kmaher's cape house, sushi ad- 
ventures, sleepovers, fatty's base- 
ment, skrodie's smoothies, kel's 
t-swift, the den, glory days, hot 
tub parties, howie's, dp's, football 
games, quebec, scituate, new 
years, powderpuff champs, wfd, 
1.12 scavenger, gala, 2.14, stay 
beautiful. It's been an incredible 
four years, and it's not over yet... 
always in my heart. Mom, Dad, 
and Emily, thanks for everything. I 
love you all. 

'i-r-vc uin&T snn f PrU PtMff^WMMrWMY/mnMWMJmydm 

198 Senior Expressions 

ETizabeth Walsh 

"Kel" and "Squaks"... seems so long ago, Cuernavaca: summer 
2K5, "badminton horsetrials" (?), toga parties, the drive-tlnrough at 
Wendy's. .."Ma'am, there is no such thing as the 'junior deluxe burg- 
er'," Cape after prom. ..nothing matters after you cross the bridge, 
Guster 2K7, BC.a dance test, BM- 2009, Ana's Taqueria, dinner 
parties, W.F. B.C. ...four of the best years, four of the worst years, still 
many years to come. 



Steve Walsh 

Seans house 2001-2007, the wall, being a huge playboy, the beach 
and last resort Roanoke, Ward house, Howies basement. Gilds 
beach, big stall w/ Gilds and Pete, the hockey bus. Sexton Ave 
greatest street in Westwood, fishing at Bucky, Applebees parking 
lot, every Spanish class I was ever in, track and cc, hanging with 
Sean "tookie" Terry, Spike "Dank Dude" Santo, Mike "the Human 
Fish Finder" Murray, Jeff "I date three girls at once" Moricrty, "Bob- 
bo" Leahy, JGav and my wonderful gf Tina. High school, that was 

Tonita Watson 


f Duncan Wells 




1 ^ r£4^^^i^5SSi^ 

Greg Wells 

I'll remember classes and my teachers. I'll remember xc/track and 
running and running... and running. I'll remember tooting my horn. 
Most of all I will remember my friends and all the great times we had: 
KATIE, Ramzi, Matt, Mike, Rob, T Pot, Duncan, Jakeypoo, Brett, Kos- 
ey, and all the other people I hung out with and talked to. Thanks 
for the memories! 

A<w*i\5«w s^«r»^ Atw>V N^«,^i Dv> uA»fc-U.'f 

Kim White 

"Ten years from now I may not rem- 
bember what we did those nights, 
or what mode us laugh so hard, 
but I will always remember you 
were the ones who were there." 
Friends ' KS,EB,MM,LK,KO//my boys 
and girls <3 k2a5m3 junior year. 
Both "Woods" Softball 123capt4 
(PrepH, JH,JG,CM,LH). Needham 
Nights. College Sleepovers. Dean 
Boys. The bubble. The Willet. FC 
dreom team( kaybabes). 
OAR summer '06. Prom '05-'07. 
Cancun '07. Life is about the mem- 
ories you make. URI '11. Thanks to 
my family&friends, I love you. 



Senior Expressions 1 99 





Allison Wilhelm 


Looking bock on who I was as a freshman, I've 
come to realize just how much I've changed 
since then. When I look back on my years at 
WHS, I'll always remember the anime club 
meetings. Friday movie nights at Nick's house, 
eating lunch at the hobo spot, and hanging 
out before and after school with the greatest 
friends I could have asked for. Along with the 
friends I've had since elementary school, I've 
found an amazing group of people who have 
always been there for me me, through good 
times and, well, not so great times. There's also 
SADD, drama club, all the plays and musicals, 
RAD self-defense classes, tour incredible years 
of drama classes, US History with Shumes, the 
list goes on and on. Now I'm ready to take my 
next steps into the world, as the person I've 
become over the past four years, with the 
strength to stand up for what I believe in and 
make a difference in the world. 




M8B Kl 


' EricQ ZahkQ 


I thought about listing all the inside jokes and fun times throughout 
high school, BUT that would fake a very, very long time. So instead, 
I leave you with this: 

Never be scared to try - no one has ever died of embarrassment 
Good luck at school, everyone, and have fun in life! 




Andrew Wolff 

Seems like yesterday we walked into a tattered old building, crowd- 
ed with people three times our size, scared out of our minds. Since 
then, more has happened than I care to try listing, and we've turned 
out nothing like the people we walked in as. A few more friends, 
a few more memories, and a few more things in between that we 
know we'll never be able to let go of completely. I wish everybody 
the best, wherever we end up, I know that it will be borderline im- 
possible to forget where we all started. 





p,*vqj»i* yw •-"J vjr»v\o-) >viaM-j<Y< -^3»J'3Cn'»>»u*n(j -^juvj. 

Lauren Zitoli 

The last, but not the least, of WHS '07. Memories of summers of the 

Cape, years of dance, ceramics with LP, junior prom. Grey's, cold 

morning walks from E20 with Cora, late nights, lots of coffee, and 

senior privileges with double free blocks. "Some people come into 

our lives and quickly go. Some stay for a while, leave footprints on 

our hearts, and we are never, ever the same." 

Thanks to all 

of my friends 

over the years. 

Mom, Dad, and 

Peter- Love you 

all and thanks 


we are ne 


. -?;-?- 




enior Expressions 

Honor Address 

by the Valedictorian ot the Class of 2007 
Matt McOelan 




Before I begin, I would like to recognize and thank the 
school committee, the administration, faculty, parents 
and guests, and my fellow graduates. 

As I first tried to come up with ideas for this speech, 
I thought, how on Earth can I make a five minute 
speech that captures four years of experience of 200 
of my peers? I was afraid of missing something big, 
something, really, really important. I had a flashback 
to the time long ago when I was finishing up my senior 
kit - How could I sum up four years in just one hundred 
words? Does anyone really write a forty-word will? 
What two pictures best capture the essence of Matt 
McCleilan? It all just felt so rushed. 

When I am pressed for time, I think of some strange 
things. The very first school-memory that came to my 
mind was about an eighth-grade English class activity. 
Our teacher hod our class sit down one day and write 
letters addressed to ourselves, and she promised to 
moil them out to us after we graduated high school in 
four years. We actually received those letters Friday, 
but with Mrs. Kelsch as my witness, I have not yet 
opened my letter. I don't remember exactly what I 
wrote then, except for one bold prediction; I guaran- 
teed a Red Sox World Series victory in the intervening 
four years. The clear highlight of my prophesying ca- 
reer aside, I look forward to seeing what else I wrote. 

I believe that being pressed for time helps you find out 
more about yourself. When you flail around desper- 
ately, the memories you grab a hold of will be signifi- 
cant. They might seem mundane and flat out strange, 
but they are nonetheless significant. They will reveal 
snippets of your character, likes and dislikes, sense of 
humor, or anything you hold important. 

I vividly remember one day last year when Mr. Brown 
substituted for my U.S. History class. He taught us 
about the Homestead Act and gave all sorts of im- 
pressive facts and figures. 

Mr. Brown then asked the class, "Well, how significant 
was the Homestead Act?" He didn't see a single 
hand. "Mr. McCleilan, you look pretty comfortable 
bock there, how significant was the Homestead Act?" 
I gave my best thoughtful impression and responded, 
"Oh, um, it was... extreme/y significant." I thought 
it was a pretty good recovery. An extremely good 
recovery, perhaps. 

"Wrong! It was only fairly significant." Okay, maybe it 
was only a fairly good recovery. 

Another seemingly random memory that sticks out 
is of a story Mr. Dillon told my freshman World Civ 
class. He told us about a man who worked on the 
border between two countries, and was absolutely 
sure a man who rode across the border every day 
on a motorcycle was up to no good. Every day he 
searched the motorcycle up and down, but found 
nothing out of the ordinary. Of course, it turned out 
he was dealing with a motorcycle-smuggler, and Mr. 
Dillon's favorite catchphrase is, of course, "Don't miss 
the motorcycle." - Don't miss the obvious. 

I definitely have left out many of the Important Life- 
Ct)anging Events here, but that is just fine with me 
- these two images speak to me. These memories 
tell me that changes in my perspective and way of 
thinking are important, that I value time spent with 
inspiring, and sometimes intimidating teachers, and 
that I am able to laugh at myself. 

This phenomenon is not limited to me; everybody 
tends to remember the things that seem to go unno- 
ticed the first time around. Perhaps Susan B. Anthony 
phrased it better than I could; 

"Sooner or later we all discover that the important 
moments in life are not the advertised ones, not 
the birthdays... the weddings, not the great goals 
achieved. The real milestones are less prepossessing. 
They come to the door of memory unannounced, 
stray dogs that amble in, sniff around a bit and simply 
never leave. Our lives are measured by these." 

It is the everyday experiences that have somehow 
slipped your minds that you will later remember fond- 
ly. Maybe something will fill your unsuspecting mind 
during one of the next few days, when you're trying 
to escape with iPods or Sudoku. Or maybe something 
will come to you as you lay in bed, between the click 
of the light and the start of the dream. Relax and 
enjoy these memories, and then learn something 
extrennely significant about your lives. Or at least 
something fairly significant. 

Thank you! 

Senior Expressions 2C 


To Do Before You 

T^Graduote WHS 

202 10 Things To Do 


Get first-name service at thie 
"Whistle Stop" trom Marie arnd Zaiina. 

Mrs. S in the Library. 

10 Things To Do 203 


f^ .4 Si 



Prom 207 





208 Beach Trip 

•'^'^ WCM/*-^ 





Beach Trip 209 


L«' M^iBl 

;sssssssii»i: •>«■■>, 


■•^^ .- 

Play Ball 

Seniors vs. Faculty Softball Game 

The seniors and faculty gathered for a softboll game as a 
part of this year's senior week activities. After being defeated 
by the seniors in a beach volleyball game the day before, 
the faculty came back with a vengeance. They got off to a 
great start in the early innings and held on to their lead for the 
remainder of the game. The game was well attended, with 
seniors grilling on the sidelines. The faculty ended up winning 
the game 24 to 9. 


210 Senior vs. Faculty Softball 

ssssssaK sssr 

Z.1 +0 'J 24 -toS— UKiitjUJho upn beoch vdleyball? 


On the third day of senior weel< the members of 
the class dressed up in their summer finery and 
embarl<ed on the luxurious "Spirit of Boston". As 
the boot toured the Boston Harbor, the class rem- 
inisced on good times, enjoyed the abundant 
buffet, and checked out the views from above 
deck. Mid-trip, the yearbook staff announced the 
much anticipated results of the Senior Superla- 
tive votes. The day ended in the typical senior 
'07 style as the cruise transformed into a ongoing 
dance party. 



^m^^ .'^It' 





B rr 


Mv^ J 

ra. '^^ 

Pir ^^^A1 



\ ^i^^^^i 



L .^H 


The Senior Cruise 213 

^IfctTL-^^ .'♦J»«r.i-'?^T:-^ 

MkMl i iUyill.i 


Senior Superlatives 215 

fl- M 


The Class of 2007 entered the gym on Sunday, 
June 3rd full of excitennent and eagerness. 
However, as the graduates sat through the 
cerennony their thoughts of the future turned 
to the tangible past. Both Kevin O'Conner 
and Matt McClellan spoke of memories that 
highlighted the class' high school expe- 
rience; thus, encouraging the grodu- A 
otes to pause and commemorate 
the past four years. Even Ms. Parks 
asked the graduates to slow 
down and reflect upon the 
past before starting off on 
their promising future 
by writing a tradition 
oi letter to thank 
those who hove 
helped them. 


fML Nil 


Oh, what a night! DcK^rs closed at ten 
o'clock for a magical night in Neverland 
of laughing, singing, cheering, dancing, 
eating, and gaming. Thanks to the Ail- 
Night Grod Party Parent Committee, the 
cafeteria and hallways were tranformed, 
with fantastic decorations, into the world 
from Peter Pan complete with pirates, 
mermaids, and tepees. A variety of activi- 
ties spanned all the way around to the 
gym lobby where the bucking bull gave 
some quite a ride. Amongst the fun were 
caricature artists, western photo dress-ups, 
a varitey of memorabilia booths, and a 
Texas Hold-em tornament. At 1 :00, the 
hypnotist enthralled the audience and 
kept them laughing by making senior vol- 
unteers exhibit some bizzore behaviors. 
In the words of Peter Pan, the party flew 
"straight on till Morning." 

/^(^yn^/ij^l</a<s a/^azj^J^/ 


THE Senior 

I, Tai Abukasis, leave Yujin, Greg and Steph my ceramic abilities and my abstract 
talents. I leave Jill and Molly my butter popcorn ricecakes. I leave Brad my undeniable sex 
appeal. I leave Amy and Katie, BOOP * I, Brett Adams, leave: Corey Dello Russo- presidency 
of the man chant. Stephanie S-, call me. Evan Reese- my vocal talents (you'll need them). * I, 
Chris Ahern, leave the new and improved school street playground to Amy Halkett, my height 
to Andrew Kusmin, THE VAN to Sandy Brooks, and good luck to the soccer team (cuz their gonna 
need it without us legendary 1 4) * I, David Anderson, leave my position on the Robotics Team to Laura 
Anderson, the Programming Team to Chris Graves, and the Wind Ensemble low instrument section to Alex 
Teebagy. * I, Jamie Anderson, take everything with me and leave little behind. To all the band kids, Raeet is 
new percussion captia. My locker, vacant so I have somewhere to sleep when I visit. To all the jazz bond kids, 
keep it real and don't let the guys at Moseley's get you down, good luck to my fellow Peer Mediators and ADL 
people too, I hope the program continues to grow. * I, Ruth Angelici, leave future AB adventures to Anime Club. 
Concerts and Ferard/Jarank memories are Lisa's. Giggles gets the chasing of Sanji and car watching at Coldstone. 
Twin moments and art class are for Martha. Freshies go to Liz and Roch. * I, Jamie Arnpriester, leave Colin the throne. 
I leave all current and future hockey players Coach Welby. I also leave the fear that Plunkett puts in the eyes of every 
freshman the day they meet her for the first time. * I, David Arustamian, leave: All my looks, clothes, and acts from my high 
school years to my teachers. My parking spot (which I actually guarded) to the younger students. * I, Dedae Audi, leave my 
love Celena our long talks over broccoli Cheddar soup and my amazing advice: I leave Kristin our memories of H-Block Dunkie runs 
and my highway skills: lastly, I leave Hadi three more years of high school and the chance to make it to homeroom. * I, Katie Banis, 
leave Molly, my sister and my best friend. Daddy's credit cards. Mom's chats, running show at Wesfwood High and of course. Canton. 
* I, Tom Barnico, leave Brian O'Connor the fire pit, treat her nice. To Ries I leave countless future lacrosse goodtimes. To Freddy I leave 
a hearty bock slop and a disapproving look. To Andrew Ju I leave potential. * I, Marylynn Bauzile, leave Tabbytho, Jessica, Chenelle and 
Beantown's Finest members from class of ' 10 in charge of taking over the group. Jessica can have my seat on the bus. Treat if well. * I, Costa 
Belezos, leave Connor Walsh and Matt White the vanderbilt gym, Ben Randolph the cul-de-sac crew. Matt White in control of trouble making in 
Wesfwood, my sister Angelica the Belezos mobile and Fadi Somoha my amazingly good looks. * I, Maria Bevilacqua, leave Melissa Mancini, DDrebs 
and his spandex; Erin Massimi, her brother - watch him for mel: Paige Congdon, Christina Maimonis and Chelsey Ristano the Volleyball team -Tourney 
is yours this year girls!!: Kara Powers, MACK'in it - 1 know you will moke us proud. * I, Kelley Bonl<ov>rski, leave Molly the rest of her time in high school. .LIVE 
IT UP!. ..and to Mr. Dexter.. .no more free ice coffees! * I, Jessie Boylan, leave the ceramics class trips to Sonic, the frock kids o new captain who doesn't 
really do anything, Andrew the house, the car, and the dogs, and his friends someone else to give them a ride home. * I, Megan Bradley, leave Mike Lynch 
my heart, Erin Massimi a pair of paige and pepper jeans, Aly DeCamp any cor but Julie, and Dani PR & big expectations. * I, Kevin Brooks, leave my brother 
Mark the number 15, my sister Laura my track legacy, and Andy Musto the neighborhood. I leave James Berluti my Wednesday conversations with Pizo, and 
Jay Whalen the Vandy gym. I leave my mom's mini van to Connor Walsh, and Sean Grondfield my playbook. * I, Annie Brow^n, leave kpow the lost member of 
mockin if to represent the bench well, al&vic - lead the soccer team to a more successful season, laxgirls - keep that winning tradition and good luckk next 
yearr, rip laxcult!! * I, Andrew Burke, leave my brother Matt the line and big shoes to fill, and Jake Tucke good luck with Petunia. " I, Amanda Cardinal, leave 
my morning coffee to Mrs. Brackman, the queen, who believes students deserve a coffee at 7:30 am. Leave Johnny and Adrionno amazing high school 
years and to live it up, it goes by too fast * I, Leigh Carey, leave morning Dunkin Donuts runs to my swim team carpool, shotgun in Clifford to Maura, 
second doubles to Allison, a speeding ticket and the middle of an intersection to Aleno, and Shawmut to Team Wesfwood, * I, James Carney, leave 
Jake Williams more height, Corrinne Wells, coll me, Roland Zhou my fantasy baseball team, Matty Zola a ska band, Greg Thompson a frisbee, and j 

Kayvon Touran my mad DJ skillz. * I, Adriana Castillo, leave Gregory Earl Niles III my beautifully hand crafted Chinese box and King Louis cake. I fj 

hope to pass on my hard work and dedication for ceramics. Gregory, if you believe you can achieve! * I, Audrey Cawley, leave Friday trips to 
Bubbling Brook, Andrew Kusmin, and the sexy Saturn to Olivia, the frock clams to Lexi, and the hope of having as good of a time as I did to 
the remaining students at WHS. * I, Alessandra Cecala, leave Dance Team pep talks: Sarah D/Sarah C to "beast": Ryan M freedom: Julie 
D dancing skills: Gina the world; Amer the legacy. * I, Megan Cheung, leave freedom from slavery and Clarky favoritism to Nemo: taxi 
cabbing to Liz: cor to Josh, hysteria to Libby, 2mile to the unfortunate, Clarky's death to Omar, spider maki to Adriane: Dream Team 
bridge to Paras, * I, Anne Cohen, leave Ari all the wonderful times in art. I leave Tony all my completely ridiculous jokes and I leave 
Cindy the ability to rock out in any type of moving vehicle. * I, Michelle Cohen, Leave Olivia Cawley the Bowling Club, Hannah 
my coordination, Lexi my ridiculously huge arms, Marsha the leadership of the lost heat. Alley K. my squatting abilities: take care 
of Spring Track for me girls. ■• I, Katie Cooney, leave the swimfeam a corner in Papa Gino's, Libby a curb, Aryo a varisty soccer 
goalie, Joe the eighf-and-under's, Mary the song "Collide," Scott and Carrie a basement. Jay a bowl of cereal, and Mike 
many happy years. * I, John Cope-Flanagan, of sound mind and intent, leave my signature bird coll to anyone who will take 
it. Coo Coo Cow. Also I hope someone will accept my challenge to become a vocab ninja, seeing as how Alex London 
and I are leading. " I, Steven Cromack, leave my awesome friends a spectacular goodbye as we go our separate ways 

and our memories, the Social Studies Dept. my extensive wit and wisdom, the English Dept, a copy of my autobiography A BL '^\ 

that I didn't write, and to the Mock Trials team many victories — some day. * I, Amanda Cronin, leave F block ceramics '^ 

all my beautiful art work. * I, Alison Curtin, leave Jimmy and Brian the best four years of your life. Enjoy it boys 
because it flies by! Jimmy, I leave the mariner to you, even though you don't like it keep an eye on it for me. ■* 
I, Kimberly Davie, leave love to Gorimo and Arya, hackysack to Scoff, Tab and frees to Kaferina, orchestra 
to Martha, MCR to Lisa, GS to Lizzy, Rachel, and Gorimo, Movies to Nick, HUGS to all, and Garima gets the 
leftovers. * I, Kristin DeCamp, leave WWFH06 Wilson and the demand for respect. Jess, my sense of smell 
& good looks. The circle, more drama. JR.CW.MW. life of the party. Aly and G-unit, Julie and the time 

220 The Senior Will 



19 " 





of your lite. Loveuall * I, Jed Delisle. leave the beasts to Scott, BAI day to Steptien Wrighit, a pack 
of gum to Erin Massimi, Sufias to deal with her, a meter stick to Beck, and whoever wants it, the 
starting goalie position. * I, Adam DeParolesa, leave Hillary Howorth full rights to the nurses office 
during her free blocks and the strength to carry on in her senior year without my presence. I leave 
Gate Manning the fun of having to be in high school for three more years. * I, Paige Digiacomo, Leave 
Caroline and Elena two years to cause as much trouble as we have, corrie and steph a great last year! 
and Brittany many more groundings. * I, Drew DiMartino, leave 4am practices to the hockey team, empty 
Poland Springs bottles to Michael Musto and Freddy Tonsberg, #11 to be retired, the best of luck to next years 
hockey team, Eladio Sanchez to the soccer team, and the best four years of my life to Westwood High. * I, Hannah 
Driscoll, leave the swim team good luck, and to the divers have fun on the new boards :) Anna I leave you safe driving 
skills! I leave Juliane and Sarah C all the dance parties! To the team, kick Seekonks butt next year ! Thank you for a great 
season! * I, Janet Dunkelbarger, leave: Andrew Kusmin the love of a younger sister: Olivia Cawley, my music books: Belle 
Gushing, the Westwood legacy at NEC Choir: Matt O'Donnell, Tyler Schock, and Arya Zadeh, an awkward look: and Alton, 
"Hello". * I, Kim Ethrldge, leave Amanda my notebooks so she can stop asking everyone for paper, and to Mrs. Grele, the 
remaining three troublemakers of the AP French class. ' I, Steven Fanara, leave my harem to Nick, DDR skillz to my apprentice, luck 
with the ladies to T, my memop/ to be carried on by my freshman, and Talk Like A Pirate Day with all its responsibilities, to Kelsey. * I, 
Stephanie Feinberg, leave Garima Giri and Sarina Huong morning announcements, Nick Ventola with our "perky" greetings in the 
hallways, Sam Cohoon a new physics lab partner, and Liz Peckinpaugh funny stories from football games to mall trips. And yes Liz, my 
family can adopt you. Finally, best wishes to friends, teachers and everyone at WHS!! * I, Matt Ferrari, leave James Berluti my good looks. * 
Michael Fisher, leave Jake - Seniority: Paras - French Toast: Jess - Chef F: Burt & Ernie - Ski Team: Kress - Pound: Gian - Potatoes: Kayvon & 
Burke - Jake: Moin - Hurdles: Maggie - 3, and of course. * I, T. Patricl< Folan, leave: To the Westwood High School Ski Team.... keep the tradition 
alive and work hard to qualify for states next year. To the Student Coucil... .continue to work hard to insure that school spirit continues to grow at 
Westwood High School. * I, Katherine Friedman, leave Vic to be a diva, my heart and a fabulous senior year, Gorrine embarrassing moments, Sandy 
ice cream, Erin new cleats, Jill cute outfits, Alex to say "Oh Sugar!", Teen MIM, Sarah to cut lines at states, KST and Lana calls * I, Julie Folsom, leave Garima 
raging dance parties and many sugar highs, and Rachel and Lizzy fun times in Latin. To all three I leave my craziness, along with short Wednesdays and 
Sunday nights- make the best of them! * I, Ashley Gallagher, leave my sister Alanna the bullet and El 7. * I, Brittany Galvin, leave Amy Reynolds great dance 
moves, gossip, and rediculous singing rights. * I, Jimmy Gavin, leave Don Keches, the "You've lost that lovin feeling" solo. Perry Treon, the back seat on the hockey 
bus. Matt Pru, the legacy of the Hockey Basement. * I, Alex Gleason, leave my time at Jack Madden to "Budda". My bulging muscles to Amer, and my fishing 
rod to Stivy. Asking for more is selfish and I don't think you're about that. * I, Steven Gleason, leave WHS to Jack O'Brien and multiple choice "E" joke answers to 
Mr. Shuman. I leave Steve McManus to be known as "Lurch". To Mitch O'Brien, future WHS student, I just have to agree with Dante when he said, "Abandon all 
hope, ye who enter here". I leave good times to even/one still in WHS and those to come later. * I, Ryan Gold, leave the power of the holy one, Brandon Jacobs, 
to the football team. My hip to the team of Medfield. And the power to engage to whoever is willing. * I, Liz Goodridge, leave Kristin-honey nut cheerios, fried 
chicken, the beamers. Belle-what would you choraleeee(wwyc). Joke-frosty moobs, tech gossip sessions. Kritta~B block tree/study! and your family. 
Mary-shotgun. Mike Lynch(MFL) -valentines day carnations. * I, Malcolm Goodridge, leave Jason Reesha the Wolverine DEN captain ship, Whitey Tri-P, 
Granfield my prodigy, Doni PP, little Peter Frangiodakis my mansion basement. Boat the Tri-pod and my tip toes, and Berluti the jungle. * I, Carmen Graves, 
leave Alex Teebagy everything. To Chris Graves, I leave Alex Teebagy. To Mari Sayeg, I leave robotics common sense. To Xander Ventola, I leave the 
french fries I owe him. * I, Courtney Grimes, leave the most popular senior seat on the school bus to Gregor/ Niles, my convenient locker to the next 
incoming freshmen, my ceramics table to Yujin Hamill and Stephanie Sukennik, and the spirit of the step team to Tabbytha F., Chanel B., Jessica J. 
and Chenelle G. * I, Kasey Hallion, leave my brother Michael: many happy memories to come at WHS, Belle: meow, Jess: chocolate brownies... 
EAT THIS! Aly D and Alley K: my mojo and charm for furture sucess with the fellas, the juniors: EXPLODE! * I, Danielle Harris, leave my sophomore 
lovers Justin Timberloke, the best high school experience, and great memories. For Cindy, I leave Elm Street, RV, Austin, and cor rides. I leave 
Tony good looks and laughs. Good luck, love yous! * I, Katie Harris, leave Alley K and Maggie B slap jiggle blooby dancing, Aly my sister and 
Spanish, Belle skipping and Shakespeare, Jess funny girl tears, Maggie E w.i.a.f.t.. Juniors Festi and X-plode, and to Theatre kids many 
wonderful performances. * I, Jessica Hogan, leave Christine and Jill my heart, each other, and an open door at QU: Hillberg our rides 
and cereal: Matt Burke all the girls he desires and the Softball team mine and Kim's good looks and a winning season! * I, Kathleen 
Holmes, leave Celeno Homsy the chance to dance till sunrise, rescue other people from "situations" and finally be that big bad 
senior. * I, Andrev*^ Howard, leave Dan Abbott the Golf Team, Liz Arpino my love and a hug, Nikki Beuscher my locker, and Dan 
Howard to be an only child. * I, Brian Joyce, leave busrides to Johnny D and Ries, Ol' Lefty to Zack, BST to Abigail, the two goalie 
system to Jessie, weekends to Joke, Skillz to Kayvon, Man United to Pflanz, and the legacy of '07 to all the students at WHS. * 
I, Melinda Kareh, leave: Jessie the volv. you were born to drive that baby: lauro- E9: amonda- suncenfrol: megan- Tim, trust 
me :-): louren- the truck and good times in high school, good luck!: mari- all the sports teams and someone else's problems! 
love you * I, Jen Keete, leave Nikki a shnuggle bunny, Katie & Celeno each other (you girls ore hilarious), Macius a years 
worth of hugs (good ones], and Beth an empty dance studio, an open door at Fordhom, and all of my love :) ' I, Brian 
Kelly, leave Mike Fofaro my skill, Fodi Samoho the orange flyer, Steve Glerge my legacy, and James "Kitno" Wholen 
my good looks. And best of luck to the football team. . .1 leave my jersey to he who can live up to its expectations, 
and fill the place that has been left by many. * (Continued on next page) 



The Senior Will 221 


I, Emily Kelly, leave the volleyball team to Paige Congdon, Kristina Maimonis, and Chelsey Ristaino: Melissa 
Moncini an amazing senior year: and Julio Germano my car windov/ and on av^'esome remainder of hiigh 
schiool. • I, Liz Kenney, leave Natalie Shapeton the ability to learn through her eyelids. I leave Neal and Jeremy 
all my fusebeads. Flying V- revive the hack. I hereby grant Baby McCarthy his real name, Ryan. CJ, darling, I 
leave you Bailey. * I, Nathan Kolodny, leave the next class the mediocre breakfast sandwiches in the cafeteria, 
the A.S.B.C, and the A.S.S.C. * I, Brianna Kouri, leave Vicky, the privilege to feel free during the timed mile: Sandy & 
Corrinne, drama, parties, boys, and endless frock meets: Julio, volleyball and football games: DK, student council and 
staying out of trouble: and Celena, an amazing senior year. * I, David Kusmin, leave watery Easy Mac there is to Alley, 
Bubbling Brook Fridays and Olivia Cowley to Andrew, and to everyone still at WHS I leave the wish that you have an as 
amazing a time as I did. * I, Alii Lampie, leave to Erin one pair of Paige & Pepper's and my calculator. For Celena, I leave Paul. 
I leave my entire collection of Puma's to Katie. For my beloved Ang, I leave my lasting memories. * I, Caitlin Latter, Leave: The 
future of the ski team to Chose and Courtney. Shalom to Juli. Jill & Lindsay bowls. Celena all the cloy in the world. Teddy spandex- 
less. Abby and Marl bus stop memories. * I, Bobby Leahy, leave to the hockey team post gome meetings, holding the door for the 
first two lines and making the third line hop the boards, and all the luck in the world to bring back a state championship. * I, Drew Lowey, 
leave Pflanz: my glutes, Robby & Resha: my GPA, Zock & Jesse: what's left of the soccer team, John: Joy Fiolkov, Matt Harney: weight lifting 
team, Phil: sense, and Kayvon: some looser pants * I, Kendra Luongo, leave Jason sloppiness and gas money. I leave Celena gossiping rights. 
I leave sundaes. I leave Ariano MUCHO AMOR. Last but certainly not least, I leave my mentor, Mrs. Chamberland, my gratitude and love. * I, Liz 
Lyons, leave Jess broom, Joan wed. nights, Erin and Betsy rasp. lime, Jill o new warm up buddy. Tine shin guards, Alex o new buddy , Vicki ur elbow, 
MFL math, Patrick tour amazing years, rip lax cult. * I, Kaytii Maciejko, leave Christian to Alex Teebagy- and the snack room to my mom, may it serve 
you well -ako pay for my college tuition- * I, Danielle MacNevin, leave morning car rides and laughter to Tony, crazy dance parties to Cindy, fun bus 
rides and good times to my cheerleaders, and to Liza I leave JT and many thanks. Love and miss you guys! " I, Karlie MacPherson, leave Jordan MocPherson 
o great time in high school, it goes by way too fast, to Erin McMonus me and All's amazing style, to Paul Hatfield a 3B shirt, and to Jim Howard's students I 
leave a great four years in drama,* I, Kelley Maher, leave Patrick the Volvo, Mom and Dad oil to yourself, and on awesome two more years of high school with 
your friends: to Aryo I leave negotiation rights at Student Council: to John I leave morning cor rides: and to Sarah I leave long folks during Chem. * I, Claire Moncini, 
leave: Melissa Moncini - the car keys: Jake - 50's: Christine McGrail - Akon: Kara Powers - Maockin' it and oyo. * I, Jessica Manning, leave Jimmy Curtin the best 
four years of your life. Mike Fafaro H block Art class, Tony O -- the best senior year ever. Kristin Puopolo On Demand Videos ond Sisqo. haho have fun guys.* I, 
Christina McCarron, leave Jill the legend of team notorious, dried toothpaste, and jumping jacks, Christine an undefeated Dl season with Jill, Wednesday nights 
to Joan, Vicki-animals...NOT, Alex-english accent, and to Erin yoga, pilates...and my heart, riploxcult. * I, Matt McClellan, leave Suhas my uncanny knowledge of 
baseball trivia: Sarah my impeccable taste in music: Chris... psh, he knows: Matty T. many more awesome summers: Becky use of the birthday tree, my quick wit, 
dry humor, and theatrical virtuosity. * I, Brian McDonald, leave Matt Shanohan my beard, Fadi Samaho my athleticism, Chris Pflanz my arms, Roeef Isffon my 
fastness, James Berluti my good looks, Omar Hadziposic my lost name. Matt Harney my beastliness, Johnny McDonald my legacy. * I, Catherine McDonnell, leave 
Mary, my footsteps to follow in: Megan, McDonald's: Jill, loowhoo: Teen, Will: Alex, Halloween: Erin, my Grey's dvd: Laura, rpers: Vicki, animals... NOT: Belle, chorale: 
Joan, festi: Rich, my sister: Lana, drama 1: Kmart, spaghetti. * I, Maura McGinnis, leave Kritta the hub cop to put back on the Mitsubishi: Mike Lynch, oka MFL, the 
ability to survive moth class without me next year. * I, Erica McLaughlin, leave Cosey-being on time Joke-onnoying texts Jess-cruise06 and "gym" Aly-the body 
Honno-math class Maggie-trail of tears Belle-chorale Chelsey-belting Rosion-awkword pictures Alley-driver's ed with bermy * I, Amol Mepani, leave: Teddy and 
Corey walks to the bathroom with Greg, Don and Laura Legislative Council, Sarah Sour Patch Kids, Paras 15 fordies a term, Tony the percussion, Suhas "The Red 
Badge of Courage", Anokhee an alarm clock and unlimited rides to and from school. * I, Josh Mingels, leave Liz Birle alone and heart broken. Matt cress track. 
Andy Young and Collin Davey in study. Joe and Nemo with an irreplaceable void in their lives. And Johnny as he was. * I, Cassandra Moitt, leave my seat on the 
school bus to Chennelle Christian. I leave my lockerfoony lucky freshman who will get the easy password. I leave Beontown's Finest to thejuniors who will hopefully 
continue it. I leave my love to all Metco students. * I, Mark Molloy, leave the Stage and Fly to Maggie E. Corey D. and Steve W., My Stall to Mike Molchon, and 
Mr. Moo's Home Room to a Lucky group of Freshmen. * I, Jeff Moriarty, leave Do B Lay all my skills, Ludo trips to Dartmouth, and the rest of the track team memories 
of the 4x4. * I, Kevin Morrison, leave My Celtic Pride to Corey Baker, Brain Bart and Russ Trovers. In addition I will leave the High school Gym to Matt Harney and 
Matt Burke. * I, Mariellen Mortelliti, leave Greg Niles oil of my broken ceramic prjects and the hours of gossiping that went on at that table. * I, Christina Mouhanna, 
leave, Celena Homsy to live up senior year and my Dl 5 parking spot!, I also leave Mr. Dexter much less of a headache!. .and to oil the Lebanese to keep on 
representing! No class will ever top 2007 but as for the remaining few do justice to the Den and don't ever let the spirit die! * I, Maggie Mulhern, leave the 
swim team dance parties and bazooka gum, Brooke juice boxes, Jessica JoJo, KFarrellhigh kicks. My sister Erin an alarm clock, Emoney Bruce signs, 
Lauren family dinners, Maddie airheads, Andrea the bigger size. * I, Paul Murphy, leave # 79 to anyone who is worthy of wearing it. * I, Tricia Murphy, 
leave Steffi better luck than I had not getting in trouble. * I, Briana Musto, leave Brittany the best times of her life! Good luck to my freshman favs, 
Jill and Janice, the junior girls, Connaught, Brenda, Steph, Corrie, and of course, the illest freak, Natia. Keep it real girls. Love youu! * I, Hollie Musto, 
leave sitting on the hockey bogs to Joonie, Hillberg and Ari, my sense of smell to JLes, my obnoxiousness to Eir, and lastly, many good times to 
come to Andy, Mike, and Hannah. * I, Lauren Naymie, leave Alley-our marriage, Jess-the pound, Aly-good cries, Roisin-rides home. Belle- 
college planning, Chelsey-bocksfage moments, Honno-sarcosm, Maggie-pity, Mory-the yankee dollar, Becca-the insanely difficult task 
of being me, Danielle-RAD, Evon-god power, Brian-hugs, Amando-coldstone, CJ-bossliness, Sarah C&Katie G-sfonford drive, Kris Brakke- 
my heart. * I, Jillian O'Brien, leave Cindy, Laura, Hannah, Molly, Neggin, 8. Steph oil of the amazing memories that we shared that 
made my high school experience worth while, taking jokes too far, the pool, meditech field, & the job of looking after Lydia. ' 
Patrick O'Brien, leave James Berluti... Sean Granfield as your brain. Connor Walsh and Jason Resha M.OB's massive ego. Sean 
#11, Ries #3. Boot those miserable Sunday mornings, and to the class of '08... a tough act to follow. I, Kevin O'Connor, leave 
the O'Connor legacy to my brother Brian... theWestwood Basketball 6th Man of the Year Award to Jason Resha, and my 
work ethic in Coach Joseph Shetland's D-end drills to Russel Trovers and Ryan Bowler. * I, Tom O'Connor, leave Joe 
Neimon and Matty Zola complete control over Mr. G and Chris Robertson a great high school career. * I, Ryan O'Leary, 
leave Scotty Delisle my most incendiary bass riff from the Drop Kick Murphy's. I leave Matt Keoveney all my cool 
beans, and I leave Alex Sharry the title of "freshman." * I, Malcolm Pendergast, leave a sincere "good luck" to 
my fellow swim team friends and athletes. In particular, I leave to Greg Thompson the ability to have fun. * I, 
Bryan Peterson, leave Eddie Perkins and Joe Neimon captains along with coach leigh for the swimteam. I 

222 The Senior Will 

leave Colin Davey the chairs. I leave 
Chelsey Ristoineo and Matt Keeves physics help 
and finally I leove Tony Olivores his girlfriends. * I, 
Jenna Pirello, leave Krista McGinnis- her fannily to herself. 
To the volleyball girls- I leave Lash Nods, naming any and 
everything Bob, and calling "Setters outi I GOT ITTT!" whenever 
necessary! * I, Rob Phillips, leave. ..Jake Williams my work ethic, my 
business, and my fantasy freshman team To freshman girls, here is Brett 
Adams' cell phone number, 617.... * I, Laurlan Pope, leave my cello section to 
Scott Delisle, endless amounts of barn work to Wyn and Mariel Mailing, and my 
procrastination abilities to the Senior Class of 2008. * I, Alexandra Portanova, leave Koyla, 
Janice, and Jill in charge of ceramics now that I'm gone. Christian, I leave you the best 4 years 
of your life... HAVE FUN!!! Shumes I leave you my magazines, and Mr. G. gets a chorus class next 
year... hopefully * I, Nicl< Porto, leave Tom Visconti my ability to learn through his eyelids. I leave Jake 
Williams any parking spot he chooses. I leave Ryan McCarthey my seat in the cafeteria, and Finally, I leave 
Erica Bowlby the ability to show up late to class and still not get marked tardy. * I, George Primpas, leave the 
priceless moments at practices to corey, dan, dk, and not to forget Teddy KGB and the funny accounts at trying to 
purchase something at Glen Allen. * I, Patricia Reece, leave Jessie Peloquin Dunkies before school, Porch Sessions and an 
unforgettable senior year! * I, Carlin Reilly, leave Volleyball to all the Lashes, the 4x400 to anyone daring to take our place, 
dance parties to Jles and what is left of Laxcult to Erin, Alex and Joonie: RIP<3 ' I, Callie Rose, leave the hockey team to Joan and 
CJ, the lax team to Alex, heart-to-hearts to KellyJ, baked goods to Ari, back of the bus to Hillberg, Friendly's to Erin and Megan, "heys" 
to Nina and late-night convos to Liza. * I, Ryan Ruchie, leave everything to my main man - the Apple. * I, Matthew Sadler, leave the man-chant 
to Steve. Cian- SNL quotes: Brian- "stab it!": Rich- my girl: Evan- my singing talent: Jess- yopu: Corey- Jim, take care of him: walk him and feed him 
three times a day: Meghan- Too much to name. * I, Omid Salehi, leave JV Tennis to Arya and Afsheen, Varsity Tennis to DK and Corey, Academic 
Decathlon to Suhas and Afsheen, my outgoing attitude and amazing hair to Koyvon, and to Sina, my legacy and desire to succeed. * I, Spil<e Santo, leave 
to Dylan Terry the full usage of his house on weekends: to Phil Walker, a Red Bull, and I'd leave Mike something if only he went here. * I, Luke Sargent, leave losing 
pretty to the lacrosse team, c25 to any lank who gets it, making poor decisions to the rest of the school, CW to the freshmen, the Brat Pack to Perka, my soul to 
Mitch, and to Westwood High I leave the legacy that was Luke Sargent. " I, Jessie Schroeder, leave Ali amazing memories, Vic&Corrine plane tickets to NC, Liz 
sprints and the ladder, Phil&Matt table two, SMatthews someone new to make fun of, Mikey an endless supply of sweatshirts, and Sandy ice cweam. * I, Matt 
Sebet, leave the golf team a tough act to follow, to Kevin Gavin number 1 4, and to Kara a great senior year and my heart. * I, Luke Senerchia, leave my love of 
real hip hop to Matt Shonahan, my shoe collection to "The Apple", The photo club to Nikki, my brass knuckles to Phlanz, my breokdancing skills to Margosaurus, 
and the Senerchia name to Ariana. * I, Nick Sestito, leave Connor "Boot" Walsh: the cheap president, Reggie style. Berluda: Wolverines # 2 and the legacy of 
NJB. Amanda and Sam: hilarious nights with Dom, the RED ROCKET and a great high school experience. * I, Matthew Shang, leave to those in the Westwood High 
School community after my graduation the idea of a strong work ethic: the desire to work hard and the motivation to succeed in all aspects both in and out of 
school. * I, Max Shapiro, leave my sister, Nina Shapiro, to my friend Alex Teebagy. May tormenting her in the halls and screaming at her from across a silent library 
be OS fun for you as it has been for me. * I, Jacki Shipp, leave Adam Shipp: the best four years at WHS, Corrinne Wells: the bunny hop, Sandy Brooks: ice cweam, 
Victoria Koutris & Sarah Matthews: the track team, Lindsay Weitzman: science without me (tear), Ari: on art class with no wire involvement, Janelle Argiros: honorary 
captain of laziness. * I, Alii Shortt, leave Erin McManus and Jelica Belezos my parking spot and car rides to school, Moddie Rou squeaky 4AM rides to practice. 
Hilberg, Ari and Joanie, hold down the back of the bus! ' I, Romzi Shuhoibar, hereby leave to Mike Follen the ski team, to Jake Williams my work ethic, to Chase 
Kerzel my stunning good looks, and finally to Corrinne Wells, call me sometime. I, Kyle Sloan-Rossiter, leave two more looooooooong years of high school to Sarah 
Matthews, the 8 spot to ,Matt Sawyer, and the bathrooms to Johnny A.* I, Tyler Smith Flynn, leave Nikki and Kosey my phone number so they can call whenever 
they're in need of a moth party. I leave Laura with the title of ALPHA-MALE and the right to moke fun of horrible pants. * I, Cora Sweeney, leave Alex, Katie, Lano, 
and Mary triple lunches: Lena a FedEx: the string ensemble memories of early mornings: Paige B-block frees: my sister Erica endless opportunities for an amazing 
four years : and Alex, Christine, Erin, Jill, Kara, Laura, and Paige the basketball team, * I, Sean Terry, leave Fadi: Molly: Molly: Fodi: Katie and Emma: Molly. 
AND, I want to pass on the crown of Duke to Dylanius. * I, Gregoire Ucuz, leave the good times to my junior tennis teammates Dk, Teddy, Dan, and Corey. 
I also leave hilarious Saturday mornings to Teddy. * I, Audrey Vogel, leave Celena Homsy, Katie Carlin, Kristin Puopolo, Ari Senerchia, and Sandy Brooks 
' _ all the luck in the world, and the time of your lives. Love you girls. * I, Elizabeth Walsh, leave Katie the morning rides to school and "Shrek." I would 

"'"^ like to leave Evan the entire school. ..I know you will do great things. * I, Steve Walsh, leave B Lay the 3rd line. Jack O'Brien the big stall, Jimmy 

_ ■ Filbin and Matt Harney the beach and Roanoke, I leave Joey, Kevin, Danny and Will Sexton Ave "the greatest street in ww. * I, Tonita 

Watson, leave the WHS Dance Team to Meagan, Molly, and Sarino. I leave good times and laughs to my Spanish lova Tony, and I 
leave JT concerts and sketchy car rides in black BMWs to Cindy. " I, Greg Wells, leave to Jake: my admiration: to Corrinne: my 
legacy (have fun with that): to Kris with a K: the trumpet section: to Moin, "fairy": to Chase: Chose Estates and my permission 
to wear shorts: to frock underclassmen: Neal White: to Greg Thomson: my name, use it well: to Kayvon: nothing: to Jess 
Gears: my dumb sense of humor. * I, Kim White, leave the softboll team to Jill and Christine. Senior math to Michael F. 
Lynch. Four wonderful years of high school and the car to my little brother. And a quieter house to Mom and Dad. 
* I, Andrew Wolff, leave shredding with the WHS Jazz Band to Matt Burke. Regular Band goes to Suhas and 
Omar - win us MICCA next year. Tennis team to DK and Don - keep Christian in line. Finally, chess team to 
Sam: check, it might be mote. * I, Erica Zahka, leave lane 1 to Erin, Maddie, and Anna: a turbie twist 
to Maura: the Rec Swim Team to Joe: haflis to Mori and Abby: and to Melanie I leave four fun-filled 
and exciting years! * I, Lauren Zitoli, leave my cousin George 3 more years of football excellence 
at WHS. I leave Jillian Lenzo, Molly Tennihan, and Lindsay Weitzman one more year at WDC 
and an awesome senior year! ■ 

The Senior Will 223 


Tai Abukasis -Bryant University 
Brett Adams- Ithaca College 
Chris Ahem Northieastern University 
Pat Ahern- Boston College 
Chris Aloisio- Worcester Polytechnic Institute 
David Anderson- MIT 

Jaime Anderson- Berklee College of Music 
Ruth Angelici- UMass Annherst 
Jamie Arnpriester- Mass Maritime Academy 
David Arustamian- Babson College 
Dedae Audi- Northeastern University 
Kathryn Bonis- UMass Amherst 
Tom Barnico- Boston College 
Maryiynn Bauzile-UMass Dartmouth 
Kevin Bean- Concordia University 
Costa Belezos- Bryant University 
Maria Bevilacqua- University of New Hampshire 
Kelley Bonl<owsl<i- Johnson & Wales University (Rl) 
Jessica Boylan- College of William & Mary 
Sammi Brackett- Connecticut College 
Megan Bradley- University of Miami 
Derek Brogno- Curry College 
Kevin Brooks- Stonehill College 
Annie Brown- Keene State College 
Andrew Burke- Bryant University 
Amanda Cardinal- UMass Dartmouth 
Leigh Carey- Colby College 
James Carney- Bov^doin College 
Adriana Castillo- University of Rhode Island 
Audrey Cowley- Fordham University 
Alessondro Cecoia- University of Rhode Island 
Megan Cheung- University of Cincinnati 
Anne Cohen- Champlain College 
Michelle Cohen- SUNY Stony Brook 
Kathleen Cooney- University of Connecticut 
John Cope-Flanagan- UMass Boston 
Steven Cromack- UMass Amherst 
Amanda Cronin- Roger Williams University 
Alison Curtin- Lesley University 
Meghan Dovey- Salem State College 
Kimberly Davie- Skidmore College 
Alex DeBenedictis- Boston College 
Kristin DeComp- Quinnipiac University 
Jed Delisle- Northeastern University 
Adam DePoroleso- Massachusetts Boy CC 
Drew DiMortino- College of the Holy Cross 
Emma Doyle- Suffolk University 
Hannah Driscoll- Westfield State College 
Janet Dunkelbarger- Mount Holyoke College 
Joe Elios- Northeastern University 
Kimberly Ethridge- UMass Amherst 
Steven Fanara- Worcester Polytechnic Institute 
Stephanie Feinberg- Saint Anselm College 
Matthew Ferrari- College of the Holy Cross 
Mike Fisher- UMass Amherst 
Patrick Folan- University of Richmond 
Julia Folsom- Connecticut College 

Manny Frangiodokis- Bryant University 
Katherine Friedman- Keene State College 
Samantho Friedman- Miami University of Ohio 
Ashley Gallagher- UMass Dartmouth 
Brittany Galvin- Fairfield University 
Jimmy Gavin- Stonehill College 
Andrew Gildeo- Methodist University 
Alex Gleason- Roger Williams University 
Steve Gleason- Assumption College 
Ryan Gold- UMass Amherst 
Elizabeth Goodridge- Mar/mount Manhattan 
Malcolm Goodridge- Saint John's Unviersity 
Carmen Graves- MIT ^^^^^ 

Zone Griffin- UMass Lov\/ell ^^^^^" 
Courtney Grimes- Moss College of Pharmacy 
Kasey Hallion- Bentley College 
Danielle Harris- Northeastern University 
Katie Harris- Quinnipiac University 
Jessica Hogon- Quinnipiac University 
Kathleen Holmes- University of Delav\/are 
Andrew Howard- Eckerd College 
Jenna Hunnewell- Bridgev/ater State College 
Brian Joyce- UMass Amherst 
Micheol Ju- Syracuse University 
Melinda Kareh- Elmira College 
Jennifer Keefe- Fordham University 
Brian Kelly- Bryant University 
Emily Kelly- Bentley College 
Jason Kelly- University of Tampa 
Liz Kenney- McGill University 
Nathan Kolodny- Bryant University 
Brianna Kouri- Fairfield University 
David Kusmin- Bentley College 
Nick Lohom- Merrimack College 
Allison Lompie- Fashion Institute of Technology 
Coitlin Latter- Champlain College 
Robert Leahy- Clarkson University 
Ashley Logan- Drew University 
Alex London- Stonehill College 
Drew Lowey- University of Delaware 
Kendra Luongo- Quinnipiac University 
Liz Lyons- Merrimack College 
Kathryn Maciejko- Lehigh University 
Aleksondra Mackiewicz- Brown University 
Danielle MocNevin- Mount Ida College 
Karlie MacPherson- UMass Amherst 
Kelley Maher- College of the Holy Cross 
Sam Moling- Florida Institute of Technology 
Claire Moncini- Univerity of Rhode Island 
Amelia Mondell- UMoss Amherst 
Jessica Manning- Curry College 
Christina McCorron- Merrimack College 
Matthew McClellon- Amherst College 
Brian McDonald- Bowdoin College 
Catherine McDonnell- Providence College 
John McDonough- Drew University 
Maura McGinnis- University of Tampa 
Erica McLaughlin- Catholic University 
Alison McMonus- Hofstro University 
Andrew Mellor- Curry College 
Amol Meponi- University of Michigan 
Kenneth Michaud- Bentley College 
Josh Mingels- UMass Lowell 
Cassandra Moitt- Regis College 
Mark Molloy- Roger Williams University 
Jeff Moriorty- Columbia University 
Kevin Morrison- Nichols College 
Moriellen Mortelliti- Suffolk University 
Melissa Mortelliti- Suffolk University 
Christina AAouhonno- Lebanese American Universit/ 
Margaret Mulhern- Saint Michael's College 

Patricio Murphy- Anna Maria College 
Paul Murphy- Mitchell College 
Briono Musto- Mossosoif Community College 
Hollie Musto- UMass Amherst 
Alain Nasr- Lebanese American University 
Lauren Noymie- Fordham University 
John Neville- Rochester Institute of Technology 
Eric Nixon- Eastern Nazorene College 
Elizabeth O'Brien- Fairfield University 
Jillion O'Brien- UMass Dartmouth 
Patrick O'Brien- Massachusetts Boy CC . 
Kevin O'Connor- Bowdoin College 
Tom O'Connor- Bryant University 
Matthew O'Donnell- UMass Amherst 
Ryan O'Leory- Furman University 
Athanasia Orphonos- Suffolk University ' 
Malcolm Pendergast- Lake Forest College 
Brent Peterson- Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute 
Bryan Peterson- Florida Southern College 
Rob Phillips- University of Maryland 
Jenna Pirello- Boston University ' * 

Rick Pond- Massachussetts Bay CC 
Laurion Pope- Mount Holyoke College 
Alexandra Portanova- Losell College 
Nick Porto- Savannah College of Art and Design 
George Primpos- Boston College i 

Michelle Pruchniewski- Boston University 
Patricia Reece- Lasell College 
Corlin Reilly- Syracuse University 
Emma Rhode- Wheaton College 
Sophie Roma now- James Madison University 
Callie Rose- Boston College 
Ryan Ruchie- Boston College 
Matthew Sadler- Emerson College 
Omid Solehi- Northeastern University 
Frank Santo- Dartmouth College 
Luke Sargent- Hamilton College | 
Jessie Schroeder- Elon University 
Matt Sebet- Johnson & Wales University (Miami) 
Luke Senerchio- Lehigh University 
Nick Sestito- Assumption College 
Matthew Shang- University of Connecticut 
Max Shapiro- Williams College 
William Sharry- Skidmore College 
Jocki Shipp- Elon University 
Allison Shortt- Lesley University ^ 

Romzi Shuhoibor- Northeastern University 
Kyle Sloan- Rossiter- Quinnipiac University 
Tyler Smith-Flynn- New England Conservatory 
Doug Stein- University of New Hampshire 
Cora Sweeney- Georgetown University 
Sean Terry- Southern New Hampshire University 
Micheol Tulejo- James Madison University 
Greg Ucuz- Northeastern University 
Enrik Uka- Curry College 
Audrey Vogel- University of Miami 
Elizabeth Walsh- Mount Holyoke College 
Stephen Walsh- Bunker Hill Community College 
Tonito Watson- Northeastern University 
Duncan Wells- University of Virginia 
Greg Wells- University of Richmond 
Jenny Whetstone- Old Dominion University 
Kimberly White- University of Rhode Island 
Don White-Lief- UMass Amherst 
Allison Wilhelm- Northeastern University 
Andrew Wolff- Connecticut College 
Erica Zahko- Tufts University 
Lauren Zitoli- Providence College 

224 Plans for Next Year 



%athteen "KoCmes 


May your journey be filled with happiness 

and success and may all your dreams 

come true! Congratulations! 


Mom, Dad, Mike & Tim 

Messages from the Community 225 

226 Messages from the Community 


From two inseparable little girls 

to two unique individuals 

witli an inseparable bond. 

You have been diere for each odier 

dirough trials and triumphs 

\X'e are so proud of you bodi. 

Ail our love, 
Mom and Dad 

Alii Shortt & Ali McManus 

c::^ooci Luc\z AviAavida 

Messages from the Community 227 


We are so blessed to h 
\Vc iirc proud o/you as you gradui?.'" '7 '" '""" '" ''' 
/,;,;)pjness. health, and hy^ . ' *" '"'" " "•" " 's'l yo" 
/-<ne a/Hays rf^ '''^'''">' "/your ///c. 
' '"'• '^<"'i. imdEmilv 


^ ^^^B^r^ 





(lJ S 

, Congratulations,"^ 
Jessie. _^^,^^^B 

Greatjob! ^ 





We are so proud 
of you and all you 
have accomplished 
May your future 
be filled with 
and success. 
We love you 
very much 


Mom, Dad, David, ^ 

Laura and Mark 

228 Messages from the Community 

Spikeu^^ Santo 

Nice job growing up! 

We are proud of you. Spike. 


Mom, Dad & Lannie 



It takes courage to grow up, 

and turn out to be 

who you really are. 

-E.E. Cummings 

To our 

horseback riding, 



We love you! 

Mom, Dad, 

Lindsay, Cecile 

& June 



You have demonstrated during your 

four years at WHS that the surefire formula 

of hard work, dedication and responsibility 

are the essential elements required 

for success. 

Your Mom and Dad are very proud of you 
and of your accomplishments. 

Messages from the Community 229 




We wish you much 
happiness in the future. 
We are proud of all that 
you have accomplished 
but mostly we are proud 
of the person that you 
have become. 

With all our love. 
Mom, Dad, Kathleen, 
Richard & Colleen 


May every step 

you take in life 

be filled with 

happiness and 


We are so very proud 

of you! 


Mom, Dad 

& Francesca 

Congratulations Alex! 

^ ^ ^ ^ ^ 

Christina \ 
NcCarron '- 

Dear Christina, 
Dance, as though no one is 
watching you; Love, as though 
you have never been hurt before; 
Sing, as though no one can hear 
you; and Live, as though heaven 
is on Earth. 

We love you and are so proud 
of all you have been, all you are, 
and all you have yet to be. . . 
Always be true to yourself and 
remember - Shoot for the moon - 
Even if you miss you'll land 
among the stars! 

Go write your story, baby! 
God Bless & Congratulations. 
Love, Mom, Dad, 
Michael, Paul, and Amv 


-» ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ 

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<1 ^1^4 

Jen, remember. . . 
Dance like no one is watching, sing like no one is listening 

and live everyday as if it were your last. 

Congi-atulations on your hard work and accomplishments. 

We are all very proud of you. 

Love, Mom, Dad, Andrew + Michael 

^lison McMantis 

Remember when we thought 

you \\x)uld never grow? Now it all 

seems to have gone bv so fast. 

You have so much to offer this 

world Ali. Go and follow 

your dreams, and know that 

wherever the}- ma\' take you, 

our love is always with you. 

(and always remember to 

"do the right tilings") 

Much love 

& happiness 

Mom, Dad, 

Erin & Scott 




We are so proud of you - 

All our love, 

Mom, Dad and Kathleen 

Mom the nepOr dcwr you wfdk 
tkrotidi h the -firii iief 

OK the road to make 

your dreams amte true! 

We toueyou! 

VaA, M»m,Jiicqueiuie 

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or in a 





W£ are frou-d of tlis beautiful uoun^ Lndy that you 
have becoi\u. Your fnard worte, determii^tioii. avui 
abi-Utu to kv(.ak£ the right decisiovvs wLIX tatee you 
far. 'Beti.eve i-w, yourself always. 
coi^ratuLati.01^ as uou begi-iA. the iA,ext chapter In- 
life's jourtvey. 

we Love you, 
Auat val g Morn 

/ ■ 

It's not a question, 
but a lesson learned in ti 
It s something unpredictal 
but in the end it's right. 
We hope you had J 

tite time of your life. I 



We are so proud of j'ou. 


Mom, Dad and Anna 

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Drew Lowey 



Live for the moment 

Enjoy your life & be happy 

Kocham Ciebie 




We are so proud of you. 

May all of your dreams 

bring you happiness 

and fulfillment. 


Mom, Dad, Nicki, & Danny 

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I hope you never lose your sense of wonder 

You get your fill to eat but always keep that hunger 

May you never take one single breath for granted 

God forbid love ever leave you empty-handed 

I hope you still feel small when you stand beside the ocean 

Whenever one door closes I hope one more opens 

Promise me you'll give faith a fighting chance 

And when you get the choice to sit it out or dance 

I hope you dance ... I hope you dance 

I hope you never fear those mountains in the distance 

Never settle for the path of least resistance 

Livin' might mean takin' chances but they're worth takin' 

Lovin' might be a mistake but it's worth makin' 

Don't let some hell-bent heart leave you bitter 

When you come close to sellin' out reconsider 

Give the heavens above more than just a passing glance 

And when you get the choice to sit it out or dance 

I hope you dance ... I hope you dance 

Time is a real and constant motion always rolling us along 

Tell me who wants to look back on their years and wonder 

Where those years have gone 

I hope you dance ... I hope you dance 

- Lee Ann Womack "I Hope You Dance" 

atherine Friedman\ 


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You are both a credit to your mother 
and me. I know she would agree with 
this advice from Mark Twain: 

'Twenty years from nou>jou will be more 
disappointed by the things that yon didn 't do 
than by the onesjoii did do. So throir off 
the lines. Sail away from the safe harbor 
Catch the trade winds in your sails. 
'Explore. Dream. Discover." 


■?«' » 







You have been an inspiration 
and a joy and taught us 
more than we could ever 
hope to teach you. 
We all lookforward to 
sharing your life 's journey 
with you — wherever 
it may take you. 

Mom, Dad, 
Adam S^Kristin 



Good luck 

in college and beyond. 

I love you. 







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& Andrew^ H 

Annie and Andrew 

Look at you! Togetner you nave accomplisned so 
mucn. Look out world nere you come! Your entire 
ramily wishes you great success! 

Mom, Dad, 

Amy, Tracy, Molly, 

Carly ana Dan 


Mom, Dad, 
ALbie and Mollie 

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^Q(enc[ra Luongo 

Free Spirit 

There is nothing more rewarding 
Than watching our children grow 
When it comes to Kendra 
There is so much to love and know 

She has now achieved her right 
Of passage onto a college scene 
A true guiding light for sure 
Look below and see what we mean 

The best things about Kendra 
You really must know 
First of all a best friend 
Her smile creates such a glow 

You will always find Kendra 

To be a social delight 

Friendly, empathetic, gentle and kind 

It is time for her to take flight 

Now let us tell some things 
About true family life at home 
A loving daughter, 
granddaughter, and sister 
She makes it easy to write this poem 

So as we begin to say 
What it is we really mean 
All great things for Kendra 
The best of life in between 

And in the end and most important 
Good health, happiness, and fun 
She deserves all that and more 
As her life has really just begun 

So go ahead Kendra 

Be all you can be 

Just remember we love you 

Good luck and be free 

Love Always 
Mom, Dad 
Ashley and Evin 

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